g'day g'day fellas welcome back to um I'm gonna be honest this is supposed to be a chick why we have similar hairstyles do I look like a female oh wow anyway this is a game well it's not really a game it's more of a photo generator I seen my mate drag ass playing this game basically you draw something then it colors it let's let's bring out our artistic side now if my thumbnails are any indication this is gonna go terribly um let's just draw me that shit kind of looks like me but now I'm actually gonna draw me a super sexist XFS give myself some eyeballs yeah my eyeballs are not looking circular I need a reference image and I need I need a reference image Jesus Christ someone photoshopped me eating Vegemite you monster this'll do looking good Mike yeah yeah I've got my I've got my reference image ah I honestly don't know how genetics messed up this bad but clearly some things going wrong I need some like eyelids just fucking my eyelids need to look like I'm having a stroke yeah let's do that yeah all right nose nose nose looking accurate now I like kinda derpy I got I got a face I have I do have a head we should put the head on yeah and then give me some hair I mean that's practically me let's let's compare images I mean that's pretty damn accurate I feel like I did it could you all right so let's process it Holy Mary Mother of God please burn that please burn that ah quick you get to safety oh I've got it Oh Oh fall off I'm so yeah you can see how great this game is like what are you legends reckon you reckon that's an improvement you think I'm looking better in that image girlfriend here I come that's my new tinder profile pic 100% now I'm thinking let's draw a cute little animal let's do Australia's deadliest animal if you're a bloody legend and you watch my videos which I hope I hope you do you'll know what I'm about to draw y'all know I'm not gonna lie I'm actually doing a pretty damn damn good job of this one this one's actually accurate as hell oh my god I could legitimately sell this artwork I'm amazed at my own ability I am a legend all right what does that look like to you let's color it in oh it's saying kill me kill me quick your get to safety Oh seriously it totally looks like a human and a koala had a baby it's got the shape of a koala but like the features of a human unclean oh I know this is like a basic bitch game but you can't tell me this isn't great why why is the hair over tie ball all right I'm gonna try and fix this let's give it I browse I'm trying to fix it I'm trying to fix it now it looks like he's got a hairdo but there's still fur all over his eyeball really troubling all right now I'm gonna draw YouTube's hottest click bake trend 2017 let's do let's do fidget spit what what if I drawn that honestly looks a bit like a penis what yeah if we do this you got it you got actually I'll process this I want to see where that comes up with kill it my god what is that what is that I'm drawing a fidget spinner I'm doing it well I honestly suck I have seen the devil I have seen Hell itself this looks like a fidget spinner and a human had a baby my biggest problem with this is there's no color that is what I'm not liking about this I've drawn I've drawn clicked by I mean I've drawn fidget spinner what are we got oh my god what the fuck it it's like a thumb with the hairdo and I don't know what these two things hanging off the thumb are but my god wait seriously look it looks like a it looks like a thumb it seems like it tries to turn everything into a face so there you go if you've been curious about what a fidget spinner looks like if it has a baby there you go I'm just gonna draw a bunch of dicks in the background that's not a dick that's a potato I just want to see what happens if you just spam the drawing with stuff might as might as well be weirdly looking penises here we go process that it looks like someone hit the fidgets spinner with the hammer and its head just went everywhere this is the dumbest shit but I'm I'm having fun yeah what happens if I just scribble everywhere just fucking scribble seriously man it's got three heads ah it's an Alabama feature spinner whoa but look at kinda looks like a fidget spinner now you can make out the outline all right now I'm just gonna draw draw a penis this is a laser beam video you know what you were getting into you knew you knew process process oh well this is the most accurate one yet mine looks exactly like that yeah I've got hair on the tip I'm so weird alright I'm gonna draw a kangaroo it's the cute little kangaroo god's little mouth their little eye then what the fuck is going on little little little kangaroo in it done there we go I've got a kangaroo oh wait do kangaroos have hops wait what what a kangaroo arms look like again oh no no no that wait what what a kangaroo arms look like oh okay they're like little t-rexes I see it I see it these are these are these are kangaroo arms shut up alright let's process it it could attack at any moment lads sweet Mary Mother of Jesus hey I thought my drawing was pretty good I don't know what's going on up there it's got some weird hair issues up there I think it only works with faces all right I'm just gonna do a kangaroo head then hey kangaroo head there we go Wow it's cool just it's close got a clear eyeball got a mouth so I found one that's supposed to be for cats but now I'm gonna try my kangaroo got the head got the tail got the little Joey in the pouch got its big ol feet got its little arms but let's put the kangaroo through the cat generator it's processing it's goin kind of word the head was pretty good but why do the feet look like a mysterious forest wait dude I can kind of see a face in his chest there's an eyeball there's some teeth Jesus that's actually spooky now let's see your face this looks like a painting straight out of a horror movie I'm gonna erase I'm gonna will raise the stomach just get rid of the stomach it kind of what it looked it looks terrifying it looks like it's straight out of a horror movie but it's got the fur it's got the face I mean it's a piece of shit but it worked okay you can actually hit a random button and you can see how thick what I think this cat's missing a chromosome Oh My Jesus God it's like a cat pillow Oh oh my god Oh Oh some of these are some of these are pretty good some are terrifying you know I might drool my brother's face yeah I might draw my brother's face yeah just draw my brother's face a couple eyeballs my brother kinda looks like the poop emoji what a coincidence let's see what it gives me my coins it looks like kinda looks like eight eight if I'm honest you can you can see the scrunched up little face my god what have I done ah there's one way you can design your own shoe let's let's just randomize this for a bit what the fuck I'm gonna draw a shirt cuz I believe in me give him some hair all right let's let's see what happens when you turn a face into a shoe drumroll oh I don't know what I expected that's he looks gorgeous it's gorgeous laser beam 2032 that's right I'm running for president hey man the dude from The Apprentice one I'm pretty sure I've got a sold short I'm not American that may be an issue um you can kinda see the beam like cut into his skull man this game thingy is the fucking weirdest all right well this may just be a quick little video but it's the cool bit of technology that's really fun to check out so I hope you enjoyed it belt the body lock button check out this video I will see you fellas later and as always cheers fellas why isn't God laser beam Ladyface mate drop the bass he's laser beam like the gamers dream

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  1. I honestly wud move to Australia if u were president (or whatever you call it in Australia) xxx ud b great and all your bloody legends (including me) wud be routing for ya x luv ya

  2. Me phone was laging then you drawed yes you now what and my mom comed so i dont turned my phone off because they was laging and u need to be familly friendly

  3. Lazarbeam draws something… Presses process button shows Sonic. Lazarbeam omg it's hideous. It says I wants to die. Lol

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