so they could tell I have a bride gown I'm kidding it's actually just a white top I'm gonna get a bridal makeover done I look like a portal so I'm getting a bride to take over done as you can tell I'm actually excited because I think they would do actually a good job and the best part is that I actually have a friend with me and she's gonna be the bridesmaid so this is the picture that I'm gonna be asking them to do for me and she's gonna be having this looks really basically really natural can look pretty than me on the bride veils it's big what do you can it spoil like it's a DIY wedding she thank you love you're holding between can you see why is it a hole why I can't think next is on my Adsense startups and like I've no money for my wedding this is the look that I'm gonna be going off well Peter no copyright oh my god sorry what is this close your eyes no okay oh my got a Mac it's a kind of boy I have him since that's why I'm scared honest I know it's okay don't worry about I shall told you her before you see if tits are out I need to censor all of it I don't know it's okay it's fine the character do at home it's fine don't worry about it okay thank you so much what's okay you you every shot was white it's a privilege is better yeah yeah it's amazing actually like it let's not do my eyebrows by the way a lot of people give me for you having like skinny eyebrows but I'd really like that about me you yeah it's a cartoon it just one lashes your fake lashes yeah that's enough I don't like mascara no no no no no mascara I like fake lashes ball stop yawning new cow you know going look like you know the bride's I think it's the dead bride me what's the cartoon you know that corpse bride oh my good action of the corpse you say dead bride surprisingly I'm lighter than you you actually go to a tanning booth and I don't know how I'm lighter than you have you been wondering how you would look if you were Caucasian I think you know you're not this is how I would look at that was Caucasian I'm I'm liking it okay I look like a snow white on Tupac had a child this is exactly how she would look I later wait neck's I don't get it it's okay giving in Nick's that yeah that's okay I think it's fine you I just came back to my car and it's my wedding and y'all all a few half ago if you were just invited oh wow do you play some wedding music finish look she thinks that I look pretty look at my eyebrows look at the way she did my eyebrows look okay listen you're one of those girls so just like so pretty and you can rock anything you Jenny are you kidding me look this is round this one is square the only thing wrong with your face is the fact that she used the same foundation on me and it just looks so good on camera because that's the camera but I swear oh sure if I'm on my iPhone cuz I do that all the time close your eyes but I'm being honest you still look good you're gonna be cute man look at look at this this is a picture of her own face guys she got it done my hand oh Sh and groundwaters and it's pointy like honey me kick kidney just itch I'm white I'm gonna get my passport my green card white privilege getting all afraid from this face like honestly it's I am bad you cannot say I look good I beat your ass like I look bad bad my mom's gonna give me money to a guy like this like in general inch marriage and I'm gonna wear makeup like this she leaves me Roman probably my mom gets me arranged I'm gonna be doing this honey mom this is an escape I'm not look like my worst look at the fool I wish I had a bookie this happens in India culture all the time the guy looks ugly always the wife that's always pretty prettiest because sometimes trust me the camera makes it don't mistake me so look look at the color of her chest and her arms use the blush to give you a contouring yeah she had no coma go look at this it's like this is my husband waiting for me the corpse right corpse I said the dead wedding bride also vitamin were so mean like Indian customers engineer they were like oh this is so normal like she just look she matches perfectly I thought people would enter and you were like laugh at me but no one did and that fix me other people think this is so normal but I did forget of add I knew they would whiten my skin I completely forgot about it because if you didn't know like an Indian weddings they whiten your skin but you know some things I'm Iranian and I'm not Indian but some things are similar in my culture like if you're if you're a bride you need to make sure you don't have a [Applause] she's like it's your wedding do you want me to fix her mustache by the way be kind of told them it's like a wedding photography session so they don't think I'm actually getting married but like and then she sat in and they're like honey you need a little activation the moment which got to me the most is the fact that you were like I don't want to mascara because that mascara oh you know I always say no to that but for the first time I wasn't paying attention and she doesn't like doing it for me and I'm like I don't want my scanner she's like why not and I'm like like she won laughter do it but as she was doing it I'm like oh my god I hope she doesn't go too close to my hand I don't want to get anything I saw an employee from the previous worst video and she's in this salon I entered and I saw her face because I remember so where I was shaking I was like there's like what happens is I know this press we go because she can't speak English she was the only one who couldn't understand English or speak in English and I even like after hide like do you remember me and she's like no who are you remember who so well cuz I sense her face in the previous video in this salon like I have to say was actually really clean yeah and I compared to other places like I've been to five she's me for the first time here the place was so much better people were nice I mean they didn't speak about us like in a different language because I hate when people really clean like not that clean because she used the same scare for the both of us and same sponge and everything I saw I took a clip of this one I'm going to show you it was like orange it was insane it's not that bad what I expected it to be yeah I honestly would like it if she just mashed my foundation it's not that bad I genuinely please I don't mind I wouldn't wear this my wedding but and she literally look at this eyeliner and then compare that yeah pretty no you still into me sorry whoops you ended up looking prettier than look if this was your bright idea to fire your braces your bride don't even talk about it no I just was the bride I would be like kind of poor guy we have my project bitch my weddings on a budget god what made you go to the kitchen and take foil is that holes or is that your lipstick and substance I think someone murdered the bride like that's what it looks like oh I love you you have it here this is my wedding gift thank you laughs oh yeah take it oh damn we paid like six hundred didn't that's like $200 or $300 in motion these wipes are really good man I mean like this is how thick it was but there's like purses that are coming out like clay bad oh look at this compare she tried to put foundation my back did you hear that no she's the Canopus foundation the back because I think my back was dark and I'm like I'm fine and she's like okay she did see oh my thank you guys so much for watching follow me my Instagram I post behind-the-scenes pictures videos and also follow us me on Instagram consumers love and yeah thank you guys so much for watching subscribe like and tears in the next video


  1. I am starting to believe that this artist knew that you will be posting this and decided to make fun of you hahah because I CAN NOT BELIEVE that somebody can seriously make this make up and think that this is pretty. I CANNNNNTTT

  2. I feel like all of em you tubers be faking these makeup review videos cause nobody can do this bad😂🔫

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  5. People seem to forget us south Asians and arabs are Caucasian. We have the same face structure just different skin colour.

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