I Tried to Draw My Dog…

I Tried to Draw My Dog…

– So, today is Halloween. To commemorate, I wore my Halloween socks. Today, for this video, I thought I would draw Ash,
this little puppy right here. He doesn’t really like to stay still so we’re gonna see how this goes. Gross. All right, so I’m already
off to a horrible start with Ash in the corner of the room. That is Ash, hiding from me. Okay, come here. Okay, we’re gonna have you sit right here. Okay, that’s fine. We can do right there. I also got a very fancy
pencil set for this. By fancy, I mean it was like
five dollars at the art store. And also, this little easel. Oh good, yeah, you can lay down. That’s fine. Let’s start. I’m gonna mess this up so badly. I can’t even start with anything. Okay, look up here. Good boy. Stay there. This is a struggle. Ash, Ash, look here. I know somebody just
moved outside the door. Come here, look, hey. (whistles) Got a little curve right there. He’s got a little jawline
or something going on. Okay, that’s his head shape. That is Ash’s head. Okay, so you got some eyebrows going on like right here I think. So that’s gonna be our rough eyebrow spot and then you have your eyes. Your eyes are like really round. But he squints a lot, so. This is so bad. Okay Ash, look here. Okay, then he kinda has like That looks like a human nose but it’s not. He just kinda has like a light shadowing. This is what I’m trying to draw right now. That’s what I’m trying to draw and he’s got some hair right there that I’m not really sure
how to quite capture. It looks so creepy. It looks so much better in real life than it does on that camera. But it also doesn’t look good at all, so If you’re an artist,
please do not judge me on my artist capabilities because they’re not here. I think I’m using this thing right. It seems like a blending blending stick, maybe,
is what it’s called. I just realized I just
completely got rid of all the markings I had so that’s good. I just want to say my Bob Ross painting went a lot better than this. This is already bad. That is my drawing. That is so creepy. Sir, I need a little reference point here. Hey, come here. Maybe if I hold you. You’re not camera shy. I don’t know why you’re doing that. Okay, yeah, stay there. You got like a little line here. There’s a lot of hair in here and it goes like that and then you have some more
hairs that come out this way and they go all around your face. He’s got like a little line here, that’s kind of his mouth. So it kinda curve in like that. Oh wait, this actually
might turn out well. Now that I think about it, it actually kind of looks like him. Not really, but like,
confidence, you know? Ash, look here. Okay, wait, yeah? No? You know what, actually? I just got a genius idea because I have a picture of him that I can use for his face. It’s pretty accurate. So I did the nose a little bit too low but we’re just gonna go with it. Honestly, the hardest part
is that his fur is dark so it’s like you can’t
really show shading. Maybe if I just do a lot of this and shade it all over. This is so much harder than
I thought it was going to be. I’m gonna do some ears
because I feel like that might try to save this a little bit. (upbeat music) It just looks like a
monster alien or something. Not you. You look great. The picture of you or the drawing I’m trying to do of you. Ash is actually cooperating way more than I thought he would. He’s kind of chilling here. I’m gonna do kind of a
little outline of his eye because he’s got little eyelids that are a little bit brighter. I don’t know if that just helped or if it just made it look worse. Now for the body. Okay, Ash, come here. Come sit right there. Right there. Sit. Yes, now you’re posing for me. Why did I not do this so long ago? I need you kind of sitting. Do you mind sitting for me? Like that. Good boy. This is your leg. It kind of looks like a bowling pin. Stay there. You just moved your legs. Okay. Kind of something like that and then there’s another
leg, so around here and that’s this leg. I don’t know where your other leg is so don’t ask me. (chuckling) This is so funny. I’m just gonna do a base shade layer. Pretty much all of that is Ash. And I’m just gonna I don’t think this is how this works. Go like this. You’re being so good. I just want to say, you
deserve a fat treat after this because you’re just sitting there and that is really good. This just looks not like a dog. There’s just no shading to it. That’s the thing, I just don’t
know how to shade anything. I wouldn’t recognize this
as Ash I don’t think. I’d just be like “Oh, that’s a dog. I don’t know whose dog
it is but it’s a dog.” Okay, he’s got a tail and it
kind of just goes like that. That’s Ash’s tail. I have no clue what I’m doing. This is so bad. A little more shade here. Sounds like a good plan. Oh, maybe if I shade around his eyes, maybe that’ll help with the weird non-dimensional thing we’ve got going on here. Now it looks like a raccoon. We fix that. Oh, I definitely just messed this up. I should have left his face where is was ’cause I messed it up. Oh my. Well, your body looks good. That’s the good thing. It’s just your head is a
lot darker than your body. Kinda looks like a raccoon, not gonna lie. Trying to find Ash in the house ’cause he just ran away. Oh wait, there he is. Hey. Why did you run away? Are you done? Okay, we’ll give you a break. I need a stand in. Hello. I found my stand in. Come on. Let’s go, you can be
the replacement for Ash while he takes a break. So they’re the same breed
so this should work fine. They’re just a little different colored. A little different size. It’s fine. Sit, sit, sit down. You guys are actually being really good. Okay, his fur is a
completely different texture than Ash’s though, so You guys asked me questions on Instagram. While I’m drawing, I will answer a few. Oh, lots of these are about college. About that, it is currently the last
week of October which means, if you ever applied to college, all my applications are due this week so it’s a fun week, you know? Just a little bit of stress. I actually have all my applications done. I’m just a little bit
too scared to submit them because you know, don’t
want to get rejected so I’m just kind of waiting
and I really shouldn’t but like, kind of am. So that’s what’s the plan. You’ll probably see a bunch of videos about where I’m applying and why and hopefully what colleges I get into slash which one I choose. So that shall be coming
up within the next year. So college plans, not really sure yet. I’m just kind of waiting to
see which ones I get into and what that looks like. What am I gonna be for Halloween? No clue. I don’t have any Halloween plans and Halloween is on Friday, Thursday. That’s fun. Everyone’s asking my favorite color is. I don’t know. I like blues, I like yellow. I kind of like every
color, except for pink. I don’t like pink. Sorry, pink. Where do you get all your clothes? They’re so cute. I get all my clothes from
either Amazon or thrift stores. So, that’s about it. Now we’re just playing a game of can Kamri salvage the picture of Ash? ‘Cause I kinda messed it up earlier. Ash, how accurate does this look to you? It’s so off. This is Ash, that is the drawing. This is so good. Okay, this is Ash. Hi. The drawing and it’s blurry. All the way down. It’s just this part of the fur
that I messed up really bad and his eyes are just kind of there. Okay Ash, what do you
think of this drawing? You think it looks like you? Let’s go get some treats, come on. All right, here you go. You destroyed that thing. Oh my. All right, so overall
this was interesting. I think the drawing
turned out interesting. It actually turned out a little bit better than I thought it would, not gonna lie. But I also messed up his face pretty bad. It looks like a dog but
it doesn’t look like Ash. That’s the thing, so Hopefully you guys are
having a great Halloween and if you’re watching
this after Halloween, hopefully you had a good Halloween. If you like this video, make sure you leave a comment down below what your favorite part of the video was and also make sure you guys subscribe to my channel so you can
see more videos like this. And I’ll see you guys next week. Bye! (upbeat music)

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  2. I sketch/ draw, and I don’t think you did that bad. You could have done a lot, so hey good job I was impressed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and it looked quite accurate so props

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  4. It helps to mark where the eyes nose and mouth with lines that’s my tip great job!! 😊😊😁❀️

  5. Awwwww ash is so cute.the drawing is also really good I can't even draw my Pomeranian and my 4 Maltese and my 2 shih tzu

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    I just wanted to ask you a question because I’m curious πŸ˜‚ …. What does your bracelet mean? I have one similar, except mine says H.W.L.F

    If you don’t answer it’s fine now worries (this is a pretty late comment)

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