but did you ever meet a man that cute but you still can't watch there he is no I have so many kids to be ripping around trying to watch my news so you mean to tell me you put your fingers over the face in your hands aren't watch Wow okay you know you both okay yo I'm at the girl's house right now she said it was okay for me to board she said she didn't want to be in the video she wasn't gonna be in it anyways because I don't want anybody know what it is okay I should have my friend cover me or whatever Center house so yeah okay hey how are you are you okay so we just gonna do your makeup in the bathroom that's fine thank you so I can show you a picture oh okay so you use tissue oh yeah I have time I go to the store to get my wipes or nothing okay he's pretty okay okay it's good so you have makeup artists yourself yeah makeup artists but I mean like focusing oh wow you really get it in there huh huh that's what's up but um yeah I've been focusing on like YouTube and stuff okay yeah I just want to make sure hopefully I'll break out let's take your lashes awesome oh yeah but like gently gently oh my god yeah yeah this kids definitely on crack right now crack kids had it again go take them off think I got it you got makeup all over your face job yeah I had to do things today you should sit this out friend I hear well I tell you honey half time so I mean like you should have a make away stuff alike I really can't get this a good of a tissue but I thought this is gonna go over it okay well I'm a proudly rinsing my facebook water cuz the tissue residue you won't make it at all for you okay mmm I wash it off in the sink well this is the best I can do since I don't have a meaning I'm sorry it's the best I can do because I don't have any I'm okay so let's get started hurry um can I risk my face real quick as fast as that tissue stuff um yeah sure okay so I think use the sink right here yeah once my face so how does that a question he is you make the wireless how come you could do it yourselves do my makeup myself yeah um I just wanted to treat myself today I mean about how if that's true you know so if you can do a chocolate I mean like treating yourself was like going out and getting getting it done well sue Google are coming yeah getting me my co-anchor I met at you so check that way for today Isis you an extrusion photoshoot so thank you uh now that you say it Oh God thank you so much yeah well you can come to me anytime we make sure I'll give you my card okay so what palette is this still picketing Oh drew I just a friend let me get it okay that's a nice brain yeah you have friends like that you I guess so janitor from don't want to get you together purie koena you probably won't have to hook me up one day since I'm fucking with you you need to exfoliate exfoliate well you need to try to find a new product because awareness your music not working and well I have to tell you what I use to explain it to you like no I'm good yeah I use yeah so I use like a sugar spoon usually like more natural stuff or I might go to like a person you know you must be dude I am i do celebrity makeup soon like who mmm hold on one sec I gotta focus on his eye cooking celebrities that come in and out in and out of here a lot of places – okay so you let that rebel my makeup artist yeah yeah yeah I get paid to fly all they pay me treat me real good service all their you know you said I'm not on your level you know I'm gonna pass that oh that's what's up for you may be on different paths and I like like Mises you like me you know I'm gonna let you finish because I did pay you already girl okay and I might be my money back girl do you know who makeup I do I flat out for me in treat everybody I never hear I'm the baddest makeup artist there you well the reviews say different but did you ask me I mean I got cute but you still can't wash their hands I have too many kids to be ripping around trying to watch my news so you mean to tell me you put your speed fingers face in your hands aren't watch Wow just like this for me and sorry if it's all over your face it's all your clothes too should have gone south it's been Oh little bit of Consular new cheeks like this one that is when even above this joke earlier Joe missing inside tell me I mean like the cider yeah so I don't really concert so usually my make the people I do they like real real natural so I'm not really used to contour itself you just um I mean natural you can add a contour new you not just feel like I just think I'm not in today counselor and all of that extra stuff but it's whatever floats your boat yeah you do one lashes right yeah and look out ma'am this is a joke you look these lonely layaway oh you get the highlight at the yeah that's where you supposed to a little bit I'm sure you the makeup artists I'm sure well could you lend this you know this little bit close your eyes for me that was this stupid let me spray yo setting higher please close your eyes sorry okay Sarna yeah just let it dry really cute girl here you okay let me take a picture Oh [Laughter] okay yes very uh so I just got in the fucking list do y'all see my makeup bro like oh my god first of all magatsu arguing I don't even know remember that's army I just pay her in that list I paid this girl $70 for this do you have CDs and I got off the car is nigga standing here I was looking crazy as fuck like bro oh my god I'm a hedgehog back when I get to the house did you what you think about my makeup smell of my iPad should be five dollars finish you think you'll be honest it's oh my god this is terrible mom because I said this is cute this is not true cuz I'm not just a pretty girl [Applause]


  1. Lol it looked cute when u reached home because u were in the dark.. I mean it looked better in the dark

  2. You actually look cute I liked the lashes and the lipstick lol the brows tho too thick and the foundation was a bit ashy but it wasn't so bad.

  3. once it got to da end of da video n u started laughing n said u couldn't show yourself leaving dats wen i knew fashow it wasnt real…..nxt time show urself leaving I mean it's not like yu couldn't get out da door to end da video….we all know yah knew eachother …..funny asf doe yah both was throwing plenty shade 😂😂😂💯

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