I went to the WORST rated makeup artist in my city

hi guys welcome back to my channel hope having a good day if you're not be a good day in today's video I'm really nervous because I'm going to a makeup artist and they're gonna do my makeup and I found the worst reviewed one on Yelp in my area that's where I'm going Caitlin's coming with me because she's gonna like film or just like keep me company I don't know but yeah I'm really nervous hopefully it won't be that but actually hopefully it will be bad subtle point of a video but yeah let's just go because I'm literally meant to meet her in like half an hour I'm going on my own to a stranger's house to get my makeup done and it's not even gonna be good makeup so wish me luck I'm initially about to drive there now and I'm so bloody now this it's not even a joke but yeah I'll see you when I get there I guess hey guys I'm outside of the house that I'm so nervous oh my word one of her kids is looking at me also I don't know how to like approach the subject of can i film do you know I mean like it's a bit awkward say oh can i film you doing my makeup I need to give like a valid reason to have a studio in your house [Applause] and I was just gonna ask is it like if I film you do my makeup if you want to do your thing you do your finger bags alright guys she's just gone out of the room she didn't even say why she was leaving I think she went to go get the makeup but it's literally just her house with like a little she's just gonna slow show she's coming back she's coming oh yeah what do you want stay lovely um I sent you the picture through an Instagram did ya yeah it was like a prom look bucket yeah cuz it's like not my prom say but I missed my prom so what the look that I think yeah I just thought I'd like mix up you know I mean because it is prom so do you think you'll be able to do that oh sorry about that oh that's alright was that your kid was that your child okay you know I just like I said I don't my face it's alright yeah yeah of course yeah it's quite a good match to be fair this one's our special ways mess up you know think it's way are you okay you look like a little bit uncomfortable No oh no sorry anim yeah so do you then take a gas by like our bags and getting your work yeah I do yeah I work night shift so that's why I've got the bags so what do you do like the whole lot YouTube thing it's not for YouTube I'm just like I just like to like record things for my own like you know I mean like just to have it no no Andres ago for me for prom it's just like a light pink worm like a light pink just like flowy dress yeah I didn't want to go to like bougie cuz I was hoping the makeup would like be you know like more standout see thank you so like if you wouldn't mind leaving some reviews because there's a lot of competition you know me oh you just want me to leave you a good review yeah how are your reviews on your site I don't really like check up on them very much the right forum I seem pretty decent you know mmm I don't really I don't really look like honest you know yeah fair enough well I subsequently I pop and get something so yeah it's fine that's fine she's just gone to go get something and guys look at me it looks like she's put powdered foundation on but it was normal foundation it feel it feels like a face pain sorry is that still going yeah yeah I just started recording now that you've walked back in can you do this to your face okay keep your face right so she really enjoyed your makeup them as a kid always wants to be a horse around a lot and what sorry oh you have a whole set No would you mind doing some just like there and there just so that like just because I've got quite a big forehead so you want this little Slav corny it's not a problem okay yeah it's fine I just don't know if that's what you want yeah it's just that's what I usually do thank you all right – what's that – fines and at the same time is it defined at highlights it's like two in one you know oh yeah it's beat yeah I can see the glow on camera mmm don't you know my face don't show my face sorry I just wanted to show you the like glow you think why don't you can besides you have any siblings or yeah – I've got two younger sisters one called Caitlin and one called Casey sorry you're right am I like punching you being fair no no no you're all right you're good why is there anything else that I've got left down you know gonna pop light your eyes and stuff in highbrow so obviously I'm not that song safe in your face you don't matter all right no I think it looks nice um would you mind doing like my eyebrows oh sorry Jana and I'm happy with my face I'm really happy with it you don't believe me I am a drooler I've everything that's your color you know I think a little bit to live maybe a little bit black oh I don't my my eyebrows like black just like dark brown I saw your name now yeah no no it's really good yeah I don't usually make them that black yeah but do you not you say one that bold look here go on the fight a quiet dark hands a little bit shaky and I wouldn't mind not showing that part I'll just fix something we can do again okay that's me yeah I think you know the shade that you started where you didn't like lighter brown it's looks a bit better on me that's okay sorry I don't know that's all right that's all right yeah that looks fine actually a new needle I've never done that before just so you know you just say come alive as never happened yeah yeah but you would you mind just like that bit there if you could just yeah yeah I'm getting around to it so if you feel funny in what colors you want just like in the pictures I'll show you like a pinky like purpley but but eyeshadow palette this close eyes for me you're kind of twitching they'll be sorry Oh God perfectly with a dress yeah that's why I was thinking I obviously the pink all look nice with pink saris growing your eyes nuts just falling down here love it was mine blend down a little bit that's wonderful you wouldn't mind if I to quickly pop to the loo yeah that's fine it takes too long to die no I think I'm quite happy with it just like that the happy customer you're home a lot get tired oh no it's all right could you recommend any of our places to your body how strong your nails I thought it said on your site that you were I guess you can't be right now no to be honest not around here and where I work I'm not allowed to get my nails done cuz you're going to prom huh oh you mean our Oh I mean like my side job like and you wouldn't want to get your nails done here oh no that's okay very good no no I can you feel really good discount ah I think it may be like next time hello you're here in this honor sorry but I need you first it's in all our nurse alright thank you though what kind of nails do you do what muscari use and it's so nice but in um would you mind doing my bottom lashes a little bit as well just cuz it looked like yeah put in oh sorry sorry I was just trying to get the mascara sorry that's not I so want myself recorded you know yeah that's fair enough you know yeah yeah fair enough you want me to look up okay hope not too many other people have had that yeah yeah it does it nice but there's a little bit there yeah yeah how much was it again goodness I am traumatized this is what it looks like in daylight it's not even like a little bit gird there's not even like 1% I'd be like oh you know what she mastered that bit actually know what the only thing that's okay is maybe the foundation it genuinely looks like a five-year-old has done my makeup of crayons I'm surprised she even has three stars because that wasn't even worth three stars or two stars or higher and she has she should not even be given one star I'm sorry I can't I feel like I'm like not even looking at myself I mean I cut the eye colors nice but it's like not even blended and look where the eyebrow went wrong she didn't even clear that up it's awful I honestly I can't wait to get home and rub this off I'm genuinely so excited to clean this off what a traumatic experience anyway I'm gonna go home now and wash this off straight away because it like feels like face paint on my face okay there's someone coming up her driveway but yeah if you did enjoy then please leave a like and subscribe and I'll see in my next video five

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  1. "She didn’t …inserts snake" 💀😂😂 I’ve been wanting to do this but I’m TERRIFIED😂 it looked kinda sketchy when you was going In her house😥 HER SLEEVES BOTHERED ME💆‍♀️😂 this was too cringe😥 THAT SWIPING MOTION HAS ME CRYING with the beauty blender😂😂😂

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