but for God's sake could you please keep your eyes closed yeah was just having a lot yeah well if this turns out that you're not gonna be happy to your own fault hey guys what's up so welcome back to my channel today I have a makeup artist I'm gonna be going to a wedding this afternoon and I thought why not get my makeup done I've not got my makeup done for a while um and I'm not the best at doing makeup so yeah let's get this started let's get the party started maybe he's kicking me you know thing that's too light mats we'll be okay you're the expert mm-hmm you know everyone always thinks it's too light but I actually know what I'm doing so you'll see in the end how it's gonna turn out to be okay like to think I'm just gonna put a little bit dancer okay okay so like these blenders just like I haven't really watched it from a less plane but it's okay he didn't have any spots or anything so it's gonna be fine she didn't you know no it's gonna be fine okay I always wash and wipe really yeah Oh everyone's always so concerned about washing their stuff is really it's not not necessary I'll be fine so that's a little bit too light there yeah but it will turn out okay how long have you been doing this um – yes sure like yeah it's gonna be fine okay believe me I know what I'm doing okay let me just have a check there so now we're gonna put the foundation on yep I usually sometimes I tend to do my eyebrows first do you know yeah okay [Applause] is that not too light mmm I think it will be okay I'm just gonna blend it out a bit and then your CF thing won't be fine you're gonna definitely blend in later mm-hmm if you look at my hand don't worry just don't put your hand next to your face and it'll be fine maybe that's enough yeah maybe that's enough trust me it'll be okay and experts yes have I got my makeup done in years yeah why not I'm not just don't really where I'm going to make and I have no clue how to do it so I just rather just pay someone to do it a professional yeah so do you plan on ever opening like your own because I know like how do you just always have freelance at your house here or do you go to people's places when I look on Google shows that you've just home based on your mobile as well yeah like I go everywhere you just base in England yeah international I go I go to home with a lot ago mm-hmm does that way you access from I'm gonna do your eyebrows just kick it away sweetie why you can you mama no I think that's the perfect color for your eyebrows don't you think it's a bit light maybe is a bit darker no oh look sad will be fine don't worry about it okay have you find a flight no I don't need them it's gonna be fine just don't make my finger it that's it done so like it's right if I wanted to I'm like recommend eeeh any my friends or family members like how much do you charge well usually it's like a hundred pounds of line but now I'm like 85 okay and it's like a a deal or it's a deal now only this month okay because yeah you know oh I love that palette is the very nice isn't it yeah any my lawn I've always wanted to buy but it's so expensive that's why you hire a professional to do it for you you don't have to buy them a cost-based okay so you're going to our weddings yeah whose wedding he said it's my best friend's wedding oh that's nice yeah if you want to look nice right right oh this is really nice I'll do my best I'll do my best extra excellent how are you baby so cute how old is he so do you plan on having more kids I'm trying to spoil yeah I get it I don't have any children oh you know any no I'm just focusing on my yeah it's way too important for me he's for the court you since you go to UM I'm stronger yeah you have a lot of fines there as well yep so yeah let me see yeah I really like that do you like it yes I look good doesn't it yeah don't worry about the bleeder step fall off because I'm gonna I'm gonna sort it all out that's why sometimes I can't do them eyes first oh yeah but it will be fine as I said I'm the professional I'm gonna use wipes for this because you were moving a little bit much you know that's why all the builders fall out usually my clients don't move as much as you do so you can occasionally just yeah now I'm gonna have to use more foundation so usually I charge more than but and I'll see how much I'll use and I'll see if a charge of it okay so you see now what's happening I know I have to do your foundation again yep perfect see boom I like this color on your skin looks so thank you those eyebrows are amazing edits of itself I don't think they're that even what do you think even oh you didn't know you don't know that's saying my eyebrows eyebrows are supposed to be friends not related I think the thing is not supposed to be twin sister Sonia okay I'm gonna do your eye line enough please close your eyes okay oops that's the baby kicking but I'm an expert I know what I'm doing I I just asked you to close your eyes I can't throw up like this so I am a professional though but if you keep on moving your face and opening your eyes I can't do mother sorry okay close some place that's because I'm busy breastfeed imagine yeah well I I understand what if you want me to do my job then try not to open your eyes try not to move baby's not touching your face so you don't need to open your eyes let's catch a bra for God's sake could you please keep your eyes closed yeah I was just having a lot yeah well if this turns out that you're not going to be happy to your own fault okay I think it looks good maybe your maybe this is a little bit it's the moving you know which a child opening your eyes that you know that doesn't really help boom it can open if you can look up why did you do that why did you move ok poke my eye out please don't move it's not just actually it's a brow it's a brow pencil but it does it does a job do you not have any mascara hmm I don't think you need it but if you insist you please stop moving your eye thank you I never have plans to move so much to do yeah it's because I have a child and I'm trying to breastfeed yeah but I understand but it doesn't make my work very easy I got some there on your that's gonna be fine no one's gonna know this okay okay so I'm gonna do your lips now I'm just gonna put some foundation on your lips because that makes it you know stay longer these needed some more predation anyway as you know I don't intend to put this much foundation so we definitely this is gonna blend Rex yeah it will and you know why because it's so hot outside so you need a little bit more foundation that I need less because it's very hot no you need you need more you do this like smile for me um I don't know do you think this the colors too bright that's me oh it's so wedding so you know it needs to be bright your mouth boom okay so now I'm gonna put the eyelashes on but they're actually not the same but at the bone matter cuz no one will notice so I hey what do you mean they're not let's say then I gonna they're not actually the same because I lost the other one but you can hardly notice the difference I promise okay I'm just being honest about it so you know baby my baby thinks it looks nice I told you it's a very nice beautiful okay now that I let her and I also highlight the nose and the chin – Wow Gorge do you think that's it yeah it looks great yeah really nice I've already paid you the deposit for the 20 pound okay well you I'm not good at math so same five so you guys that is the end of this video here is my makeup and I think it looks really nice if you guys want to book her she's face if well as Holland and I'm John Wallace yeah yeah and yeah here I'll put our handle down here and and yeah this is look I really like it and if you want to tip me you're more than welcome and I only have the exact cash because you told me if that's how much okay yeah so if you guys have enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you guys want to see future videos and as always you guys comment down below us about this video until next time don't forget to tell front self Randy so much for watching


  1. Like Omfg this was sooo fucking cringe! How TF if she going to tell you not to put your hand by your face?!?! Then ask your opinion on your brows then say no it's okay when you gave a suggestion! Like this cannot be real.. I'm shook to the core with this one.

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