I’m Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]

I’m Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]

My goal today is to get the shady dealings
I’ve experienced out in the open both for people looking to buy tablets, AND for artists
who will get contacted by these companies with offers to receive a “free” tablet
to review. I should mention overall I’ve had ok experiences
with tablet companies despite the fact they’ve asked me to do stupid things, some of which
I was too naive to say no to. That naive person won’t be you, not once
you’ve heard this. So let’s start with the truth for tablet
buyers. The truth is, unless a person has reviewed
multiple tablets, they are not a good source of information. You need to review tablets from different
companies to know which ones are good. Be wary of how tablet companies use popular
artists to try and sell you stuff. Tablet companies target well-known artists,
send them an inexpensive tablet to “review” or “unbox” so all of their fans learn
that company exists and maybe end up buying something. If the company likes the review the artist
made, they send that artist increasingly more expensive tablets because they know that person
will do a good job giving them basically free marketing. Over time, these companies become more demanding
about what the artist or reviewer should do in their video. And if you don’t do what they say? Well, they stop sending you stuff. So there’s always a little bit of pressure
for a reviewer receiving the product for free to do what the company says. If you’re planning to buy a tablet, the
other thing you should watch out for is the fact many of these companies tell reviewers
to give them five stars on Amazon. I’ve had two different companies go so far
as to request I buy their tablet from Amazon with my own money so that my review would
be marked as a verified purchase, and then the company would Paypal me the purchase cost. At the time it didn’t seem so crazy but
now that I’m talking about it – wow. That’s devious! So be careful where you get your tablet reviews. Don’t buy something just because your favorite
artist did a video about it. Now for the juicy details – let’s discuss
what kinds of things I’ve been asked to do. As a basis for comparison, a decent tablet
company will send you the product for free. The only thing they ask in return is a review
and links to the product’s store page. That’s it. But other companies have a lot of questionable,
ever-changing rules, and kind of sneaky ways to get you to do as much for free for them
as you’re willing to do. Some demand video descriptions be a certain
way. They usually have a long, typed up description
for you to copy and paste. This includes their social media, sale prices,
information about products you didn’t even talk about in your review, etcetera. And they police this. I’ve rewritten descriptions to be more clear,
and was asked to change them back. In the end I pasted all their junk in a separate
section underneath what I wanted my video description to be. Some companies will ask you to send them the
review video before you post it online. If you send a company your review, they may
make recommendations for you to change your video, remove parts where you say negative
things, or mention features or special sale prices you did not mention. Even if they don’t outright censor your
review, the process of fixing your video creates more work for you. I’ve always said no to any changes like
this – you should too. Once in a while a company may send you a tablet
directly from, say, China, instead of your country’s Amazon. When this happens you’ll end up with a customs
and import bill. I’ve tried to get companies to pay this. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. So you might be getting a $100 tablet, but
be footed with a surprise $20 customs fee by the shipping company. Sometimes you’ll be offered a chance to
do a giveaway. If you look into the rules for these giveaways,
they require your viewers to do stuff like sign up for marketing email lists and social
media. It’s also very easy to cheat in these contests. One contest required winners outside of certain
countries to pay for shipping. That’s actually illegal in many places;
giveaways must be free to enter and free to win. Giveaways are worse than reviews. The company is using you to profit. At least with reviews you get important information
to potential customers and receive a tablet you can use or sell. But by far the worst thing that ever happened
to me was getting duped into doing product testing for free. A company asked me if I would like to review
a new tablet that had not been released yet and test it. Reviewing, sure, but little did I know that
“testing” was extra: locating issues with the tablet, reporting those issues, checking
to see if they were resolved after the company made changes. Repeat this process until everything works. This is product testing. Product testing is a paid job. I got absolutely nothing out of doing this. I spent 2 full-time days testing the product,
they fixed their drivers, and I still had to do the tablet review on top of that. And because I received a beta version of the
tablet, it didn’t come with its official box or accessories. Never agree to test tablets. You should be receiving the finished product
ready for review. The most recent development is review deadlines
getting ridiculously tight. Normally a company either mentions no deadline,
or around 3 weeks. In one of my more recent reviews, the video
needed to be done 1 week after receiving the tablet. That’s crazy! That’s crazy. So, what to do about all this? First, make sure you ask for the review rules
the first time you work with any company. Second, negotiate. Any of the stuff I’ve mentioned you can
negotiate. Say no, or even simply ignore unreasonable
requests. How are they going to know if you left a five
star review on Amazon or not? They don’t. Give the product the rating it deserves. When a company says they’ll send you a tablet
if you give a positive review, you can say, “I’m happy to review your tablet but I
do not guarantee positive reviews” and they’ll usually work with you anyway. Most companies don’t care if you include
critical points about their tablet in your review, as long as you also cover what the
tablet does well. As a reviewer, the most important thing is
to say no to anything you don’t want to do. You have the power here. It’s your channel and you are an independent
reviewer, not their sales department. Thank you for listening, and I hope this video
will help you make good reviewing choices in the future. Please share this with other artists you know
so they don’t fall into the same traps I did. As of now I am quitting tablet reviews: it
costs me more to make them than I get in return, I’m tired of being used as free marketing,
and I don’t want to be a product review channel. I wish to stay focused on animation and animation
tutorials. This monologue is a response to two other
videos, the original by Aaron Rutten and the second by the guy I go to for tablet reviews,
Brad Colbow. My experience 100% mirrors these guys, and
they do way more tech reviews. Links below to their perspective on the Painful
Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews.

100 thoughts on “I’m Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]

  1. Wow, you get even more crap than me 😀
    I never got stuck with a customs fee. Love hearing your thoughts on this but I will miss your reviews and thoughts on this stuff. If you ever change your mind and jump back in to reviews I got your back 😀

  2. if you are really honest on everything you said about your experience with companies demands and product you should also have mentioned the names of the companies you are talking about….

  3. You would think this would teach them a lesson, but theres thousands of other youtubers out there willing to work for free to give them free marketing.

  4. So far I have thrown out both Ugee and Huion tablets with screens… Both their their "top of the line screens". Support and drivers suck. Don't wast your money.

  5. Unfortunately, one can probably generalize your experiences with these unscrupulous companies to most products.

  6. why not mention the companies who tried or did take advantage?
    so costumer can boycott or be weary when buying their products.

  7. My Huion H950P literally just arrived from Amazon this afternoon and I get home and all of a sudden have three of these painful truth about reviewing drawing tablets on my recommended playlist. I didn't see any of these before even though I'd seen tablet reviews from all three of the people. Makes me kind of nervous because I see Huion all over this video, and I definitely get the feeling that they are one of the companies you are referring to. Kind of wish I'd ran into these videos sooner. Like last week when I was doing my research and preparing to buy.

  8. This has nothing to do about tablets, but i bought two pens for my tablet and both came in bad conditions. We send a bad review and they only give us back the price of one pen, so we lost the money of the other one.
    I hope the next one isnt a bad one

  9. So then… I'm actually curious how to go as a buyer… I'm looking for a new drawing tablet with display screen about mid-range price, how can I find a reliable source for reviews and know different brands?
    I'm 100% hobby into this btw… So I don't know much about it 🙁 the tablet I got atm is the classic cheap wacom

  10. Don't buy anything based on any Youtube review. Not just tablets. Nothing. Ever. Find a website or outlet with professionals working in the industry. A good artist doesn't make a good teacher, a good reviewer, a good life coach. A Youtuber doesn't even have to be any of the above. Come onto this website prepared to discard any opinion you encounter, watch your life change for the better.

  11. Don't buy these cheap tablets. They steal patents, violate copyrights, the money goes to their oppressive governments and hurt our companies.

  12. I got a tablet a few years back, about 300 dollars. We do a test boot up, works just fine. Try to boot it up again, doesn’t work. We must have sat there all day trying to get the damn thing to work with no avail. But by that point, it was too late to return it. It still sits in my room, dusty and unused. >:(

  13. Wish I knew this before I wasted $800 USD on a Huion GT221 Pro. I could never get it work. I boxed it up and stored it my closet. What a waste of money.

  14. I got banded from reviewing / asking questions on amazon. The only reason I can think of was I was asked to purchase an item to review from a company that said they refund the purchase price.
    Could this be the reason amazon only says the band is permanent and wont give me more info.

  15. the best sorce of information is amazon, you can compare tablet price and specs directly. Youtube is clearly missleading, even if reviews are correct you still cant trust them.on amazon you will figure out huion is the best alternative to wacom and their best tablets are Huion Kamvas GT191V2 and Huion Kamvas PRO 22 due to their accuracy of 8192 pressure levels, 5080LPI resolution and 100% sRGB color spec. its that simple, nothing more to talk about. But its eaven simplier if you can effort a wacom tablet, even their tablets without display are the best.

  16. *95% of the comments*: I tHouGhT yOu WeRe QuItTiNg YoUtUbE
    *5% of the comments*: talking about the actual video

  17. I own a cheapest Wacom that I could find on the market. And it has not given me any trouble compared to tablets owned by my friends that have more features and are in the same price range as my tablet. I have learned from their experience to steer clear of these tablets.

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  22. I used Wacom tablets for a long time. Did switch over to Gaomon. It's not the best haha, but I prefer it over Wacom. Pricing and product outcome are fantastic. Ah, but I feel you. I don't get such things but I wouldn't dare doing that haha. I suck at that.

  23. You forgot to mention you get stuck with a bunch of junk you don't want to even give away. Or the fact that you get 100 emails a day to review completely random junk like blenders and cell phone chargers. LOL…

  24. Wow! I’ve ever had those kind experiences. I have had certain companies ask for the Amazon stuff, pay for it, things like that. I just wouldn’t do it which I am sure it hurts my channel since people will ask can you compare against product “X”. It’s a rough deal. Love your videos though.

  25. A lot of fake reviews about restaurant too, well , in any kind of stuff. I no longer believe review as much any more

  26. Damn that’s a lot of BS to deal with. An art supply manufacturer recently asked if they could send me a package of their products. They only asked for me to tag them in a pic on instagram when I receive them. I’m already a consumer and fan of their products, so this is a no-brainer.

  27. It feels like this video could apply to any number of products, let alone tablets. This was a very informative and helpful vid as per usual!

  28. Hey, I recently discovered your channel and love your content. I wanna ask, what tablet can you recommend for a beginner to use? I’m currently having a hard time deciding which display tablet to purchase.

  29. So, god forbid me ever becoming a "youtube artist", but is there anyone you can recommend that isn't a devious piece of shit? Because I've always had this trouble while trying to understand differing opinions on the same product.

  30. yea i kinda never actually believed on tablet reviews cause i know they are getting payed or they getting free stuff just to tell how good is their tablet's, and here i am still wondering what company's hv good product's what are the best display either cheap or expensive etc etc. (yea im looking for a cheap display tablet im not rich)

  31. Sorry but this really confused me. Now is Wacom Intous Pro good for photoshop? I was going to buy one tomorrow but now I'm in doubt again

  32. Another reason why I find it difficult to trust youtubers who review tablets is the fact that some will inevitably say only positive aspects of the product to please the company in hopes to receive more free products in the future. It's honestly disheartening to see up and coming art channels make reviews and give high praise to products that honestly don't deserve it because they are worried about their bottom line.
    I honestly tend to just look for random amateurs who upload reviews for products I want because I know they spent their own money and they tend to be waaaay more honest about the products themselves.

  33. I hope all YouTubers watch and understand this. Not just about tablets, but *all tech*! Some of these tech companies are super sleazy!

  34. what's the best (and affordable) display tablet? i've been looking into huion but a lot have been saying that it breaks down easily. Wacom on the other hand is a bit expensive but long lasting. So im really confused which brand to buy

  35. Aren't you the one that has really bad luck with tablets in general? I think I saw one of your video when you said that, maybe I'm wrong

  36. better yet just stick with a wacom intuos draw
    i feel like it's the most commonly used thanks to its relatively lower price, and works just fine.

  37. Hey! It was very helpful for me , I want to start digital art so I am thinking to buy huion h950p should i ? And no then what should i buy under 70$

  38. that characters you keep showing through this video are kinda pathetic and lame…. no tablet will substitute the lack of talent like in your case 🙂

  39. If you dont have to send their tablet back, i dont know why youre complaining, you should get a job maybe and then you will appreciate how little they ask you to do for their product.Seriously you complain because you want tablet to make video with it braggin how you got it from company for free but you dont want to do your work, thats shit entitled behaviour.

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