I SPRAY PAINTED Lance Stewart’s Audi R8!

I SPRAY PAINTED Lance Stewart’s Audi R8!

his R8 is spray painted whats good everyone I’m here right now
in front of lances house and we have to be super quiet because he literally just
woke up I got spray chalk as you guys can tell by the title of today’s video
we’re gonna be spray-painting his car and um yeah we’re about to leave for the
gym soon so I’m gonna trying his reaction of us spraying his car and
we’re gonna see how this goes so let’s get it before we do jump into anything
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line go to the comments down below let me know she got starting a post
notifications certification salary the person I was above the screen but we’re
about to jump right into this right now I’m gonna go set up and start
spray painting this car so let’s do it what color should we start with we’ve
got a style with pink I sure this is what we have so far says
hello to 10 squad you know damn alright I got yellow here let’s do some yellow
as well my god guys holy crap he’s gonna flip
out yo his R8 is freakin spray-painted I honestly don’t even know if I have to do
the other side I just just on little on the other side just to fill it in 10 yo
he’s gonna flip he’s gonna freakin flip guys oh my god so I’m gonna set up this camera we’re
gonna try and get his reaction so let’s do it we’re about to go to the gym so we’re as
soon as he comes out we’re gonna get his reaction let’s get it did you do this no I was inside sleeping
he woke me up well that’s probably some fanners I’m
deaf man oh it’s dry what the
oh no it’s rubbing off you didn’t see anybody do this I was
sleeping I woke up at the same time he’s here I’ll be right out guys so I’m leaving to go to the gym
right and I just walk outside me Michael walk outside and this is what my car
looks like I know what did this I I think it’s that washable kind it’s it’s
similar to stuff I use because yeah it might be that because it’s like rubbing
right off I want to see who did this I’m gonna check the security cameras see a
guy in a black hoodie he’s got a camera in a pan so that yeah
Cena maybe you filmed it better posted on YouTube probably I can’t hit a dude’s
face dude smart you wouldn’t have us how do you wait I saw I just saw him with a
hoodie off it’s always hit bro that’s you you got prank my boy Wow what dude
right off of my oh my I believe they care at this point because I literally
said yesterday I’m gonna get a car wash I have like I think you can see right
here I have all these water spots and of course pollen all over my car so
congrats Mike you got me wait what does how did I not see that
what Wow what the camera is a perfect spot you got prank my guy that was a
perfect spot to I didn’t see it on the camera either alright guys so that is
the end of today’s video I hope you guys did enjoy the prank if you did make sure
you smash the like button smash the crap out of like when I share this video with
all your friends but other than that I guess we’re just gonna end this one off
here yeah make sure you drop a comment down below any other pranks that you
guys do want to see on my channel please comment let me know but yeah other than
that we’re gonna end us off for you I love you guys see you on tomorrow’s
video if that is it for today peace take off 3 2 1 I’m up now I’ve been making my
way gladly she’s been spitting on the fan it is slowly time running like soon as
you gotta keep it

93 thoughts on “I SPRAY PAINTED Lance Stewart’s Audi R8!

  1. Michael spray painting Lance's R8 is fucking lit my boi ' Michael loves collaborating with his friends Lance ' Jack ' Chunky ' Connor ' Matt and Thomas.

  2. Post notifications on since 200,000k I seen you grow your channel a lot and you inspire me a lot to do more adventures and live life to the max

  3. he should take off the spoiler just saying and change the wrap into a white gray and black camo wrap with 210 in red and red rims

  4. I love it the vidoe keep up great work on the vidpes. Btw can check our my YouTube channel. It's small YouTuber channel Justin Koch.

  5. Ngl, the yellow you put over the Lance 210 logo looked pretty good. Not that it’s inside the lines, but the yellow and blue together

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