If Doki Doki Literature Club Were Vines

If Doki Doki Literature Club Were Vines

drink this it is my blood I give unto you thank you Jesus you actually do it why are you sugar what you got it's interesting but was also interesting what is also interesting is that I don't give a shit walk out the door you see someone that you know and they ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine but you just can't get into it because they would never understand Derulo with this bitch [Applause] hey how much money do you have 69 cents you know what that means I even may have missed my me for cheating mega what did you do I don't give me the knife so I can kill you no say can I borrow it can I borrow it I don't need a degree to be a clothing hanger [Applause] what are you doing I'm making holy water how is that making holy water and boiling the hell out of it hey you know I could get some drugs from excuse me you're in a library my bad oh no I hope I don't your life is one trick that always works That moment when you enter a room and forget why you went in there much oh that's right I was getting chased by a serial killer so I was like this gonna be a thing minou my dick fell off what's up I'm Gregory but don't call me that cheap money on Sam he asked me if Allah bitch I been lying you've been lying bitch and how would you like your steak done today one think I'll have it cooked oh of course usually we serve them raw I love you bitch I never stopped I don't need friends they disappoint me hey yo Loki nobody likes you but Heike makes me feel like shit aye Loki wish I care class quiet down I don't know what I thought you were BAE turns out you just fam if your name is jr. and you're really handsome come on raise your hand okay you know what you're in timeout get on top of the fridge get up this house is a fucking nightmare ha ha it's like we finished each other Satan whoa you're so fucking stupid sticks and stones may break my bones but a crowbar would do it so much quicker so guys it's Toby you can call me Tubbs here's something I wrote I love how people are talking man 1 to 9 years old I'm 11 so shut the fuck up

24 thoughts on “If Doki Doki Literature Club Were Vines

  1. 3:08
    Mc: what did you do?
    Sayori ( ghost ): I hung my self
    Mc: why did you do that?
    Sayori: looks at monika for spilt second I DUNNO

  2. 3:49 Y'alls can't f***in tell me that you've never done this during an argument online and let's face it, it's mostly a girl thing. I'm just telling the truth. Doesn't mean that guys don't do it too though.

  3. 4:20
    Gurl: wot r u doin

    Guy: making holy water

    Gurl: how is that making holy water

    Guy: I’m boiling the hell out of it

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