I Tried Extreme Japanese Nail Art! | Tina Tries It

I Tried Extreme Japanese Nail Art! | Tina Tries It

100 thoughts on “I Tried Extreme Japanese Nail Art! | Tina Tries It

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  2. Im confused, these nails or this gel whatever doesn't need like a purple light maschine to dry?? I never had acrilycs that's why I'm asking😂😂

  3. Did it hurt? I had my nails done professionally and she ripped of a bit of my nail and I bled it hurt sooooo much!!! 😭😲😦

  4. I would love to have nails like this but it would make my life impossible. I think I'll stick with jewelry. Does this artist make bangles out of that sculpting gel too? Because that would be a much safer option.

  5. I was just wondering how much did that cost for just one hand very pretty but a little over the top but do love the bling xxx


  7. I naturally have long nails and i shaped it like a teardrop. It's a bit sharp too. I liked it but i trimmed it last week since it is long and annoying sometimes. I cant even play my guitar properly HAHAHA

  8. Imagine that you are on a date with your boyfriend and he suddenly proposed but the ring wouldn't go in because of the nails decoration😄😄😄

    But dam those are petty nails

  9. Is tiana from japan or something like that?
    By the way i love love japan because i am Otaku ❤️❤️

  10. Really western nail art could be anything you want it's really just the stereotype of the beholder same with the Japanese nail art

  11. Sayuri works in the city now just came back from japan my gf goes there we cant find a better nail salon she is so talented in drawing and designing I think I saw you at five dock when she worked there in the past

  12. I come back to these videos all the time and I actually came from japan as child, but I am not allowed to have long nails or any acrylic nails because I play cello. I have been playing for 8 years, so I will probably play it for a few more until I’m 18 and can do my nails.

  13. All the cons aren't that bad really, you just relearn how to do those everyday things. It always takes me 2 or 3 days to remember how to do everything when I get my claws done. (I get long stiletto nails)

  14. Those cons are bs..i use my actual fingers and sides of my fingers not the nails itself. Its holy hell to the floor if I really use them. Plus I had 2 work at home jobs and I typed all day.

  15. If I had to use those nails for a week, I would probably be dead by now. Either an eye got poked out and I died of excessive bleeding or my ear got cut off by those nails and I died (also because of excessive bleeding)

  16. I personally have asked several guys over the years, about how they think about such Extremely decorated nails , or even if they are plain but super long nails?? ———– ANSWER: All of those whom i ask say they all don't appreciate it at all, they find it SCARY, FURIOUS, SHARP, and POKEY_….worse of all, they want to stay away from girls with such nail art, because _they worry those nails will scratch them and hurt them … 

    Yeh, so that what my peer group told me,…. So what do guys think?

  17. I love long nails.
    First time, I had so many difficulties.
    Second time, I got used to it and now I’m addictive to long nails lol
    Although typing gets into my nerves always…

  18. Gosh ! I swear imma look like witch or a ghost with those long nails and first of all I don't like such big nail, maybe because (I am a girl but I like living like a boy , first of all I bye clothes from a mens garment store and I have a boy cut hair )and I don't ever put makeup like never ever I was like 5 or 6 years old (I am 12 now)when I last applied makeup and that too came off cause I cried and pleaded my mom not to put it and I looked like a fu*king ghost and witch or a patient who ran from a mental hospital . And I was so funny that my dad took a picture of me .

  19. nail art is so pretty ! japanese really know how to bling it XD
    i dont like the nail bed pushing they do as its not good for the nail lol

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