I Wonder Wednesday:  Hysterical Literature

I Wonder Wednesday: Hysterical Literature

welcome to I wonder Wednesdays for this inaugural visit I wonder what will happen if I read something that was written for me three years ago what I mean is three years ago I had no con called entranced we did a notic version of hysterical literature some people may already be familiar with the concept hysterical literature can be found here on YouTube and you'll find a link to my favorite episode in the description it features Stoia who some people might be familiar with and my concept is really very simple whoever is reading sits at a table with a piece of writing of their choice and they read it on camera while someone under the table pleasures them with a vibrator until they were kasim it's hot and entertaining and hilarious all at the same time now the hypnotic version of this of course calls for the person reading to have been given certain hypnotic triggers or suggestions that certain words or phrases or even punctuation whatever they are reading will act the same way as the vibrator would to someone who was doing the traditional version of this it's very very effective as I know because I've done this a couple different times now the thing that I'm going to read was written for me three years ago by the marvelous DJ Pynchon who writes erotica as well as other things I will give links to where you can find his writing in the description including the book he co-wrote with Lea lore which is called hypnotic amnesia it's about wait for it hypnotic amnesia and it is excellent so there will be a link to where you can find that book in the description as well now some important things to note before we begin I did do this three years ago and at that time I was prepped by DJ to reacting ways to certain words because he and I do occasionally like to play around with the concept of not akinesia I'm here and happy to say that I do not remember hmm really reading this piece of writing multiple times I've read it I read it several times before we actually did the performance I read it in front of a bunch of people I've recorded it as an audio at least once and I know all this because I've been told in the case of the audio there's concrete proof but actually trying to recollect when I did it how I did it what happened when I did it is there's a little spotty which is good because that's exactly what someone who's in hypnotic amnesia really wants to have happen the point is though that I'm not quite sure which words are the important words I'm not quite sure exactly what's going to happen and also I'm not going into any great pains to put myself into trance before I start reading and part of that is because I know for me and potentially for someone watching watching my unconscious mind go oh now is the time you're going to go into trance can be can be entertaining to the Lading hot I don't know one of those things so I'm I'm just gonna start reading and you know see what happens which is after all the whole point of this exercise now because there will hopefully be an orgasm at the end of this and potentially because it may draw attention that you might not want as a viewer from people around you please don't watch this at work in front of your children unless they are adult children who are also into hypnosis in front of your parents if that will cause problems for you yeah headphones headphones are good yes the nervous is good one of the first people I ever worked with taught me that nervousness can very easily be used to take someone to trance but that's a completely different video also my hand may appear from time to time or maybe not because I will be scrolling down as I read I didn't want to hold papers so I have it open on my computer so shall we begin numbers by DJ pigeon hypnosis is fun no seriously hypnosis is fun I am definitely I have no fetishist and just the process of going into trance is what I like and crave but sometimes between all the hotness and the eroticism and the discussions of consent we forget that it's also fun when I first started I started online as many of us do and met someone who said he could take me into trance it turns out this person wasn't that good I wish I mean he was bad by which I mean he had a script one script and would read it over and over and over again and the thing is I want wanted to go into a trance I mean don't we all so I learned to hypnotize myself and you may well wonder how did I do it how did I ignore what he was doing and go into a trance on my own I counted I counted on myself to send myself deeper I've honed this practice ever since what I'll do is start with a nice round number 10 for example 10 is a good number sturdy innocent I'm threatening you look at the number 10 and you think to yourself no way does that represent a gateway through which I might become blank mindless no way huh but then there's nine nine is a lovely number it promises a little bit of the savea's already I'm starting to think about how if I could just hold out until I reach it's upside down part I might find myself downside up emphasis on the town town down 8 sounds dangerous slightly dangerous it's the past tense of eat and I can already start to feel the way the trance is devouring my consciousness and because it's past tense it's already happened so if I've reached 8 I've been eaten 7 7 is a number with so many useful rhymes and it looks like a tool with a handle I could use to send myself closer to well I'm not deep enough to tell you yet but it's good so good so good I almost want to linger awhile well I let the word 7 savor it's off on my tongue but then I feel the pall of the next number 6 6 six and I'm already upside down from its downside up partner Here I am not even halfway through and I'm already feeling how good it is to be drawn into six but the devil is in the detail and here the details are that the closer I get to that ending number the closer I am to showing you how much pleasure you can get from just a simple countdown and surprisingly I'm already high five high five and everything is okay even if five is the number where I start to realize that certain parts of me are feeling very alive I might derive some pleasure at how five feels on my lips now about five is such a funny little number and you can trace it across and down and around across and down and around and just by following that number five you can see yourself falling before falling for four huh watch out how much of me is even left fours across the halfway point four splits up into two minds that are across purposes and four for me may not be four for me or for for you but four is definitely a point at which I can feel my body begin to have that feeling like my very mind is forfeit to an orgasm or a feeling of indescribable pleasure and maybe I'll forget everything that happens by the time I get to four four times four it's such a good number that I think I will forget everything that happened before now and after now splitting up and crossing over to three and I'm free three of the way three is for me three is three is so very close to being free of consciousness I'm free of whatever it is that holds me back from being blank and mindless until all there is is my body the mindlessness of my mind of my brain now just following the words without even knowing what I'm reading and every word is taking me closer to a point where when I reached the end I'll find myself smashed back through to consciousness through all the pleasure I can stand to have here and now so there was just my mind which is empty to me group for the for the for the pleasure my body which is throbbing with each syllable and my brain were just saying words I won't even remember when this is done and if it is too much for me to handle I know I can just move on to two and two is too close it may be too hard to focus on two and I want to focus on two because I love that moment before I before I before my two minds become one single point of contact between my chance and the pleasure I'm going to feel too is too many numbers for me to remember and so I forget even each word as I say them my mind is no more and all there is is my brain on autopilot my body loving with pleasure and ready to be one one more moment closer one thought at a time closer with one breath closer with one word the only word that tells me how many thoughts I have when I come the next word the word that will slay me into a wall through a wall that will bring my mind to it and he's plunging me into the pleasure lot until I get to the next number the number that isn't number just like I've barely a mind reading these words I can feel all the images plunging into me the next thing which is a true thing that sends me over the edge and that number is and that is how I can send myself into and out of trance and that's why for me hypnosis is fun

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  1. What an amazing Video. It was so fun to see how the script affected you and at the same time to feel parts of the effect on myself. Keep up the good work you are an really good at this.

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