I Try PROCREATE - iPad Pro Art: is it Actually Professional?

I Try PROCREATE – iPad Pro Art: is it Actually Professional?

you and me we're gonna get it on we're gonna procreate specifically the mobile art programs procreate and believe me it's gonna get sexy Goodell is heaven welcome to draw with jazz oh I'm Jezza and today I'm going to be using procreate for the first time ever while I can try and dive into it and blindly attempt to learn the program I prefer to do something like this with a guided hand you see mobile our programs are entirely unfamiliar to me I'm too used to my keyboard shortcuts and desktop workspaces and Windows computers but I'm gonna try I'm gonna give it a go and I'm gonna get a little bit of help because this is unfamiliar territory specifically through the sponsor of this video skill ship I use Skillshare as a tool to learn things specifically that I am unfamiliar with or I haven't try before and it's a really great way to learn new skills Gousha has over 25,000 classes and design business illustration animation and loads more and school share membership gives you unlimited access to all of those classes so if you have new year's goals and resolutions whether you want a fuel your curiosity creativity or even your career Stewart is the perfect place to keep you learning and thriving in 2019 it's also super affordable at only ten dollars a month and just for a little bit of context like the reality is if you want to go learn something or go to a class or go to a tutor it's expensive I've spent hundreds of dollars on private tuition or in group classes where I've tried to learn things about cinematography or animation minimally minimally fifty dollars a session and Skillshare is just ten dollars a month but if you're still unconvinced then you have to go try it because Skillshare is offering you two months of free premium access to all of their classes by using the link in the carton in the description you get two months of free access to Skillshare there's nothing to lose and just show you how easy and fun it is today I'm going to be using Skillshare to learn procreate I'm gonna reference the classes that I follow in the description I'll link to them okay so these are some of the artworks that the the that the the procreate opens up by default that's pretty cool don't know if I'll be making that by the end of the day but that's pretty cool what else is there gallery Oh or hey let's zoom that's very smack see whoa okay this is cool um you're building up my expectations which means I'm only gonna disappoint myself what else we got rain forest Oh all right I have high hopes now prepare to have them disappoint I'm gonna hit new I'm gonna make it screen size and and we're gonna have a bit of fun with this so like I said I'm gonna follow some courses I'm gonna start off much more experimental slowly build up my ambition and hopefully by the end of this video and by the end of today have something that I made comfortably and can feel proud showing you guys wish me luck a starter for the course by Jeremy hazel entitled the QuickStart guide to procreate and I gotta say this was one of the most practical clear and information dense tutorial courses I've ever followed specifically in learning how to navigate a keyboard 'less very touch-centric interface after learning the interface layout and basic controls I took the time to experience drawing with every available brush in the program some of the brushes and textures feel really nice to use and the deep dive customization and unique brush creation tools are really impressive now I'm personally instinctually inclined when trying out a new software to dive right into just drawing and figuring out as I go but I avoided rushing even if I thought I knew some of what the teacher was going to say and as a result I caught a lot of really useful little tricks and quirks that I otherwise might have missed the program has so many hidden features because it literally has to hide them there's barely any visual screen real estate on a mobile device anyway and that combined with the fact that your hand is covering much of it means that if the devices required users to navigate through menus or featured large interfaces there just wouldn't be a usable experience so as a result much of the experiences built around swipes long presses multiple hand gesture combinations and all sorts of other things unfamiliar to me while they were bizarre at first and took some time Emer izing to be honest they're not feeling more natural the longer I applied them I followed a bunch of exercises in his course that specifically taught some tricks about select and manipulation layering overlays cutting masking and a whole bunch of slightly more intermediate stuff and then I moved on to trying to create an artwork and followed another course by Jeremy Vogel called digital illustration learn to use procreate this course conveniently jumped in to slightly more advanced in custom settings right off the bat and as the course progresses teaches a few slightly more hidden features and tricks now the teacher had a more customized workflow unique to his own freelance work and as a result I learned how to tweak the program to my own workflow and created my own batch of custom brushes tweaked my shortcuts and learned some more important tricks following his course and applying the things I learned from both so far I created a I guess more rough and gritty sketch which lent itself to me being a little looser I didn't even attempt to work with any intense colors or hues just because I wanted to get used to the drawing experience the layers the controls and so on [Applause] when I was happy with the result of that illustration I move on to a course by Vashti Harrison called illustrating and procreate drawing a shareable time-lapse her style is a stunning children's book aesthetic which sort of inspired my next illustration and it was around here and I started more enjoying the process the shortcuts were becoming more comfortable and the interface slightly less cumbersome very I have to admit I still felt slowed down by not having the shortcuts I'm used to accessible on a keyboard on my lap the entire time the experience definitely felt much more natural by now and especially with a whimsical style now it might just be me and my lack of experience but I feel like this more simplistic style was more comfortable because of the device and the interface and I gotta say I have noticed a lot of the courses and a lot of the examples of procreate work that I saw in researching and looking at different courses sort of lend themselves to the more children's storybook aesthetic which I saw a lot and I don't know yeah maybe that suggests that the workflow the device and the program lend themself to this certain style or leans in this direction but I don't know that's just a thought I could be wrong and there are definitely examples of things other than that it's just something I noticed anyway I really enjoyed making the artwork and I wanted to put some of the lessons I learned to the test with another illustration a few more colors and a few more little tricks like some layer blend mode techniques and some textures applied to my illustration now normally I like to follow at least four or five Skillshare courses when learning something new but I stuck to just these three mainly because they had all of the meat and information I needed to absorb from them had a lot of great different style examples that I could follow and be inspired by it but really there were also courses that I just took a lot slower than usual just to really familiarize myself with the program and by the end of going through all three and then approaching my final illustration I wanted to see how my workflow and confidence had progressed so after a full day of tuition and use where am I at well I started off pretty slow but I got to say it did become more and more comfortable now gonna say overall I'm happy with the results I'm not as proficient with it as I am with Photoshop or anything by any stretch but I did create three artworks this is probably my favorite of the three I feel like I create most naturally that sort of children's storybook really sort of soft and more natural looking aesthetic in procreate I guess because I'm in a bit more of a relaxed workflow then this final one was probably where I was most efficient I don't love the look of the layers and stuff but I did create this in under an hour where the first two took me a lot longer and so it does sort of go to show you that just if you apply yourself and keep going you can learn and can speed up your workflow as for the program itself my quickie review would be it has definitely surprised me I know I'm an apple naysayer but this is a really nice piece of software the brushes in particular do feel absolutely amazing and my favorite experience is just sketching and then doing the line works I still have a lot to learn when it comes to coloring I think overall I just think there's a rough aesthetic is something I can really get behind and definitely can see myself just playing with and having a bit more of a relaxed workflow I personally would see myself using this as more of a sketchbook and concept design sort of medium however obviously there are people who can do incredible things I mean look at that that's impressive so obviously I have a long way to go but I feel like in the space of a day I've done pretty well and I've had a lot of fun trying so I hope you guys have enjoyed this video once again a huge thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video they have been a friend of this channel for years and I've vouched for them so hard because they really are an amazing result and I'd encourage you to go over there check out skills yet once again you can check it out for two months for free if you're one of the first 500 people to sign up and you can use Skillshare to accomplish your new year's resolutions and your creative goals so go check it out link is in the carton in the description I want to thank you so much for watching make sure to hit like if you want other people to see this video and if you enjoyed it and subscribe to droids jazz of the more fun with art and creativity and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

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  1. I was in Costco with my family, and my brothers and I went to see the iPads, and one of them had Procreate. So, without knowing that there was another meaning to the word, said “Oh it’s Procreate!” My brothers were so confused and had to explain to me what the word meant, then showed my parents and started laughing at the name. Out of all the words the app could be named…

  2. honestly, the more i grow and improve as an artist i find myself liking your art style less and less, but your personality, comedic but informative flow, and content are absolutely amazing !!

  3. Can you make like a comparison between ibisPaint and procreate like which one is better and is it worth to buy procreate or just get ibisPaint for free 😉

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