I Painted Rhett & Link’s Wives.

I Painted Rhett & Link’s Wives.

– Okay I’m gonna go a little
abstract with this, I think. I’m gonna include some words. First thing that comes to mind? – [Jessie] I am a big fan of (bleep). – Um. (poppy electronic music) Welcome to Let’s Talk About
That, the show about the show. I’m Stevie and snakes are
just tails with faces. Today’s guests had their first
kiss with the same woman, their first relationship
with the same woman, and now have the same woman
as their right-hand woman. Please welcome Rhett and Link. (scattered applause, one person cheering) – Yeah, woo, yeah, LTAT! Let’s Talk About That hosted by Stevie! – The intro was long, you
didn’t know when to come in. I totally understand. – But I am sorry.
– I don’t wanna call it out. – I’m sorry.
– It’s fine. Guys, what t-shirts are you wearing today? They’re so lovely. – What t-shirt are you wearing? – A Mythicali-tee.
– This is a Mythicali-tee. – [Link] Happy Saturday! – Yeah I just picked this
one up, this is Mythicali-tee that’s the positivitee Mythicali-tee, I just randomly picked it up. And then, well you guys are
wearing Mythicali-tees as well. – And it’s so weird, yeah. Actually you guys are
wearing the same pants, same shoe combo. I like it. I like it a lot, I like it! – These are my favorite
shirts we’ve ever made so far. – That is big. That’s a big statement. – I could stare at it forever
and find meaning in it. – What’s the meaning of your shirt? – (clears throat) I haven’t looked at it. – Okay, guys, this week
is a little bit different. – Okay. – Yeah, I was hoping you’d change it. – We gotta mix it up, we gotta– (Link laughs) – Usually–
– Come on, don’t– – [Stevie] There’s like a list of things. – He didn’t mean that. – Oh I’m past it already. There’s a list of three
things that we usually do. Today there’s one thing on my list. This week I painted your wives. – Body paint? – Well, maybe after. Maybe that wasn’t part of this bit, but maybe that’s what happened afterwards. (Rhett chuckles)
That was my plan all along to just paint a portrait of
them and then paint them. – Oh, portrait. – So I don’t get a drink? – Yeah, you do, but I’m
still on my list portion. – Oh, I was like, if you’re
gonna break my wife out on the internet– – I would be drinking.
– I gotta have a drink. – There is a little bit of
alcohol in today’s drink because it is kombucha. You guys know it, you love it. – So you were doing a teaser,
you weren’t about to– – Yeah usually on the show,
what I do is I have a teaser and then I bring out the
beverages and we have that bit. – Is that right?
– You like the beverage wall– – I thought you were cheating.
– At Ralphs? – Uh no.
– Oh, okay. – Sometimes I go to Ralphs
and I’ll see a bunch of expensive beverages. – But you don’t really like that part. – And I’m not interested. – Yeah, I liked it because
it said happiness on it is the flavor, the flavor of happiness. – When you got one of these
Mythicali-tees, you can do that. You can pop the top off with it. – I love kombucha. I got into that because of California. (Stevie and crew laugh) There was a stint where we were brewing kombucha at our house. – With the mother. – We were making our own
kombucha with the mother. – You know about the mother? – I know about the mother. Tell them about the mother. – The mother is a giant bacterial mass– – Sometimes it looks like
a mushroom type of thing. Isn’t it a fungus? Isn’t it a, no?
– No. – It’s not what it is?
– I think it’s a bacterial– – A bacterial mass? – It’s kinda like yeast, I think. – Okay so let me, we’re
going back to the wives thing ’cause that’s the only
thing we’re doing today. I want to kind of paint a picture of why the heck we’re doing this. – Yeah ’cause this is a big deal. You’re on thin ice. – Yes, Jessie, Rhett’s wife, designed our new half of our studio. She did a lovely job. My girlfriend Cassie painted some murals. You walk in, it’s very
colorful and lively and cool. Jessie has great taste. There’s one thing that Jessie did– – Not in men, but– – That we all questioned,
collectively questioned, and that was that she
had a painting that was– – Oh.
– She never hung up, but it just kind of
floated around the studio, and this is that painting. Is this good for camera? Kiko, you got it? So you’ll notice in this
painting that this is a girl. – Yeah yeah yeah.
– This was propped up in the conference room for months. – It traveled around, it
was like in the hallway, it was in the other room, then it was in the conference room. – My brain, I assume I’m not the only one, would like a involuntary response, assuming that that is a person
in the corner of the room. – Well that was a problem
is that we all felt like this was an actual person
that we should know, not like a painting, you
know like you see a portrait and you’re like oh–
– It was too close to home. – Well yeah, the fact is, no
one knows who that person is. – If you know who this is–
(Rhett chuckles) Please leave a comment with
your name and telephone number so that we may reach you and
give you your portrait back. – So I called Jessie, like you said, Jessie was in the process
of finding different things to decorate the wall over
there on the other side. And we saw this painting and
we were in the conference room and I called her and I was like, yeah there’s this painting that is in the conference room and everybody is– – Freaked out by it. – Asking what it is, and
based on the other paintings that are in here, I was assuming
that it wasn’t a painting that she wanted us to put on the wall. – It was not? – But it was. She was like, “Oh I thought you guys “could put that somewhere.” – Boy, did we? – (chuckles) Yeah we got
a lot of mileage out of that painting, but not by
putting it up on the walls. – Yeah, my thought was,
why don’t we get a portrait of someone that we do
know and why don’t we get a portrait of Jessie because
she designed the studio? So that’s what I took upon myself to do. I’m not an artist. You might look at me,
you might think, wow, she’s an artist. She paints things–
– Yeah look at that hat. She must be an artist. – Truth is, truth be told
that I’m not an artist. When you think about drawing
or painting a portrait, is there a movie that comes to mind or a line from the movie
that comes to mind? – Draw me like your French– – Draw me like one of your French girls. – French girls, yeah.
– From Titanic. So I wanted to make
sure that they knew that I had respect for Leo
and that I could be Leo so I just wanted to show
them this photo of me from when I was trying to be Leo. – [Rhett] Oh wow. – [Stevie] And I just wanted
to get the photo on the show, that’s really all I’m doing. – What is this photo for, by the way? – This is for you to see– – Is this an employ?
– For the people to see. Is it a what? – Were you employed? – Did you get paid for that photo? – No, no one ever wants to
pay me to look like a guy, but they do wanna pay
me to look like a girl. It’s unfortunate. (Rhett chuckles) So all that being said, they
allowed me to paint them, spoiler alert and I hope you guys like it. (funky music) – Hello!
– Hi! How are you?
– Come on in. – Okay so I kind of explained
what we’re gonna do. You’re not supposed to
be on camera so I’m kinda breaking the rules. So I think that we’re
just gonna blur your face and just so we trust that
we’re gonna blur your face, I think that we should go
through a couple of things that I would want blurred of
me so you get that trust level. Okay so when I was in kindergarten, we went to the library for reading day and I yanked my pants
down and I just (bleep). – Wow, Stevie, I didn’t
know that about you. I feel closer to you, though now. – Okay, is there anything
that you would like to share with me? – Can I share something about Rhett? – Oh, yeah. – Well sometimes after a
long day of shooting GMM, Rhett comes home and he’s super tired and sometimes he likes to put his (bleep) in a (bleep) of (bleep). – Well that was more than I was expecting. Yeah, that’s good.
– Yeah. – Setting, very important. And you welcomed us into
your beautiful home, so I feel like we have
to pick the perfect spot ’cause I wanna get this portrait right. – [Jessie] Absolutely. – And I saw something
looking good down there. – That’s the laundry room.
– Oh, okay. I feel like it could work. This would be the prop.
– Mhm. – Let’s switch places.
– Okay. – And I’m thinking the scene is like, I have invisible clothes. They’re dirty and boy
do I need to wash ’em, but before I do, I need to lean
against my washing machine. – Maybe I can–
(whacks machine) – Yes.
– Put my leg up on here too. – Yes, now I feel like
your face should evoke invisible clothes. You know, that’s not bad. Considering I already
had somewhere in my mind that we should paint you, let’s just get out of
here and go to that place. Yeah, I think this is gonna be perfect. – [Jessie] Oh good. – Oh, Christy, what are you doing here? – [Christy] I’m just here
reading The Book of Wood. – She likes to come over and
read Rhett’s books about wood. – Well we’re gonna paint a
portrait, if you wanna be in it, we can do like a double portrait. – Okay, cool. – I’m liking what I’m seeing. Maybe we need some props. So Christy, maybe like a plant. And then Jessie, I’m thinking
something like LaCroix. I think what you’re doing right now works. It says to me, I’m juggling
a lot, and then Christy, you have a very mother
earth pose happening. We need to choose colors
that really define your relationship or
perhaps how you’re feeling at this moment. Does anything come to mind? – [Christy] I really like yellow. – [Stevie] Really like yellow. – [Jessie] I didn’t know that about you. – [Christy] Last month and
this month, I like yellow. – Just yellow.
– Just yellow. – For this month. – [Christy] Last month and this month. Two months in a row.
– Okay. Are you guys comfortable
with what you’re wearing? Did you wanna take something off? – I’m good.
– I’m all right. – All right let’s get started. I heard that! (both chuckle) Do you guys know what season you are? – [Christy] I think I might
be summer because of yellow. Like last month and this month I’m summer. – [Jessie] My hands are
getting really cold. – How many fingers? – [Jessie] How many fingers? They’re all cold, so 10. – Even the pinky? – [Jessie] Pinky’s pretty cold. – Okay I feel like we need to figure out the facial expressions. So I’m gonna yell out some emotions. I want you to give them to me. We’ll go easy with happy. I don’t really like that. Let’s go opposite, sad. Our husbands just ate balls again. Okay, I’m gonna go a little
abstract with this I think. I’m gonna include some words. First thing that comes to mind. – [Jessie] I am a big fan of (bleep). – Um. Christy? (bleeps) Okay, you guys are both
feeling dirty today. – [Jessie] Not everybody loves this, but I love (bleep). – Give me some more. (bleeps) (Stevie chuckles) You guys are making me hot. You’re making me uncomfortable with what you’re saying to me right now. Rapid fire. (bleeping) (soft chuckling) Great. I think I’ve done it. You guys wanna see? – [Jessie] Yeah. – The big reveal. – [Christy] That’s awesome! – Thank you. – [Jessie] I mean, I feel my essence. – It’s gotta be the hands. – [Christy] Yeah, you did
a great job with her hands. Look at your hands. – [Jessie] Look at your face. – What do you think the
guys are gonna think? – [Jessie] If they love us,
they should love this painting. – Well good, ’cause this
is going in their office. – Wow!
(Link chuckles) – Went well, right? – It’s gonna go in our office, huh? – Yeah, and I think you’re
gonna love what I’ve done. – Hey how ’bout those wives though? – You never know what they’re gonna say. – Using the plural of wife
and wives is not something that one does often. – How ’bout those wives?
(Stevie laughs) – How about those wifes? Well, I mean, so it’s
clear why they haven’t been in videos before now. Because their faces are blurred. – Yeah.
– In real life, our wives have blurred faces. – Have blurred wives. Are we ready for this reveal?
– I am so ready for this! – Me too.
– Okay. – Okay, can you help me? Here we go.
– It’s pointy. (Stevie grunting) – This is much more dramatic
in my mind than in real life. Ready? It’s blurred, ha ha. Just kidding. This is the unblur, ooh. There it is. – [Link] Dog beach, Rhett’s wood. – Um. Wow, Stevie, it’s– – How the wives now, am I right? – It’s quite an interpretation. – [Stevie] Can you point
out what’s going on? – Let me see if I can find my wife. I believe she’s somewhere in here. – Yeah, you’re feeling it. – [Link] She’s in the ventilation shafts, coming out of the sky
with the musical raindrops falling on it? – No, those re the tops of LaCroix cans. – Yes.
– Oh! – So then what are these?
– Those are her cold fingers. – Yes!
– Oh, and then– – And then your wive. She likes yellow, depending on the month. – Yeah, for the two months
that we’re currently in. – And my wood is growing
towards your wife. – Well no, that is an
inappropriate interpretation. I did not think you were gonna say that. – What do you–
– Whoa! – [Link] If that’s not wood, what is that? – That’s a snake.
– That is the plant– – Your snake is growing towards my wife. – That she’s holding. Guys, you’re so dirty. I wasn’t even implying
that that was your wood. – First of all, what did they say? I wanna see the unscripted version. – So obviously, Christy
does like Rhett’s wood, she already said that in the video. – She likes his wood books. – I don’t wanna be inappropriate. Yeah well I can’t fit books on there. – She appreciates my interest in wood. – I had to shorten it. Dog beach is actually something
that Christy did yell. – You said just say
what comes to your mind and she said, “Dog beach!” – Well she said, “Dawg beach.” (all laughing) That was really funny. I just felt like–
– Okay. That’s my wife. The dog beach is my wife. – Yeah.
– Okay, okay. – I really, really like it.
– Thank you guys. – I don’t know if we’ll
put it in the office, but, maybe somewhere, there
are some storage areas. – We’ll probably prop it up
and it’ll get moved around. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah. – Okay, well, I’ll take it. I mean I thought that you guys
were gonna really love it, so I have some other pieces that I did. – Oh.
– If you wanna look at them. – Sure, I do really love it. What are the other pieces? – Before you look at the screen, you know how when your mom
finds boxes of your things and just immediately sends them to you? I don’t know if that still happens, but it trickles for me–
– Right, she does that. – Because she’s like, I
want all of you out of here. So she sent me some drawings that I did and I thought like, hey, if
you guys are so impressed by this amazing work–
– Which we are. – You’d like to see those–
– Yeah clearly we are. – So this one actually is my favorite one. Is that 96? I think that’s a 96. – [Rhett] 96 yeah, December 28th. – [Stevie] And you can
see that it’s an alien. – [Link] It’s an alien scape. – [Stevie] It’s got a low belly button. And I would like to
attribute to the way that Britney Spears used to wear her pants like very low down.
– Right. – That I just naturally
thought the belly button could go that low. – Bellow the belt belly
button kind of situation. No clothes on that alien. – [Stevie] Some kind of nipple. – Must mention nipples.
– There’s nipple action. – ‘Cause we do that every Saturday. – But then the cute thing is
that if you go to the next one, my sister was in a
phase where she liked to copy everything that I did
so this is from the same day but it’s by her. – [Link] To my sister Stephanie. – [Stevie] And you can see
that’s from the year 62. – Your sister wasn’t as talented as you. – No, hers sucks compared to yours. – I mean if you guys are saying it. Then we got another one. It’s just a mouse, this
is just impressive to me. – [Rhett] Interesting perspective there. – Shading.
– Hold on, you had quite a day on
December 28th, 1996. – [Stevie] Yeah, I was cranking them out. – Was it raining? – Probably.
– What was going on? It’s an odd time to be drawing. You’re not even in school at that point. – Took away your Polly Pockets, or? – [Rhett] Was this punishment? Were you being punished? – No but that’s what I
think is the self-portrait– – Could watch your Olsen twin DVDs. – [Stevie] This is from a
little bit later, this one. That’s me. – [Link] That’s definitely
you, I could tell immediately. – So if you guys want a
copy of that and have that– – [Link] Playing your soccer. – Could you please do
that with your hair again? (chuckles) – Yeah. – What does F stand for? – [Stevie] Gosh, I don’t know. – [Rhett] Well you seem
to know in that picture. – Football! – Football, yeah, I was European. Then we go on. This is, why I wanted to
bring this up is ’cause this is where, do you see the
progression of where I went with my current art. – [Rhett] You drew a danger cube? – Danger cube is very abstract. This is when I really got going. And then next. – [Link] Oh, danger cube explodes. – [Stevie] No no no,
this is when I realized I wanted to be a producer. This is a television
screen with excitement and that is what you’re
watching right now is that, so I just wanted to, the
reason I showed you all these is to let you know that back in 98, is when I’m assuming I did this one, I knew this show was going to exist. – Wow. – You knew this was gonna happen. Sobering, depressing moment. – All right guys, well that’s all the time we have for today, so– – I’d like to thank our wifes
for coming on your show. – I would love to thank your wives. – And I’d like to thank
everyone for being so supportive of them in the comments.
– Right. – And their blurred faces. – I’m so excited to find
out what they actually said. Telling people that I put my– – Well that was all of her, that was, yes. – I put my wood into what?
– I’ll tell you later. – At the end of a long, hard day. – Yeah, woo, she didn’t say hard, did she? Anyway, now it’s time to say the phrase we all know and love. Until next–
– Next– – [Stevie And Rhett] LTAT– – [All Together] Keep on BYMB! (poppy electronic music)

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  1. For those confused in the comments (!!!!): It’s been a long-standing rule that we’re not allowed to show Rhett & Link’s wives on GMM. We’ve never had them on the channel in video form- until now. I found a bitttt of a loophole with the blur. I’m also pretty sure I captured their exact likeness in my painting. -Stevie

  2. I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to say that Rhett and Link literally married the female versions of their best friends. Christy has that sarcasm and blunt humor, and apparently likes wood 😂 Jessie seems to be a little bit more reserved, has that slight shyness that Link has. The way they carry themselves are just like their male counterparts.

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    Me: man shes so pretty,
    Stevie: my girlfriend…..

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    The first time Link mentioned that before Rhett said this line, I couldn't think it as anything different, I am even amazed Rhett didn't think about it considering how many times he has interpreted things over the show 😀

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