– Spy ninjas, we all have
control of our channels again, but only temporarily, because
we pressed these buttons. How much time we got left, guys? – I think we only have 30 minutes! – 30 minutes? – Our last couple of videos, they were all hacked and split up, but you guys figured out that if you play both of them
together at the same time, it shows like secret codes that Project Zorgo’s been talking about. If we figure that out,
we can stop the hacking. – So spy ninjas, we
need your help right now to figure out all these clues. – Yeah, let’s play both videos
on our phones right now. – Here’s a phone.
– [Chad] Okay, sweet. Let’s watch these and figure these out. – Today’s the day we hack Vidcon. We have everything we need: The Tesla, the signal booster, and PZ9. Give it up for PZ9. – [Chad] They’re leaving. I gotta find a way to disable this Tesla. Here it is. What the heck? It’s just the number one
on his license plate. – I can hear some steps. Hide, hide! The hackers are coming, look! – Just in case, for any reason, the buttons will stop everything. – We need to get those buttons, guys. I’m gonna call Chad, Vy, and Daniel. Guys, guys, guys. They’re talking about these buttons that will disable the whole hacking event. I think we need to find a way to get all four buttons from them, and then if we push the buttons, it will cancel their Vidcon hacking plans. – Okay, get all four buttons, and we can stop the Vidcon hacking. – Hello, yeah I’m going to pick up some refreshments for our celebration. Whilst we hack all the YouTubers. – Did you hear that guys? He said he’s going to
stock up on refreshments. – Do you guys see this license plate? It’s gotta be really important, maybe it’s something to do with
stopping the hacking today. What is this? It says top secret info beyond this page. – Oh my goodness Chad got all these iPads over here. Whoa, look at all these tablets. Don’t they look like signal boosters? Well except for like the missing antennas. Wait, wait, did you guys see that? – There’s all, these little
meetings room, two two ni-oh (gasps) wait a minute. Is he holding what I think it is? No way! Do you see what he is holding? Wait, what is, what is he doing to it? – There’s a hacker inside
that room, right now. I still can’t see what he’s doing. – I don’t know what their plan
is with the vending machines. Nothing here (loudly gasps) wait. I found something guys. Wait, would could this mean? There’s just a bunch of fours on it. Luckily, I know how to
hack vending machines. (Beeps sounds) And, (beeps) I think it worked guys – Okay, so what’s after this page? What? Blank?! I thought this was going to
be how to stop the hack- oh Here we go. What, it’s just a big nine here. And it says top secret. What does this mean? Okay, if you guys have
any clues or any ideas what these could mean,
leave a comment down below. This is really concerning. Project Zorgo has over a
million subscribers now. We can have even more subscribers, if all you spy ninjas
right now, go down below, make sure that subscribe button is checked and then it says subscribed. Because we can’t let Project Zorgo get more subscribers than us. This Tesla is what’s going to
be hacking all the YouTubers. I got an idea guys,
what about the Delorean? Remember the Delorean? It’s made out of stainless
steel and it’s hacker proof. If I can drive the Delorean
up close to this car, maybe that’ll scare ’em away and they’ll just get out of here. So I’m gonna sneak past this Tesla. That’s the white button that
they were talking about. He’s putting it in the engine of his car? But if my Delorean works, I
won’t even need that button. Cause that Tesla will
just drive out of here. And we’ll save Vidcon, woo. There’s my beautiful Delorean. Let’s get inside, woo-wee Daniel get out your drone
and put it on autopilot. And film this, your not going
to want to miss this one. (Hollers appreciatively) – Okay guys, I am right
behind this trashcan. I have a clear view of
the vending machines. There he is guys. The hacker’s here. That’s the same one that was
looking for the refreshments. Hopefully, my plan works! Oh, I hope I hacked the
vending machine properly. (gasps) yeah, guys,
he’s getting frustrated. (gasps) It’s working, he’s frustrated. Now’s my chance to go behind
him and get the button. Shh. (scary tempo) – (mumbles) – Run, run, run I can’t believe that worked, but I got the button. Let’s go! I’m going to see where
the rest of the gang is. Where is everyone? – It’s my apple watch. They’re doing something
with my apple watch. Are they breaking it? Wait a minute, no, the PZ9
already broke my apple watch. Are they repairing it? Wait, how did they even get it? Oh, well when PZ9 broke it, I thought it was gone for good. So, I put it in the recycling bin. They must have somehow took it to fix it. And find out all my secret information. On the microchip in there. Okay, well they are very
distracted right now. I hope they can’t get it to work. But look, look right
there, that’s the button. Oh no, I think it’s on, look the screen is totally fixed. The apple watch has a tiny speaker on it, so maybe if I can like play
a sound on the apple watch from my phone, what if
I play like a fart sound from my phone? And they’ll be like pee-you, you stink, and they’ll leave the room. It’s worth a shot, right? Okay, you ready? – Here we go! I think I’m getting close
to where that Tesla is. There he is! It’s right in front of me! Oh, they’re driving away! It’s working! I bet you their masks are just squealing like crazy right now. That’s why they’re trying
to get out of here. (upbeat retro music) Yeah, you get away from
this convention center. We don’t want you around
here Project Zorgo. Whoa! You hear that squealing noise? Yeah! She’s holding the mask out the window! Oh, she just threw it! Oh it landed on my windshield! (screams) Get it off my windshield! (screams) Ah yes, get out of here! – He has a button with
him with a number on it. And now he’s sitting next to a safe. That has to mean something. Something really important. (upbeat techno music) I’m gonna keep crawling through
underneath these chairs. There’s the hacker. Oh, shh, (retro music) – I can’t seem to figure out this code. – You forgot the code? – How do you forget the code? – You type it in – Do you remember it? – Just hit it with it, yeah? – No! – [Vy] There it is. – Wow I guess you do
remember the combination. – [Vy] Spy ninjas did you see the code? Is it? – This is exactly what
we’ve been looking for. – Yes! – [Vy] What are those? – The source code is stored
in these floppy disks. Don’t get them dirty! Let’s put them back for safe keeping. You’re gonna have to tell me that code. – [Loudspeaker] Attention, Attention to all Project Zorgo members – Get down, get down, get down – [Loudspeaker] The spy ninjas are here. Everyone be on high alert. – They know we’re here. Oh, no! – Did ya hear that, there’s
trouble with the spy ninjas. – I hate those – Let’s get ’em – Let’s do it. – The hackers are gone now, I can’t get that button though. I don’t know if I have that much time, so let’s go, let’s go. Okay guys, the button’s right here. It says three on it. Oh my gosh you guys, in here, I did not believe what’s actually in here. – Oh shoot, now what? Since they took off their mask, this Delorean is not going to work! Okay, I gotta, I gotta
pull over and get out. Put the emergency brake on, let’s go. I’m gonna this hacker a piece of my mind! You come back here, I’m
gonna see their face. Yeah, let’s see the hackers face. Hey, look over this way! Look over here. Yeah! Let’s see your face hacker! You’re not going to hack Vidcon anymore. You are not going, you get out of here. Vidcon is good, YouTubers
are good, just leave! Can’t hear what you’re saying Wait, no one can hear you? What do you mean no one can hear me? You’re hacking my video right now? No! Oh, we’re doomed! Wait, no no, get back
here, hey, come back Tesla. – Okay, I’m gonna play a fart noise. You ready? One, two, three (fart noise) – Oh, sheesh – Was that you? – Let’s do it again. Let’s keep doing it. One, two, three another one. (fart noises) It’s working – I’m sorry – Get away from us – Why are you so embarrassed? Okay, now’s my chance. They left through that door. Look, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. It’s my apple watch and fixed the screen. Oh my gosh, thanks. And look, right here, this is the button that
Regina must be talking about. All right, let’s get out of here. Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, what? What is going on with this thing? What is that? Why is it doing that? Whatever it doesn’t matter. I got the button, that’s all that matters. I’m gonna go meet up with
Regina, Chad, and Vy. – Super valuable, important information is the YouTube algorithm source code. I really need to get this. Because if Project Zorgo
get their hands on this, they can take over YouTube completely. We need to get in here. No, that didn’t work. One, one, one, one, maybe this button here with a three, maybe the code is three three three Oh, it didn’t work! (loud noise) Oh my gosh, they’re
coming, they’re coming. Oh my gosh, I got the button though. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Guys, I got the button, I’m going to call the spy ninjas to see if they got their button, yet. Chad, Daniel, Regina. – Hello, Vy? – Did you guys get your button yet? – Yeah, I got my button from the hacker He was going to the
refreshments vending machine and I hacked the vending
machine and I took it from him. – Yeah, yeah, Vy, I found my button too. Did you get yours? – Yeah, I got mine and it
has a number three on it. – Wait Vy, where’s Chad? He’s not on this phone call. – Oh yeah, where is he? I did call him. Is he having trouble finding his button? – Oh no, maybe he didn’t
get his button yet. Maybe he needs our help. – Yeah, yeah he might need our help! Let’s go find him! – [Chad] There it is there. He came to a stop, okay. They must not know that I am behind them. I’m gonna see, did the hacker leave? Is he still in there? All right, I got to be very careful, I’m coming around to the side of the car. Let me look in the mirror. I don’t see anybody in the mirror here, but just to be safe, let me take a peek. (gasps) I got to get down, really
low, and crawl underneath. I can’t let them see me. I got to get into the front here, yeah I got to get into the front
and the button is in here. Okay, guys I’ve got the kunai, right here out of my backpack. I’m going to pry open the front. All right, put this in here. Up here from the ledge. I think I found it, Yes! Woo! Okay, I can’t lift it too high. I don’t want the hacker to see me. There it is. This is the button! Yes! All right, let’s close this,
without them hearing it. Oh, no, hear it close. (Horn beeps) Oh shoot, they heard me! (Horn beeps) They heard me, they heard me close it. (screams) I got your button hacker! What ya gotta do? You can’t out run me hacker! I’m way too fast! I’m a spy ninja with top speed. There’s no way you can catch me. (laughs evilly) Okay guys, I’ve got the button. I’ve got to meet back up with them. Oh shoot, there’s a hacker right there. He’s right there, oh shoot. What is he doing? I knew there were hackers. Trying to stay down. Where’s he going? What is he looking for? He’s trying to figure out how
to get into that building. There’s security everywhere around here. That’s why he’s sneaking around. Yeah, I see ya buddy. Yeah, there are so many
security guards around here. He’s trying to figure out
the best way to get in. The main entrance is right there. You can see the Vidcon logos on the door. I don’t think, I don’t think
he’ll be able to get in. So, I’m just gonna go
around the other way. He’s gonna definitely
be caught by security. I can’t keep dodging hackers all day, so I’m just gonna call the spy ninjas, tell them I got my button right now. Okay, okay, it’s ringing guys. Come on guys pick up, pick up, pick up. I’m goin to go up here against this wall. – Oh, hello? – Chad, Chad. – All right, sorry guys, I
finally just got my button. – Okay, cool now we all have our buttons. – Are we all ready to press them. – Okay, I push mine first. All right, push. – Pushing, now. – Here I go. – Ready, here we go, three, two, one. – Wait, nothing happened? – It’s not working? – We’re still hacked? – You still can’t see me guys? – It didn’t work! What did we do wrong? Wait a minute, maybe we have to press them
all at the same exact time, okay? – Yeah, yeah, I think that’ll work. It’s a good idea, Chad. – Yeah, let’s try that. – Okay, we’ll say one, two, three, push. Ready? – One – Two – Three – Push – Did it work? Did it work? Yes! Our video is back! – It worked! Yes! – It worked? – Yes! We’re back! – We’re not getting hacked anymore! Guys, you can see me now, right? – [Announcer] Attention
all Project Zorgo members The buttons have been pushed. The Vidcon mission has
temporarily been disabled. But no worries, our system will be back up
and running in one hour. – Oh my gosh you guys, I don’t think the buttons did anything. I think it only delayed
the hacking for one hour. – Only an hour, oh no. – Project Zorgo is going
to continue hacking YouTube and Vidcon and all the YouTubers here. – What we do? What we do? – Shoot, shoot, we got to act fast. Before they start hacking again. Okay spy ninjas, there’s not much time left, leave comments down below, if you’ve figured out any clues. We really, really need your help. – All right guys let’s split up. We need the signal booster and the Tesla. – Great idea Vy, Okay, you and I will go get the Tesla, you guys go back inside. – We’ll get the signal booster. – Great with the signal
booster and the Tesla, we’ll be able to stop and
Project Zorgo and save Vidcon. Let’s go! (yells)

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