I Was in the Twenty One Pilots "The Hype" Music Video!

I Was in the Twenty One Pilots "The Hype" Music Video!

hey everybody I'm over send me the pumps on professor and I was in the hype music video yeah first off here's some proof ooh that little tiny blurry face in the background there is me I was at the music video show I'm gonna you know I'm just gonna start from the beginning till you guys how this went basically I was sitting in here doing some work and one of you guys I think it was like screenshotted a tweet and said it to me and it was at real bear media who does a lot of video work for 20mm pallets and there's a big part of what they do and he was looking for extras for a music video you had to be between ages 18 and 35 and you had to be near Columbus well I had the age thing down but I mean the way I rationalize is like I live near Columbus I'm 7 hours near Columbus you know I'm not in the area but that you know seven hours is near enough right and to be honest you know I went ahead and I sent in an application and they wanted a headshot and your driver's license and all this other stuff and there was a very real part of me that was hoping that I wouldn't get picked because it was a really busy week for me and I didn't want to have to drive seven hours there and then seven hours back just sounded like a lot of work but I was like you know I'm never gonna forgive myself if I don't do this and I could have been in the music video I've got to just go for it so I sent in the application they wanted a headshot and I was thinking myself you know I'm kind of a good-looking guy so you know I've got this in the bag no not really that's not what I was thinking at all but it was like okay cool so there's gonna be some stuff that they're looking for I don't know and in the end I don't know if the headshot matters so much I think they just mostly wanted to confirm that we were real people and then we didn't have like two heads or something because I would just distract from the point in the music video so I sent in my application and I think within like 48 hours I got an email bag who said congrats you're in more details coming soon I like like Sunday morning or something and this is the weekend before the music video shoot so I know that I'm gonna have to go there Tuesday night I'm gonna have to be there Tuesday night but I and it is like it's like four days away but I don't know anything else about it like what doing what am I supposed to wear am I gonna have to like bring all my yellow duct tape collection with me or whatever to be honest I only have one roll of yellow duct tape that I keep for special occasions you know I had all these questions and like I've got a dry time off from work all this stuff like like please send me details so we got a couple more details on Sunday but mostly that email just said more details coming the other day and so it got all the way to Tuesday and I didn't know where I was supposed to show up what I was supposed to be wearing or anything and and I was like well they said that the earliest possible time you could be being filmed was you had to be there by 7:30 they were gonna be like multiple groups of people as you saw from the music video in the different stages or areas where the band was playing and I didn't know a group I was gonna be in or when to show up but I was like well Columbus is like seven hours away and so I've got at least leave by noon and start driving to get there in time in case I get the email saying yeah your group one you need to be in the first showing but I still don't even know what to wear so I was driving out of my driveway to go when I got the email it said congratulations you know you're still in it all this good stuff show up at 3:30 a.m. and so I told me what I was supposed to wear I was like you know what I'm just gonna hang out in Columbus while I wait instead of like driving through the night so I went in I got they they said I needed to have just sort of average pants I guess it was like brown pants or jeans or something and then like a neutral whitish brownish shirt so I went and got those things and I hopped in my car and started driving to Columbus took me a while to get there but I did get there and I had a lot of time to kill and so I had a couple of friends who I knew in town who invited me to come and hang out with them for a little while catch some sleep as I was waiting to you know go and be in the video or whatever do whatever I was supposed to do so it was very kind of them I went hung out with them a little bit and I got a little bit of sleep woke up at like 2:00 in the morning or something and got in my car and started driving oh that actually that was the other thing is here I'll go get it real quick okay the shirt is currently dirty right now and you can probably see the million dog hairs thanks strudel the the email said like you know Brown is preferred basically and so I stopped the target this was the brownest t-shirt they had I was like this is Brown right and the Lighting's gonna be weird your computer screen will be weird see probably won't be able to see this but I got to my friends house and I told them you know I need a brown shirt and this is what I got and they were like that's not brown so so one of the people started looking up colors online to try to figure out exactly what color my shirt was and the whole time I'm like no no it's it's got to be brown right I'll be fine they're not gonna like kick me out if I don't have a frickin brown shirt well turns out my friend suggested that it's actually more pomegranate and turns out he was right so we'll talk about that in a second but so I show up there and a little bit before 3:30 just build early and there's this long line out the door of the place we were supposed to meet so I hop in the line it was really cool a couple of people there recognized me which was awesome you know shoutout to you guys if you're watching this video it was really great to meet those of you who were there but we were there for a higher purpose so we get in line we basically waited outside in line for like an hours they were like getting ready to check people in and making sure that everything was going the music video had been kind of delayed the shoot had been by a little bit because of some weather and so we had to wait a little bit longer than we thought we were gonna have to but I made friends with a couple like a group of people on there we kind of hung out the whole time we went inside eventually they gave us these flannel shirts to wear and you know they were giving some people bucket hats some people flannel shirts there was like some other flannel stuff they were giving out to people and I was wearing this shirt and the the costumers who were doing it they they gave me this flannel shirt and they're like you need to button that up and so I went up total or no actually one of them gave me the flannel shirt I was like wait a second is this because my shirt is not brown and she was like yeah so it was confirmed that that targets brownish shirt this isn't even a real story this is just like stupid details for anybody who cares about it but targets brown shirt was red and I'm still upset about that I bought that shirt especially for it's a kind of garlic see and where was I there was some dogs barking because there were people here so I had to take a break oh yes the the brown shirt that definitely was brown enough but apparently wasn't brown enough for anybody else since to pomegranate we were waiting for a while a bus showed up to start taking people to the next location and we've been hearing like rumors from people the entire evening like oh my friend said that the first groups filmed at elementary school which turned out to not be true some people said they filmed that a basement and a house some people they film to the garage and a house blah blah blah we didn't really know what was going on okay so we were doing this whole thing we were talking to each other having a good time the bus started coming like taking groups it like took six trips of the bus for us to finally get to our turn we were the last group and we showed up at the next location which turned out to not be the next location but rather a gathering point for all the extras so we're all there and there's like 300 of us or something like that it was crazy so they told us Josh and Tyler are kind of tired because they even told me all night the the shoot was kind of I don't know if I mentioned already but the shoot had been kind of delayed because of weather so try to be cool you can't talk to them we waited there for a little bit longer and at this point it's like seven or eight in the morning maybe but we walk around the building that we're at we go across a field basically in into a hole in the fence that we come out into this neighborhood into a cul-de-sac there's the house bunches of cameras and we're all kind of like wow this is so cool it cuz it's about to happen they line us up they give us some water and stuff and they start doing some like I don't know if they were like test shots or something but they're like exploding things off of the roof of the house and like sawdust is raining down on us and I don't think anybody had thought through like oh man we can't your people people are gonna be breathing inside us so like they they told us like everybody turn away and again be cool Josh and Tyler are coming so don't be awkward or whatever and I forgot to mention this earlier but this was a relief to finally see the the filming set up because keep in mind they had taken away our phones we had signed away our rights and whatever I mean not really but we'd signed an NDA we had all been giving like basically matching uniforms and then we've been grouped into groups and then sent off on a bus to goodness knows where and we couldn't communicate with anybody so we were either getting kidnapped murdered we were joining a cult or we were gonna be in a music video and so when we finally saw the like oh thank goodness it's actually it's it's it's actually a music video and at this point you know it's been like almost 24 hours it's been like 19 hours since I left home and finally here is an actual music video set so we're standing there they're doing some stuff they and then they eventually start to organize us and they're like right you guys need to all go stand on the lawn in front of this house when you hear the music go crazy and then Josh and Tyler showed up they I don't I think they just like walked onto the roof from behind the roof I don't think yeah I think they were just up there all of a sudden and you think everybody is kind of freaking out but we're freaking out quietly cuz we don't want to get in trouble or sent away but we're all hoping they'll say something right and I'm unlike the far right of the group looking up at the house which you can see in the music video because I was there but but they're like talking through stuff and there's a lot of conversation going on about the blocking I think at the beginning Tyler like stopped and said something to us like thanked us all for being there but you can tell that he was like really tired and probably actually really just wanted to get the shoot done he was he was great just thanked us it was cool and then we started filming so they had this big camera on a boom arm that they were panning out and you can kind of see all the shots in the music video but any time the music was going that they were actually I think they said like when the music like when the chorus kicks and when it's like the most energetic part when the drums kick in is what they said you guys just need to go crazy and that's basically what we did like six or seven times and it was a little bit awkward for me because I was like you know when I I'm not like a super expressive person never you know forgetting remember whatever my thumbnails look like I was like what do I do with my face and so I'm like standing there like bouncing and going with the music and I felt like nobody could quite decide whether we're all sort of supposed to be doing this with the music or whether we were all supposed to be like jumping randomly so you'll see in the music video there's like a mixture of the two like part of the group is all like doing this and the other part of the group is all kind of like this and I just kind of alternated between the two and I was like jumping up and down but at the same time like I was like what if the camera like sees me what like should I be like or should I be like I see I don't know how to do it that well those look stupid anyway so you can see the face that I chose in the music video if you like pause it and you know look at my half a set like a half a second with my face in the way background and basically as a lot of people have pointed out in comments or a couple anyway I look like a soccer mom who just remembered she left her oven on so yeah that happened that's cool I was kind of thinking like I was on the far side of the crowd and they were doing some shots from the side so I was like kind of hoping there was even like a profile shot where they're like looking at the crowd from the side and I was gonna be at the front that didn't happen but it worked out really well and there it was and it was really cool they did give the one girl the NED to carry which was was awesome and I think everybody is a little bit jealous about that and then of course they did some CGI to it to make it look like the actual ned but we did that for a while basically they had Tyler walking from the right side of the roof to the left doing the music and then they'd have like the explosions and the sawdust would rain down and we'd all be like turning away trying not to die at the very end they were like that's a wrap for Josh dun and he I don't know what he said it was a little bit he was just kind of like awkward and tired but kind of like in a Josh way I guess based on interview footage or whatever so it was cool it was cool but he just said thanks to us again Tyler like headed to the back of the house for some some other things he had to film I think debby ryan was actually there and so I think Joshua and found her and then they headed out at that point they were like hey thanks guys you did a great job nobody you know rushed to go and try to like touch Tyler's head or something I don't know everybody was very cool about it even if there were a couple times they had to tell people to shut up but other than that we all you know went and grabbed our stuff from off the ground they led us back around we waited for the buses and we headed out it was it was a really really cool experience and I don't know what else to say basically I'll just say thanks thanks to Tyler Josh into the director Andrew forgiven everybody the chance to be able to be a part of that thanks for picking me and you know the other people particularly even though I don't live strictly near Columbus I guess oh and thanks to all the cool clique members who I got to hang out with him eat while we were there I had a good time with you guys and finally thanks to you guys for watching check out this video explaining the hype music video so you know everything that went on and then check out this deeper meaning explanation of the hype because these lyrics I think are way deeper than any of us gave them credit for at the very beginning like they go deep not even kidding so thanks for watching guys talk to you next time

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  1. Life is not fair, he got 2 videos roasting some of thier songs. And he made it to be in the music video. 😭

  2. It's simple

    They chose people who looked like lumber jacks and that could pull of flannel

  3. omg what a cool experience! I wish live in USA and have a chance to be a part of music video especially TOP's, thanks for this video and greeting form Poland! 😀

  4. Omg not gonna lie I’m super jealous… I would do anything to be in one of there videos… but congrats dude that’s absolutely amazing tho!

  5. My family kept asking as well..like why do you have yo go alone? And why can't you have your phone? What if it's a scam to kidnap you and yada yada yada..🤣 I just told them…it can't be because Mark retweeded about it!

  6. I was in the MV too! You can see me at the 1:47 mark front and center with an olive green, cold shoulder shirt! I'm really noticable in the video, lol. I was in group 2 and very close to the boys! This was a dream come true for me. Annnnnnd I'm 35!!! I live in Ohio but still had to make a 2 hour drive to get to Columbus. And waiting for that last email on tuesday morning was nerve wrecking…because without it you couldn't do much…I mean…it was THAT email that would give the exact address. And like you said, also what to where. It was an amazing experience! Even though we waited for like 5 hours in the middle of the night to only film for about 20 mins, lol. That whole going through a hole in a fence made the whole thing so much more interesting too. 🤣🤗

  7. So excited that you got to do this! I was gonna say the shirt was maroon, but pomegranate is closer. "forgetting what my thumbnails look like". I lost it, laughed so hard I had to pause you. As for 05:54 stupid details is what we do. 😉
    Also, as far as a cult goes (08:27), if you count a "cult of personality" we are in a cult. :,)

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