I Try DOODLE ART! - Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

I Try DOODLE ART! – Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

give allies and gentleman welcome to doodle with Jassa i'm jazzy and today i'm gonna be doodling together a lot this is gonna be fun you're gonna you're not gonna get sick mate using the word doodle a lot in a mature way by the way this video is as good a time as any to reveal to you my new t-shirt design it says both I am mature and capable and have no idea what the crap I'm doing so if you like this go check it out link is in the description I'm actually getting really into making new shirt designs again and I really want to sink my teeth into a few different options but one I'll actually want to do is a pattern on the shirt with like arty crafty looking like art supplies and stuff basically like a doodle and I don't know how to make doodles I know that sounds dumb but a lot of people have asked me sometimes in streams do a doodled I don't know I struggle to think in a more abstract way visually when it comes to my art I draw characters sometimes environments I sculpt things but everything usually has a sort of three-dimensional aspect to it or feels like a whole thing doodles aren't that doodles are much more improvised and much more sort of little X Jeffster more of an aesthetic it's hard to do I actually don't know what the deal is with doodles I mean today I don't want to find out and as with other occasions where I've tried to figure out something I'm not very familiar with I'll be using Skillshare who are sponsoring this video by the way so you can check them out with the link in the con in the description and you can get two months of free premium Skillshare membership and access to all of their thousands of courses they have over 24,000 courses in animation and film production fine art graphic design illustration the list goes on and on and on and even just the search doodle brings up 336 results and they're probably results relating to doodling the art style not anything else doodle related and it sort of baffles me a bit because I've done this with calligraphy where I've learned something I'm not very familiar with with the help of Skillshare you guys really enjoyed it I really enjoyed it but there are less search results for calligraphy than there are for doodle doodling is popular I don't know how to doodle and today I want to find out so this is gonna work the same way calligraphy worked I am gonna go through a whole bunch of different skill share courses and share some of the lessons that I learned in some of the more notable videos so if you want to follow along I'll link to them in the description the ones that I found most helpful and I'll be showing you my process of exploring and navigating an entirely new and different approach to art at least for me so I think this is gonna be fun I have no idea if I'm gonna be good or crap at it but I'm interested to see what it's all about and how it feels to do and how it differs from what I can do or have done let's get started to start off I thought it made the most sense to create a point of comparison so I thought I'd jump into a doodle without any help that sounds a bit weird but I'm probably gonna say that every few seconds they just ignore the doodle check don't ignore that you enjoy the doodle jokes you know as I thought I'd start off with my own experiment of a doodle to show my current level of experience and understanding now I'll be honest there was a part of you that kind of looked down on doodling or I guess thought it would be too easy or uninteresting as an activity compared to my normal drawing approach which usually revolves around characters scenes actions and interactions and has an approach that usually feels outcome-focused or follows a clear and predictable process I found very quickly with my attempted to do all that sorry anyways I found not actually knowing what to do I sort of felt at sea and didn't marry how to make it look organic or cool like some of the doodles I'd seen that I actually appreciate it cut damn it I can't I can't grow up anyway I don't think my doodle looks bad Ernie deep breaths stop it you're you're a grown man but I just knew it wasn't very good Wow ah I gotta stop doing this I'm so sorry I'm so sorry anyways I didn't think it looked bad or anything I just felt like I didn't have any clear aesthetic or any characteristics that made it stand out onto my education process I began with the course by Karen Dushyant do chant Duchin I don't know how pronounce her last name called doodle art basics and beyond and I have to say I really picked the right course to start off with because not only was it clear on some great methods and tools to use in getting started but she also provided printable worksheets which for someone totally unfamiliar with doodling was so helpful not only did they teach me some cool patterns I could turn to in the doodling process but they really helped me let go of my need for a clear object or person to draw and the frustration attached without feeling that I wasn't drawing something I normally would this process of filling in noodles is really helped me let go of my confusion and frustration and zone out a bit and really enjoy the repetition and predictability of the worksheet in her course karin talks about the point of doodling in the benefits and motivations of it which to be honest until making this video I didn't really understand and hearing her explain how people use doodling to de-stress and enter a sort of zen-like calm and creative state really sort of made sense to me as I was entering that state myself by filling in the worksheets as I was listening to it her course and the worksheets were brilliantly structured because the challenges of the tasks did increase gradually but so incrementally that I never felt like I left that relaxed state of doodling comfortably so instead of learning a bunch of patterns and then being told to go fill in a page of doodles the worksheets slowly introduced more complex or intricate doodle patterns and then from there multi pattern medium doodle portions that you could tackle one at a time without feeling overwhelmed and that you could fill in whatever way you felt comfortable so at no point did I ever feel like I got close to the uncertainty or frustration that I began with when making this video all the while I was still stretching my understanding abilities and my appreciation of doodles let's just I just love the phrase appreciation of doodles I am so sorry I'm an adult I didn't dull after all those worksheets her class project encouraged students to create a page of doodles which by this point I was not only comfortable with the prospect of but quite excited to dive deeper into a pool of two now I know that there's no one way to doodle and many styles to doodle with so I moved on to Sara Lee's course on floral doodles hoping to learn some different aesthetics and approaches Sara's approach was aesthetically quite different and she explains herself that everyone's doodles are unique to themselves every doodle is special hey everyone's doodle is unique to themselves and that you'll find your style over time but I did enjoy following her methods and learning a bit about her style in the winding organic look of the floral doodles while very different the more geometric style I began with looked really cool with the interweaving and adding flourishes to them and while add to who think that the floral organic look is particularly my personal style I definitely learned a few tricks and fun patterns that I would use later in the course and can recommend it so I also thought these sort of patterns and florals would work particularly well as pieces on like handmade cards or even like tattoos or body art the third course I followed was created by Kristen April fray she also had worksheets provided which I settled into and enjoyed which taught me some new patterns and ways of doodling and her style was somewhere in-between the first two in that was both geometric and heavily featured patterns and compartmentalised pages and combinations but also featured more organic patterns and interesting contrasts I found her style and approach to be most suited to my personal tastes after filling in some of her worksheet pages and exercise the PDF download she provided had a few full pages with sort of preset compartments that you could fill in with your own doodles so I got stuck into a flowing organic looking page and by this stage I'd been doodling for four to five hours and I felt like experimenting a bit that mmm back on track stay on track so I filled the page in with colored patterns you sharpies and got a bit more playful I think this was the thing I least understood about doodling but I found really cool which was how powerful the effect of doodling can be to get you into a creative flow and sort of calm you especially for people who might feel intimidated by learning how to draw or who constantly compare themselves to other artists doodling provides a judgment-free way to create without needing to look like anything but with results that are still pretty and organic and fun to create if I feel intimidated to fill in the first page of a sketchbook or know where to start or warm up before creating something that scares you to start just doodle a page doodle two pages make a mistake and make a doodle out of it I think that's sort of the point and Kristen talks in her course about how the effects of dueling are comforting because your brain gets to know what comes next by virtue of the fact that you're using repetition and patterns for patterns and structure create a feeling of safety and a calming feeling which can draw you into it for hours and then the approach which needs no particular outcome or the quality allows you then to slip also into a creative mindset so that even the most inexperienced of artists can develop a sense of satisfaction with their creativity after the courses I followed it was time to spread mine you found doodle wings that's sorry that's just this picture popped into my head but let's move on and to use my newfound tricks to make another doodle of my own I approach the task with the same goal as my first attempt at this time was much more relaxed I felt safe knowing I had patterns and techniques to rest into as well as tricks I wanted to try and I have to admit where I began not understanding the appeal of doodles or even what the point is I really enjoyed making this piece particularly enjoyed that they didn't need to be a point to it and I think that is what I learned is exactly the point so you have it lays in German after one day of playing with my doodles good this is where I started off and I gotta say it started off sort of awkward and uncomfortable didn't know how much I should focus on actual shapes and objects which I tend to be naturally inclined to do and of course there are different styles of doodling a lot of people do actually just using physical objects and stuff but I didn't quite know how to do one or the other at the skill check classes I mentioned that I followed were really useful especially because so many of them came with these great practice sheets and they were really like cool ways to familiarize myself with essentially the mindset of doodling which is something I've never really discovered until today which has been really fun and I love that I've explored a variety of styles and a few different classes where people have different strengths and different presentations and ways of doodling all of which I used and applied in my own little ways to discover ways that I seem to be enjoying doodling and starting to explore my own different boundaries and and comfort zones and eventually retrying my doodle piece and I came up with this and I'm really really happy with this as an outcome I wouldn't naturally have known how to do something like this before and it wouldn't have felt natural I would I felt like I was forcing out my first attempt at a doodle and it doesn't look very good whereas having just some simple mechanisms to follow just to allow myself to let go zone out and have fun with my doodle I love it this has been fun this has been good this is good video good quality content right here now of course if you want to try playing with your doodle whether it be with friends or bias Oh make sure to check out the link to Skillshare the link is in the description if you claim that link and you're one of the first 1000 people to use it you can use Skillshare for two months completely free and explore all of their courses to your heart's content from there doodle videos there calligraphy animation design photography illustration loads more and I have two causes about myself one on how to be a youtuber another on how to present a camera so if you're interested in those and don't even listening to me let me talk about some stuff that I'm enthusiastic about go check out the links are all in the description a huge thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video but also for making such a great website that I can use to follow to learn new skills people shared their skills with me skills I don't have and I feel like my skills have proved and I'm sharing them with you but go check out skill chair I highly recommend it that is it ladies and gentleman thank you so much for watching I love you I hope you love my doodle and until next time see you later Jenner won't you big nods today bye make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

25 thoughts on “I Try DOODLE ART! – Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

  1. I love the way you presented doodles 😍😍. I was doodling when I watched this video and I now feel much more motivated and inspired to continue my journey in doodling so that I can finally come out with a whole page doodle, which will be created by my own expertise (not copied from Pinterest)😹😹. Thank you so much!!.

  2. Straight from the beginning it looks like you doodle just fine! (No immature jokes intended… Though I did giggle)

  3. Is doodle a sexual joke I'm confused and don't wanna be left out b the way jazza is using it I feel like its another word for a dick

  4. Take doodle textures for characters and make epic art. Some portal, spiral thing, strong staying lion, or man with pencil or etc

  5. I feel like jazzas vids ground me, weirdly… Like when i watch him move from left to right it calms me somehow. That printout, had i done it, i would have been all over the place. Down at the bottom, in the middle then the 2nd square. Idk why it calms me but it does. I wish there was some kind of advice/trick for me out there cuz i have like 17 projects i start then i go off to the next one

  6. “After a day of playing with my doodles-“
    “…and have fun with my doodle”
    Now, if you want to try playing with *your doodle either with your friends or by yourself”

  7. For art class we had to do alot doodle like art. Art where we just let ourselves free and didn't think. She also let us doodle on a pair of shoes on our last class.
    I tend to doodle random arrangements of shapes or stupid faces. I don't tend to just make patterns. I also end up just blacking out and drawing an entire image sometimes…..

  8. Do you like my doodle?

    Lol you get it or you don't

    If you don't be happy and stay that way because you are innocent VERY innocent lol

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  10. I remember when we had to doodle in arts class….when I draw I take ambient icclusion and reflection into consideration while shading(yes realism to that extent)…so I drew 2 lines and gave up…

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