I Went To The Worst Rated Makeup Artist In My City || Dineo Dube || South African Youtuber

a as you guys know what we are being so for this video I'm doing something a little bit different I'm going to the worst rates in makeup artist yeah in pretoria and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show her a picture of a face beat that I want then we're gonna see where she comes up with so let's go birthday 37 gg gg for nesting time create of wiping division as in this 15 she could be all ridiculous no I have yeah the same thing hey guys so I'm back from doing my face beat this is the finished product and you guys remember that I asked for this so yeah she didn't have all the colors then she just made do with what she had and like yeah guys apart from that eyebrows I'm actually surprised I'm pretty surprised cuz it's not bad I mean it is a bit match like I look quarter to town but then I might cute cowgirls like what can I say and ya know guys like I can't I can't even be married hey cuz cuz my dad anyway if you guys know makeup can you please comment down below what you think of this look but I feel like for the reviews that he's been getting she deserves a bit more but that's just my opinion and ya guys thank you for watching oh and like one of editing obviously I'm gonna like cover things to do with her because you know how shall we respect people's businesses so like yeah I'm not gonna show things to do with her or her grind because that's just that's that's so unnecessary so yeah guys ye the from a consistent Queen till next time

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