I Wore Body Paint Instead Of Clothes For A Day

I Wore Body Paint Instead Of Clothes For A Day

(light upbeat music) (whooshing and squeaking) – My name is Pashur and I am
a professional body painter. We’re gonna be painting
Julie in a t-shirt and jeans. To me, body painting is a
very interactive art form, your work comes alive on
a canvas that is alive. – My name is Julie and today I am trading my clothes for body paint. I have never been body-painted before. I’m definitely nervous. Growing up, I never really had much of an issue with my body image until probably late high school. I was in musical and I had
to wear a leotard on stage. The next day at school, I heard someone talking about
my cellulite on my legs. I was always really concerned with if I looked skinny enough, that kinda planted a seed in my head. By wearing body paint I feel like I’m taking off a shield and
I’m putting myself out there. I’m really scared but
I think it’s gonna be a positive step forward. – So, the first thing we need to do is put on the pasties, outline the design, and then we can go in with out base coat. (light electronic music) And, after that, we will go
in with some tiny details and some shading and highlights. The very last thing that we’ll do on Julie is we’ll put sealant on her, to make sure that the
paint is more durable and doesn’t come off. – [Voiceover] Check yourself out. – Oh my god. Ah! It’s so cool. I’m not as scared now because it looks like I’m wearing clothes. I think I’m ready to show everyone. Let’s just do it. We’re about to go and walk around and see if anyone notices. Here we go. – [Julie] You didn’t notice? – I didn’t even notice. – That… (laughing) – Do I notice anything? Uh… – Wait, what?
– [Jordan] Jen’s noticed. – Woah, I would not have noticed. – But the sandals are real? – Yes, those are real shoes. I came into this feeling scared, but I feel like I conquered a really huge fear that I’ve had. Going outside wearing only body paint is really similar to having insecurities. You feel naked or you feel all these negative things about yourself that no one else sees, and
no one else understands. Sometimes you over-think things and you don’t wanna do
things because you’re scared of what other people are gonna think. Be strong and (inhales shakily) to not listen to what other people say. And to not let it matter so
much, because it doesn’t. What matters inside is
that counts the most and that’s where your strength and your beauty comes from, first. That’s what I would
say to my younger self. (breath catching emotionally) (whooshing and squeeking)

100 thoughts on “I Wore Body Paint Instead Of Clothes For A Day

  1. What makes me mad is s that she’s so pretty and other girls aren’t and she is saying that she’s so fat I’m almost 300 pounds so.

  2. For all thoes ppl commenting about how she has a super model body what would she have insecuraties about, I totally agree but you don't know whats going on in her life, and whats happened to her. She has an AMAZING body, (not saying she does) but sometimes ppl can pick out little things about themselves and think, I'm not good enough or, I'm not tall enough, not pretty enough. So you really just don't know.

  3. Why is this woman getting all emotional about choosing to go outside 95% naked, the claiming some kind of victory for doing this, while all the while, promoting a deception? This is a F'd up world where women get to pass off their insane fantasies on the world and then claim they are so brave to have done so.

  4. Why is she crying… I’m insecure of having a sexy body and have beautiful eyes and hair and i have body issues because if i gain a pound I’ll be fat… cmon now

  5. Don't know if I should feel sorry that a beautiful girl has body issues or think she's stupid that she has them because one person years ago said she wasn't skinny although she actually was while I'm here having an insuline resistance and gain weight with almost everything I eat 🙄 the inner struggle between "oh I'm so sorry" and "ffs get a grip people".

  6. it's great that she is facing her fears…..just remember, everybody has something that they have to face.

  7. She said cellulite not fat. Just because she's skinny doesn't mean she won't have insecurities. Some of y'all need to grow up.

  8. This is an emotionally broken woman. Yikes. Best wishes sweetie. Hang in there. There are tougher things in life than this by far.

  9. I'm just astonished that this gorgeous woman can feel self esteem issues at this point

    2:18 – "You feel naked." – oH rEaLly?

    2:46 – Is she really crying right now?

  10. Imagine instead of getting undressed after a long day , you have to make sure every spot of paint on your body is cleaned off.

  11. He should have prepainted her undies. You know, just to save her the embarrassment of having a strange man rubbing brushes against her nethers 🤷

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