welcome back to another vlog thank you all for watching my last video in the world to me that so many of you have found it funny I honestly thought it would be just funny to me but the fact that you all found it funny is amazing so due to popular demand I'm doing another worst reviewed makeup and this time I'm gonna pick up my friend and she's gonna be with me so stay tuned and hopefully this time it goes better than last time yeah my friend is here are we gonna laugh today to do know I practice keeping it cool okay good all the way to the makeup artist and we're just gonna tell her that I'm going on a blind date today and I really want to impress this guy that I really like and I want to do like a really nice makeup on me that's gonna make me look super pretty and all that so let's see what she does you have this way to make it stick to the face to say that you're fine you're not really fine you just can't get into it because they would never understand and I like long walks on the beach secure the mall it's so intense now I can areas like the camera angles you're holding what I looked at to be strained like thank you it's a technique yo can we talk about my eyes like what is this what is this it's already melting away look I don't get it I know a lot of people are gonna come to me like it's not that mad no it's bad okay would you wear this makeup to go for a first date and see a guy that was what I said I something see this guy for the first time I hope he likes me make me look natural and pretty and this is the look it's like 15 shades to lights gonna make you look lighter it comes to the lashes it's like oh yeah I told her I don't want lashes because they made me like they said I need to pay and I'm like I'm good but the colors are a bit more decent than last time they're bad but they're not as bad as the last morning they're not because it's just the first date so you know you want to keep it natural but yeah but it's actually bad for someone that wants to do a first date like just say that like I don't know what's up with makeup artists in my face but they always want to take pictures of the look IRA for you make fun of me so trust me there are good makeup artists in my city I just have to find them and I will and I'm gonna post a video with a good makeup artist and honestly honestly honestly I thought this makeup would turn out to be really good I don't know maybe some people are gonna love it I don't love it that much I would never go out like this like it's so embarrassing because if you are this like do they do people still do this I don't know I would like the thing is if you asked for like a natural day look going on a date I wouldn't you wouldn't expect this right no honey if you went and you're like hey I like my inspiration it's like zombie apocalypse good but I mean if you're just going in your like first date like I want to look cute or like whatever I bet natural yeah I mean I don't think this is the way to go babe definitely no that's just my two cents you saw my last video right and then you actually didn't see your last video because like my eyes were watering the whole time I can't see I just heard but really like people commenting saying oh the makeup isn't that bad you're so mean yeah I'm like how am I mean she did that makeup to my face like I'm not mean then this is gonna be like angelic delicate makeup so they're probably gonna love this again makeup is objective but guys like come on it's all sentiment yeah you can't have like a million shades lighter on so much face yeah you can't force someone to be lighter someone like she entered a brown woman she exited a different trees exactly like you can't do that embrace people the way they are you guys like the video make sure buddy this angle is so awkward I already have ugly ass makeup you're making me good shabam listen II know there's time first so I'm gonna learn for next time in China how the god of us oh yeah are there nothing by the way a lot of these laughing you know like laying with sketchy no what was that kind of makeup no it's not no this is not okay this is the plan Hey I just read eyes on your nose oh she did contour did you know that she did contour by their what does in contour you guys want to see Lulu in the next videos make sure you leave that in the comment below I hope you guys liked the video never know what you're getting yep I hope you guys like the video make sure you like subscribe share with a friend let me know what you want me to want me to do in the next video and I love you I love you I love you


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    Worst reviewed makeup artist (GRADUATION MAKEUP) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Phe-KOjWQ&t=1s

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  2. While getting your make up done you were looking like Sonam Kapoor Bollywood diva and you are also a diva indeed

  3. This looks like the Punk eye makeup my friends and I wore in High School 😆
    This is something you DO NOT want to wear on a first date 🤣

  4. I’ve noticed that just about every lady that you‘ve had do your make up does Cleopatra looking eyeliner. Is that a popular look in Dubai?

  5. I don’t mean to be rude or harsh but when my 10 year old plays “makeup” on my face she does 100% better then this. The eye makeup is atrocious and i would never ever pay for anything to look like this on my face. You are such a beautiful woman with natural beauty that it doesn’t look that bad but looking beyond your beastie I can see it for what it really is… trash!❤️ Thank you for putting yourself through another crazy experience for us!😊❤️❤️

  6. I got my makeup done and asked the lady to contour. She said “nobody contours because it looks so fake.” I was like ummm…. contouring is the biggest thing in makeup right now. Just admit you’re not good at it….

  7. I'm still struggling to match my skin tone….no clue….always have to mix stuff to get some sort of tone that might match my tone…..wish someone could tell me what my undertone is😥

  8. Oh, my…….looks like bruising after face and eye lift. Or you rubbed your eyes with a fist. Again, bless your heart. You certainly have a clean face after all of the washing

  9. U have big beautyfull eyes .why i notice everyone love doing to much to your eyes??

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