I Tried Milk Painting Furniture

I Tried Milk Painting Furniture

everybody it’s christina from pretty
distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be milk
painting this antique dresser as well as trying out some new paint brushes so if
you want to see how I got this look and hear my thoughts on the milk paint and
the brushes that I used just keep watching some exciting news about today’s video
I’m gonna have a giveaway I’m gonna be using these Zibra paint brushes in my
video today and zebra has provided two sets of five brushes for you guys to win
and a bonus Shackteau Interiors is going to give away a pint of paint with
each set super easy to enter all you gotta do is watch this video all the way
to the end like it leave a comment on what you want to paint with these
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as well I will put all that info down in the description box and when the contest
is going to end and all the rules and all that so go check it out two winners
super-excited thanks Zibra okay so I’m doing something new today I am milk
painting today I’m definitely not an expert in it this is only my second time
using milk paint I have this beautiful dresser that I am refinishing for a
friend I used to do a lot of client work back in the day but with this whole
YouTube thing I just don’t have a lot of time to do client work but she showed me
this piece and I was like I would absolutely love to refinish that piece
if I can film it for my channel and she said yes I’m gonna be using Shackteau
interiors milk paint and these Zibra brushes to make over this dresser today
so let me grab all my stuff zoom you in and we’ll get started so this is a very
old piece it came from a flea market it is solid wood this type of piece is
really perfect for milk paint and you’ll see why in a minute I did decide that I
wanted to keep the top natural so I just stripped off whatever top coat was on
this piece I used my orbital sander and a sixty grit sandpaper just to clean all
that up and get all that existing top coat off and I also knew I wanted to do
some fun a glass antique knob so I’m just removing the existing hardware that
is on here before I start painting and I’m giving it a quick vacuum too just to
get all the cobwebs out now I’m grabbing my denatured alcohol and I just have a
rag and I’m gonna wipe down the entire piece to clean it you can also use TSP
to do this but it’s really important when you are finishing over an existing
finish like this that you clean it really well and get all the dirt and
grime off before you go in with your paint it’s just gonna make it adhere
better and once you wipe down the entire piece just let that dry for a little bit
and then go in with a damp cloth and just remove any
remaining residue since this piece was really old I had a lot of repairs to do
so I just glued a couple of spots that we’re sticking up where the veneer was
coming loose and clamped that down and then I also added some wood filler to
some spots where there were cracks and divots once the wood filler dried I went
back in and just sanded everything down smoothly and then I was ready to paint
so like I mentioned earlier I will be using Scheck toe interiors milk paint in
black beech to paint this dresser today what is really cool about milk paint is
that it’s an organic and non-toxic environmentally safe paint this is the
way people used to paint stuff back in the day it’s in a powder form so what
you do is you just mix it in a one-to-one ratio so I grabbed a
container that you concealed and measured out 3/4 cup of water and I’m
gonna pour about half of that into my container and then I’m going to take my
3/4 cup measuring cup over here and I’m going to measure out 3/4 cup of the
powder paint and then I’m gonna take that and dump that into the jar and I
made a big old mess I really wouldn’t recommend doing this in your kitchen but
I was doing it for filming purposes so once you have at that powder in there
with about half of your water you just take your cans seal it really tight and
then just shake it up kind of distribute that water and paint in there and then
you open it back up and you take the remaining amount of water that you need
to mix up your paint and just pour that in there shake it up again and then
you’re gonna let that sit for about 10 or 15 minutes and come back and check it
so after 15 minutes come back and check the consistency of your paint if it’s
lumpy or chunky at all just add a little bit of water to thin that out I’m gonna
be adding extra bond today because I don’t want my paint to chip you add this
in a two-to-one ratio so I’m just filling up half of my cup that I used to
measure my paint and I’m just gonna stir that in there and like I said earlier
I’m gonna be using a zebra brushes to apply my paint today this is what Scheck
toh interior sells and I have just heard really great things about these brushes
all in the furniture painting community so I’m super excited to be trying them
out today and they work really really well with milk paint
things I will tell you about milk paint if this is your first time using it it
is a lot thinner than like a typical furniture paint or a chalk paint if
you’ve worked with that or any of those matte type furniture paints that you can
just paint on an existing finish milk paint is a lot thinner but I will tell
you with that bonding agent it goes on really well like I was getting super
great coverage on this first coat the thing with milk paint is if you don’t
use a bonding agent can do really cool chippy things but it’s really
unpredictable so just know if you’re going in to milk painting for the first
time it can be quite scary and intimidating but it can do really really
cool things but just for this particular piece of because I’m painting it for
someone else she didn’t want like that really shabby chippy look so that is why
I’m using the bonding agent but you can do either one there’s lots of super
super cool things that you can do with milk paints so I definitely recommend
checking out Kirsten sight because she has just beautiful examples of all the
different things that you can do with milk paint here I have grabbed another
zebra brush this is called the triangle brush and it’s nice and has a pointy tip
on it and I was able to get into the really detailed portions of this
balusters and get behind it as well to really push that paint in there so after
my first coat I put my brushes in these a brush baggies which are new great item
that I found Saul link those below so you guys can check them out I do not
like cleaning my brushes in between coats so this really saves you some time
so here I am just putting on the second coat I just closed my paint up in
between coats and you just wait like a couple hours in between it’s really best
to use this paint all in one day when you mix it so if at all possible
do all your coats in one day I only ended up doing two coats on this piece
but you can do as many as you want sometimes you might need three but if
you do have to keep your paint overnight they do recommend keeping it in the
refrigerator again tightly sealed and that will help it kind of last through
the next day okay I am going to do some light distressing now that I have all my
paint on with this 320 again my piece is completely dry this is the next day so I
am just taking that three 20 sandpaper block and just lightly
rubbing it over different areas that I want to see some distressing in I just
do the edges and I did around the dresser drawers a little bit and around
these keyholes I just like to distress milk paint and furniture paint because
it’s just gonna make it look more natural I know this kind of freaks
people out but I like to just do little light touches it just makes it look more
natural it makes it look old and it’s definitely gonna go with this piece
since I’m done distressing I just grab a clean soft brush like this and brush
back any dust that I kicked up sandy and you can also use a tack cloth or like a
damp paper towel I am gonna be using Scheck toe interiors hemp oil to seal my
milk paint now so I’m just pouring this into a little container and I have a
lint-free cloth that I’m going to apply this with I am wearing a glove but you
don’t need to this is all-natural so it’s totally safe to handle I just
didn’t want a greasy hand so that’s why I’m wearing a glove but you just rubbed
this on and I rubbed it on with the weymouth that my paint strokes were
going just to make sure that I’m getting it nice and rubbed in and thick and this
is you know just like I say with wax you really want to just keep rubbing and
rubbing this in you want to think about the hemp oil absorbing into the paint
and really becoming one with the paint there are a number of ways to seal milk
paint you don’t have to use hemp oil you could use a natural wax like that’s made
of beeswax or you could use a wax that is made up of solvents and you can also
use water-based topcoats like you see me use on here before but I wanted to do
the hemp oil just because it is a natural finish and since this paint is
natural I wanted this to be as clean as possible so you’re just gonna let this
set on here for anywhere from five to thirty minutes and then you’re gonna
come back with a completely dry clean cloth and wipe it down and then after
you wipe it down it’s still will look really wet it will continue curing and
drying as you let it set and you can go ahead and apply multiple coats just wait
for about two hours in between coats I also decided to seal the top of the
piece with hemp oil hemp oil is great for raw wood like this it just brings
out a natural color and skills it at the same
time so you can apply this with a brush or a rag a brush probably would have
been a better idea but I didn’t know that so he used a rag it still turned
out fine once you get this all on you are gonna take a dry cloth again and
wipe it down and just get that excess oil off so after I let mine set
overnight I had some weird spots that were absorbing the hemp oil so I decided
to grab this natural wax I have it’s dixiebell big Mama’s betta and this is
actually a scented one they have a couple scented ones and then they have
an unscented one so you could you work with whatever you want to and I know
Scheck toh interior sells a natural wax like this too if you want to check that
out so I just wanted to add again more protection and these the hemp oil and
this natural wax are interchangeable so I just am buffing this on with a clean
cloth and then once you get it on you can go immediately back over it and take
the excess off with a dry cloth and that kind of seemed to fill in the holes that
I had so typically I don’t think that you’ll have to do this a couple ways you
can avoid this one I’m using black which is one of the trickiest colors to work
with nine times out of ten I don’t think you’re gonna see stuff like this on a
lighter color and I probably should have sanded my piece down just a little bit
before I painted just for extra insurance just to give it some teeth to
stick to again I don’t think you’re always gonna run into it this issue but
it’s just good to know that sometimes you run into things and you got to work
with it to finish this off I did get some old looking glass knobs from Hobby
Lobby this price says $7.99 but I did get them for 50% off and they were
really easy to install I didn’t have to drill new holes or anything I’m finally
finished just to remind you here is what we started off with and here is what our
piece looks like now completed with Shackteau interiors milk paint I really
enjoyed working with this paint I can’t wait to try it on another project I
think next time I’ll leave the bonding agent out and see what happens with a
little chippy look thank you guys for watching this video all the way to the
end I hope you had fun learning about milk paint I know I did don’t forget to
do all that stuff to enter to win those Zibra brushes thanks to
so interiors for providing the milk paint for today’s project check out
Kristen’s site check out her Instagram don’t forget to subscribe before you
leave and I will see you guys next time

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