what's up you guys welcome or welcome back to my youtube channel so on what's up you guys welcome or welcome back to my youtube channel so on today's video I have been seeing this challenge go around where people are going to their most reviewed makeup artist in their area the videos that I've watched have been so funny I've been dying to do it so today's a day I start looking on Yelp for reviews for the worst artists for a few hours it was honestly really hard to find like people leaving reviews on like specific people but I found one the specific lady I am NOT going to name her name just for privacy reasons I'm sure she probably doesn't want her blasted everywhere she honestly did have some bad reviews and I will put them up here but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and really just see why these people have left such negative reviews I'm gonna tell her that I'm going on a date tonight and I'm vlogging the whole entire thing so she isn't confused why I'm like recording because if someone pulled up to me kept trying to get their makeup done they hid cameras in my face I would shut that down in two seconds I just got to her address she told me just to come to her place because that's where she does most of her client work and I was not about to pay extra for her to come to me that Adsense coin has not cut the check yet but you know we're on our way over here don't forget to like and comment on this video subscribe and all that fun let's get our makeup done I love your place Oh oh my god I love it there's so much natural lighting so chill how are you good thank you for taking me so last minute I haven't do it tonight so I'm blogging everything is that okay or you go with that okay I won't get your face in yeah okay cue hi I got a few photos here okay so like I love ya I'm a blogger a beauty influencer I do stuff like that it's really fun but I like always do my own makeup and like I want to look cute tonight somebody else to do it okay perfect so how long have you been doing makeup Oh fine lines yeah yeah I'm excited to see oh my god so I was thinking it's just something like this just like a just like a cut crease that are brown like a neutral moment okay okay oh is this not all you're using right here okay oh oh my god you have the Jeffrey powder one of my faves we why oh okay yeah I love him we're actually really good friends his products are amazing now so I'm excited to use them take you Oh what is this milk no I love their products that one facial here yeah I know my oh yeah I know I have a lot of like little blackheads I could get rid of for sure let's just try this color out okay yeah I love a full-coverage moment just be careful because I'm like super platinum yeah this literally the second like any foundation gets my hair it just like shows yeah yeah sorry it's not really a full coverage which one I'm using Too Faced oh me too I'm like really really good at doing eyeshadow I said oh is that like your forte yeah okay cute I'm excited to see you look a little bit yellow so use this yellow okay cute everyone usually says I'm like a right undertone but alright I trust you okay let's see what this feel it looks like you're not happy with it like you know I'll fix you up okay maybe this like foundation didn't dry all the way cuz it's ya know you can't like let me know what it looks like okay if you wanna show me that like picture again with the eyes so I can just like you know yeah okay so you said you started doing makeup five months ago yeah round there did you what made you get into it um I just felt like I was already kind of good at it so like I can just like definitely make some extra money uh yeah you know for sure since I'm like still in school and like I had like a regular job yeah so I was like why not just do it and see what happens yeah oh thank you you're going fast I'm honestly impressed really um it's good though cuz I'm kind of him like yeah in a rush it's at eight so we have like I have like two up like an hour and a half no you're good please take your time yeah I know what I'm telling you like I don't really use Geoffrey start products mm-hmm but I thought I'd try it out just for like a little bit and see how I liked it wait like look up actually oh no like oh wait like don't move actually I just told you like not to move oh sorry sorry my men don't like creases they're kind of hard for me to do I rather not do them but I mean like I'll do them oh well I mean if you don't feel comfortable doing it we can are you sure because we can do something more simple if you okay sometimes I used to practice I'm like my boyfriend mm-hmm really good mm-hmm is that where you got like a lot of your confidence told you yeah like he was really nice about he was like baby should really do makeup and I was like yeah I should it's like they started doing it mmm wait like why are you blinking sorry okay it's a fire little girl you like really really need a facial though you should really like maybe you know it's like not with me but like get one okay so you know yeah just like that often makes like your makeup better when you have good skin care yeah you know mm-hmm I love skin care mm-hmm you're really pretty color mm-hmm I love like Browns like neutrals yeah turn this way for me please almost the last step so like he'll be ready to go really soon okay uh-huh is it pretty yeah let's get her out of here yeah hi baby Danny I love the lashes it's like my favorite part yeah it really completes a look though yeah are you gonna do mascara um we probably shouldn't just select identical reasons you know okay I've never put lashes on without mascara I'm excited to see okay have you yeah I do it all the time okay so I really need you like not to move at all don't move though okay okay there you go you're like all done now how are we not gonna do a lip lip color can we yeah yeah of course you should I keep my eyes closed or cuz if so feels kind of wet I mean like open em slowly I don't think you bad it was at this moment that he knew he up yeah just got a little stuck it's fine yeah so you really don't do your lips at all wait don't talk are you can catch me chance um how much is it again it's 95 for like the full-face okay um do you have been though yeah I do okay I'll buy you gimme okay are you bitter yeah I don't know I know okay sorry I know you do do you mind just adding a little bit more highlight really yeah yeah just a little okay I love to be like blind ed okay do you want like a little bit of blush maybe I know sure yeah it's really good me too I love it are we done yeah we're totally done oh yeah okay let me look at it in the lighting all right cuz I know this lighting is kind of harsh so maybe it looks a little different lighting yeah no yeah I honestly like I I like it yeah um so you said you take VIN now or okay I got a car you can like totally tag me like any pictures also I'll give you my Instagram okay yeah here you can put it in yeah well thank you um I think that's it is everything good I'm late like I said so I should probably go thank you so much again for everything it was really nice to meet you you're so sweet this is a joke do did did y'all see the photo of the countries I asked for she serious okay so my camera literally just died as I was filming that intro and honestly you can get a better look of this on my phone anyway but um shout-out to my makeup artist she kind of snapped this is like the best I've seen out of any of these videos so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this I definitely won't be doing anything like this ever again that was very terrifying and I was honestly scared for my life but I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next one


  1. It’s katensteinnn when she first starts you can see her tattoo. Then on her Instagram you can see the exact same tattoo. Haha

  2. The lips are all choppy the lashes are falling off I can't believe she didn't put liner or mascara on the eyeshadow sucks that is not a cut crease the foundation is disgusting and not even blended and the blush is disgusting

  3. This was weird. If this was real then it was hitting the content JACKPOT with this CRAZY mua but then he didn’t even react really and then ended it. Missed Viral moment or trying to fake out your viewers with a BS video and that guilty conscience had you SHOOK


  5. LMFAO yoooo she told you, you need a facial…. that sponge looks dirty the house lOl I cannot deal. Lmfao this is not real Cole lOl stop omfgggg

  6. I’m just glad you can wash it off honey lol your reaction is fcking priceless 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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