– right – dirty brushes and no big reveals where are you going to the club tonight at Southwest let's get this over no no come on this is crazy for someone who likes it it's a ten for me it's a -10 -10 -10 -10 -10 – – so I just lied to my mom I am NOT going to be doing wear makeup on her I'm going to be doing creative artistic makeup on her I took my mom to we Envy feet right now in oh it's naki oh here she is there she go there she go ooh you sprayed so much hi do you mind if I film no my boobs are in the camera oh oh my god you thought that witch what did you see was it the one with the Vietnamese woman yeah oh my god yeah that was horrible that was bad your earthy – I like that look I like that you know what that's the spell Jubilee Neos in Ginny yes no you're Jesse right milady hello hello a lot of whoa I don't like a lot cuz I have a little just powder and and then I had nice lipstick when I took the lipstick off okay we have dinner by 6:30 we have to be done because we have to leave yes okay and this look is going to be spectacular you're gonna love it oh it's a Howard oh good to meet you got all my stuff up over there and she can just say okay like right in front window yeah yeah how I'm gonna get my dress messed up cuz I want to wear it okay everybody look just look I'm 61 years old did you know it I'm 61 we have to do it I take a lot of vitamin complex you know what do you call it limits I take vitamin supplement I'm 61 you need a clean your makeup brushes okay you got a clean image are you serious yeah but okay I don't get a kook okay okay a new one you mean yeah but is there oh you're gonna use oh that you okay so what are you gonna do just wash them out and so Soviet yeah they're supposed to be dry though yeah blow dryer okay which should already be done I know that I was okay my thing is she's trying to clean out her brushes now I should have my own brushes number one or you don't clean them out and when you're at the class you know I don't know I'm just gonna sit down and relax you're gonna clean out brush to blow-dry yeah if I'm a dentist so you're gonna sit in my chair and then I'm gonna tell you you know what let me sterilize these instruments before I work on I'm gonna already have it prepared yeah shampoo yeah what's your name sweetheart okay I've never heard of anything like this you gotta wash our brushes oh my god what's the time say but we have dinner we have to leave at 6:30 why don't you have any patient say we'll have patient your breath my breath smell a stop ask me what does my breath smell like I don't know what it's not sweet can you what does it smell like can you be more descriptive sable what I've been calling get out of my face and go brush your teeth what is it smell like I don't know I'm not gonna describe it okay let's get started sable bring another towel so nothing gets on my outfit please now if you're in my dental chair I'm gonna get someone sterile instruments rinse them off with hot soapy water and shampoo it like you did and I'm gonna get a blow dryer and blow dry the instruments and put them in your mouth now how does that sound let's get this over with no no come on this is crazy I want this over with I want my makeup to look good because I'm gonna take it off it doesn't yeah you did actually yeah I'll go get you sample I need the other thing that cover me yeah okay wasting no well that's supposed to do that yeah I actually can't even find it right now you can't wait you gotta know that you have to have make the removal of your makeup artist that's all I gotta say strike two that's strike two the dirty brushes and I got no makeup we move that's right – Oh mother be on my list I kind of want to get rid of some of my kind of suck it in and bags a little bit I have my dad so while we're gonna be using that James Charles pilot for this look okay did you watch I understand no I didn't put anything so we have like a specific look that we're putting together for you so well you know I'm a kind of a person very mild I don't put a lot of makeup usually used to fill in your brows this is regular like a brow power power pencil Anasazi or – I used to do I don't do this it's too heavy I kinda light makeup person sable when she gets done I don't need to take this off cuz I can goods go to the to the thing because we're gonna be late ya know I want her to have it so I can this goal and they can be impressed when I get there my classmates can see my makeup your on the brows already yeah I'm gonna use this one I'm gonna use one of these for your how long have you been a makeup artist oh you had to go to school for it what you guys are awesome oh you worked it all – okay we have an altar in uh where we live Cody now relaxed no do you know that you're in for a big surprise I feel better now so sorry I was so uptight I just didn't think you know me next time make sure you have all your new brushes and stuff clean don't go to a client's house I like her makeup that's where you going to the club tonight or something Wesley I was actually just trying something I found on Pinterest oh okay that uh silk wrap wig is pretty oh yes what you have on you after I told you I was more relaxed it's okay I'm cool you need any violence any alcohol oh please they're gonna eat his brows I've ever built anything they're cool huh you were late you were supposed to come at 4:30 we were here at 4:30 actually we got a daddy in 4:23 will happen can't happy a makeup artist not have a mirror for your clients you're in my yeah wait wait in my okay my I don't want to put her fear in my why is the brush wet as well yes the brushes are wet and I've been dealing with it but I just have that question is it okay if they're wet yes wait did this droplet go inside oh my god really is this your look what yeah a sable sable are you out of your mind have you lost your mind oh my god I know you do a good job with those eyebrows but I don't touch the dress though yeah you look good ah you know what thank you but no thank you I can't I think your makeup looks better than it's pretty wait I can't do it I'm sorry it was a boy I guess put some dark out maybe some darker floors a little Warner I feel like it works with your ear dress yeah but you do got my mama looking like a hoochie oh it actually matches the earrings but I feel like the hoochie said you're paying her yeah no enough for me you guys you guys like yeah it does how do you like your look one out of ten one other 10 what do you give it I don't want to hurt her feelings I I can't Iranian a for someone who likes it it's a 10 for me it's a minus 10 so my mom rated you a negative 10 on your makeup so what do you ever say I'm still the bad do you think you get better than the other girl thank ya I do better than everybody on your channel no shade my Instagram is rare profetas and my youtube is mystic style


  1. You can tell that this I fake because if the makeup artist makeup is good than she can’t do anyone else bad but it’s very funny good acting 😆😆😆

  2. Am I tripping or is she the girl on pbs kids when cyber chase would play and then this random black girl would pop up at the end doing some weird ass adventures

  3. Your mom is so bloody rude like while she was doin her makeup n when she was speaking to Yu she was like uhhh okayyyy i said okayyyyyyyy

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