today beginner and advanced techniques
which you can use when using the livelong function which is really
awesome in Adobe Illustrator what is that people welcome back to Satori
graphics then graph design content right here on YouTube so today we’re going to
start with the beginner techniques when using the live drawing method in Adobe
Illustrator we first need to make an artboard and I’m actually going to use a
square one the measurements being 1200 pixels squared
stay tuned throughout today’s video for the entire tutorial to soak up all of
the techniques and the skills for use in the live drawing method press M for the
rectangle tool and then click once on your outboards we want to make a square
slightly bigger than the canvas itself so I’m going to add 50 pixels onto my
already 1200 pixel size artboards we just want the square to be a stroke with
no fill to align it perfectly change the align settings to fit the artboard and
then align the square horizontally and vertically
now press command R on a Mac or ctrl R on a PC to open up your rulers and then
bring down a guide exactly halfway down so in my case here 600 pixels along the
outboards once you have two guides like you can see on the screen now press P
for the pen tool and then draw a line like so and this is going to act as a
guide increase the stroke weight and then we
can change the stroke style to suggest a direction that is pointing which will
become more clearer later click on one side of the stroke to change the
direction using the pencil now we need the layers window open so we can perform
the live drawing function using illustrator click this icon here which
will select every single layer on your document and then come up to the effects
distort and transform and transform option if we choose to reflect our shape
on the x-axis and choose one copy we can preview the final outcome now hide the
guide layer that we just made and now you’re gonna find that whatever you drew
on one section will be mirrored over onto the opposite side now this is
pretty neat but there’s a lot more to come in today’s video to quickly finish
the beginner section of the live drawing function instead of just using one
coffee we can choose to make three copies and also choose 90 degrees on
both the Y and the x-axis by selecting the preview button we can now see how
the reflection will turn out when using the live during method again hide the
layer and begin your drawing process you can use the brush tool you can use the
pen tool and even the shape tools everything will be copied and reflected
around like so so for the advance technique let’s first
grab the pencil and draw a vertical line by holding down shift again using the
align tool and keeping the alignment related to the artboard align it
vertically and horizontally this is quite an advanced technique but follow
along and you should be able to perform it for yourself
we’re going to transform this line here but in the transform window make two
copies and set the degrees to 300 degrees checking the preview box we can now see
the eye board is split into six different sections in the layers window
create a new layer and then lock it down and hide the original layer by clicking
the icons select the new layer and access the pen
tool by pressing P and through another vertical line like before I line it
perfectly on your artboards now copy this line command or ctrl C and then
paste a duplicate already with the top width command or ctrl F we’re now going
to rotate that duplicate by 90 degrees Syrena have two perfectly centered lines
on our board make the original layer visible again in the layers window and
then press B for the brush tool the mark I’m going to make now is just a guide
like we did in the beginner section so it doesn’t matter if it looks good or
bad make sure to highlight this layer in the layers window and then go back to
the transform window under the effect section we are now reflect this over by
one copy onto the x-axis and then here okay with the same layer selected go back
into the transform window and click apply new effect this time we’re going
to generate two copies and we gonna use 120 degrees and you should end up with
something like this but again remember this is just a guide now finally press P for the pen tool and
draw an area that covers 120 degrees ie two sections of the artboards and you
must be really precise of your path making sure it’s on the lines properly make sure the layer that we just created
is at the very top of all layers in this group in the play a clipping mask like so now
anything you draw in the top right section where the clipping mask exists
will be reflected around the entire design but the clipping mask actually
keeps everything neat and tidy and stay tuned as I’m going to show you one final
addition in today’s tutorial with the same format as before I’m using a
clipping mask open the brushes menu here and then create a new brush I’m gonna
use a calligraphy brush and I’m gonna make the stroke quite large now when I
go ahead and make my design you will see how neat this looks the clipping mask
function of the live drawing technique really helps to make some cool designs if you make a mistake just press command
or control Z and if you didn’t fully understand the advanced technique in
today’s video just go back and watch it again step-by-step recreating it for
yourself as you go it’s not too difficult once you go over a few times so yeah I had lots of fun making designs
with this technique and a lot of them I used the calligraphy brushes there is
one final point that you need to take into account however once you have a
design you notice that the only part that is selected is the clipping mask
section so corrupt object and expand and you
design will now be vectorized around the entire 360 degrees of your artboard so
there was my tutorial for beginner and advanced techniques using the life to
learn function if you enjoyed it and found it useful and you want to keep
boosting your skills as a designer subscribe to Satori graphics for weekly
graphic design content and also be sure to like and share my content on social
media if you wanna hop up my channel and keep it growing as it is make sure to
have a great day everybody and until next time design a future today peace you


  1. Thanks again everyone for the 100k milestone, check my previous video for the giveaway competition link, or on my Twitter page!

  2. Great Video, I wish my school would take time to teach us this kind of stuff no real point of teaching design if you don't teach how to use the software that you will be expected to know in the proffetional field.

  3. Thanks for the video, Satori. One of the newest Features Which i first saw in Photoshop. But honestly, i didn't got it properly I have to practise to get it😅.
    By the way that Last design looks awesome😍

  4. Great mirror technique I'm looking forward to messing around with but I also like the click to reverse path direction tip ! Very useful tip I had no idea about ! I've been redrawing lines this whole time 😀

  5. A late comment about this great tuto: it doesn't work with my Illustrator. I tried any number of times but no way. It is not the first time that I cannot follow along tutos because AI won't work 🙁

  6. A simple way to center things is to do cmd 0 to fit the artboard in the window, and then cut whatever you want to be centered to the clipboard and paste it and it will be centered on the artboard.

  7. dear i have got a problems about calligraphy pressure sensative in my cc2018 it does not show what can i do pls and wacom driver do i installed to see it on calligraphy pressure pls

  8. Really cool stuff! Love it.
    Although I am having some difficulties when I have created my "mirror" logo. When I have the final result, I want to be able to cut away all the masks and other stuff, so that I can edit the shapes individually.
    I have expanded the object, but I am left with alot of paths and lines in the selection.

  9. After long years, AI feels terribly complicated to me.
    Not to mention, i still don't understand, why every single Adobe software has absolutely different shortcuts for each software, not to mention that, why nowadays they had to changed them.

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