hi guys welcome back to my channel thank you so much for amazing response on my last words makeup review video and again today I'm going for another words makeup review video so if you guys haven't checked out my last one do check it out because it was amazing experience I hope today's experience also goes amazing as last one and yeah so let's continue the video is it dark blue in photo by which you have violet yeah you can do same as that competition no no no she's burning money yeah Darnell so cool no not so I won't seem like the picture you can check it properly if it's there is no key what is this more order so they get meaning that little remove you're not contouring the face I don't know yeah highlight the value no no like you contour right the brown powder that you are taking your smaller other age backwards contour inside you Ella after problem yeah okay all right guys this is the final look as you guys already know this is what I showed her yeah so this is what I showed her I'm gonna be putting the same picture right here if you guys can't see it properly so so this is what I get so if you guys can see my eye shadow is nowhere near to what I showed her but it looks like you actually had fun see yourselves here lips she actually made me look like some Bharatnatyam dancer if you don't know Myron at iam is a dance form from Kerala and they put this kind of eyeliner so while while she was about to put the eyeliner she asked me do you want eyeliner under your eyes I was like is it there in the picture because the picture I wasn't really sure I didn't remember at that point of time so I was like is it there in the picture and she's like yes yes yes and then she started putting it literally and now when I see the picture her eyes are closed leg literally her eyes accuse the makeup artists eyes so how can she even come to know that she's put eyeliner under her eyes I was like so shocked apart from that she put eyelashes on and I'm pretty sure you guys saw this in the video how she poked he literally put that earbud in my eyes I don't know what she wanted to rub off she put excess glue on the eyelash and then she wanted to rub that off and she literally put my eyes like this and then she's like poking me inside that's when I reacted I was like oh my god okay she was not contouring my face so I asked her in the beginning that's when my camera was off because I was trying to take some pictures of mine so I asked her are you going to contour because that was clearly what she's done in the makeup look the makeup look was completely very nude nude lipstick and then there was a contour there was no blush and then she I asked her are you going to contour my face and then she's like contour she's like oh yes yes yes I'm gonna do it later later you know and I was like fine she's gonna do it then she went on she kept on putting blush and blush and blush and then she made me complete red and then she decided to rub it all and I asked again that are you gonna contour my face she's like no it has meant for aged people again I was blank I was literally blank because I didn't know what to say I was controlling I was controlling myself not to laugh alright guys that's all for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you guys did don't forget to like share and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


  1. I love your youtube channel your very beautiful i love your eyebrows so much love from me πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  2. i think the thing is people are bringing in pictures that are really complicated for these old fashioned ladies 😩

  3. Haha damn my face felt that pain when she was rubbing all that on her face πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  4. I think next vedio u shuld do like go to the same lady and ask her to do the makeup according to her and by not seeing in picture . Lets test her skills naturallyπŸ˜‚
    i feel so bad for ur skin and eyes

  5. i feel so bad about her poking your eye and then basically glueing it shut like noooo. and i love my highlighter but she literally just put glitter on your face !!!!!!

  6. Yeah it doesn't look like the picture but i think that picture would be to advanced to her she's just a basic old school makeup person…

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