what have i done Hello everyone today you guys are gonna be joining me for a painting video Yesterday I was getting ready for bed, annddd the thought hit me in my head that I Had To Do A s e l f p o r t r a i t I don’t have the talent for something that big, but we’re gonna try anways, right? Please don’t click off this video If you’re wondering what my setup is looking like at the moment, let me show you So we’ve got the painting here and then this h u g e mirror which I’m gonna use to see my face and stuff Practicality? I’ve never heard of her. And then we’ve got all my paints and my camera set-up. Yes, those are twilight books, and yes they were awful. We’re not talking about that. *smooth jazz break* We’re back, and it’s dry and I have to say that it is a talent to be able to be able to make something look so ugly this early. I think I’m gonna work on the background now because I have the attention span of a goldfish and I cannot focus on one thing for more than ten seconds. I’m having a bit of a problem here. I don’t know if I want to make the background… black or… a light brown. Am I emo? Or am I not so emo? You know what, we’re emo on this channel This channel is only for hardcore people If you’re not a hardcore people… dislike this video right now Off You’re not allowed here Okay, sometimes you just gotta see the whole thing through and then you can be negative about it *fake smile* Oh my gawd! *vacums spider* I got it. I am this close to losing it. It’s about seven o’clock. So I think im gonna stop for today I’ll see you guys tomorrow *wii music** Well, you know they say another day another paintbrush No one ever said that… lets get painting. *clap* Hi I’m here to fill up space because this is a really long time lapse so buckle up straddle up strap in! Get comfortable! Cuz this is a doozy Maybe get a snack. I recommend some salted macadamia nuts or Just one big potato You know what that actually sounds pretty good. MOOOOOOOOOOM?!? okay, so um what are we gonna talk about? how are the kids? How are you guys? What are you guys doing? ummm ubalubulubaluba Yeah, I have no idea how to fill up these 33 seconds, okay. See ya. *slap* Now its time to do the brows and I’m kind of excited Because I have this NEW LIMITED EDITION KYLIE brow kit You can’t get it anywhere I had to fly all the way to North Pole to get it *Cough* BOOOOO!!!! Its me jessi and ari if we- if they test me they sorry, ride us up like a harley- Hey guys whats up? You might be wondering… Joana? Why are you so exuberent? Well, today’s the last day! That’s right- I only have to finish the background until I’m finished with this piece of garbage and can throw it in the trash This has really taken a toll on me. I want to die Wow, look at that color that literally looks like poop Oh my god. I’m done! I literally feel like Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel except way less talented. I’m just having a mental hangover if that’s possible Whoa, you know what this calls for? Celebration. *uncomfortable smile* We’re about to get weird and wild! WOAH WOAH WOAH- DID YOU ACTUALLY THINK I WAS GONNA DRINK ACOHOL ON THIS CHANNEL? Uh, Sweetheart, I’m 17. Okay. I’m a child of JESUS. I don’t do those things I have never and will never drink any alcohol EVERRR Do you hear me? Okay, but for real though, if you’re the FBI and you’re watching this, um, that’s grape juice Okay. I’m a hundred percent serious. I wish I was lying. But I am NOT. I just wanted it for this bit. i need friends Let me say a few things about the painting itself *laugh track* Three things I learned while doing this painting one, I’m really ugly Two, Painting is really hard And three, Things that I could improve on For next time The backround. I completely gave up on the background Don’t even talk to me about that. Like what is that? That is so inblended. And the ponytail It looks like a beaver tail, okay, NO! NO on every account Stop it burn it get it out of my face Vote, down below, right now, if you think we look alike! Okay, that’s it for my comprehensive review if you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe! I’d love to have you part of the family. We’re at two subscribers right now So if I could get it to three and a half subscribers, I’d be so happy Thanks for watching. Don’t ever talk to me or myself again


  1. I know that this video is like a year old but I cannot not move on with my existence until I say that it looks like bhad bhabie

  2. girl idk why you are so negitive about your painting skills because guess what you are the best artist in the universe so sis calm down okkkkkkkkkkkkkkker

  3. 9:10 honestly its just asymetrical and is probably not the best picture to paint. I don’t blame her, it looks good on its own, so yeah. Congrats on finishing it, loved the video, love you John

  4. This is entertaining, of course. But let me say, you just paint in the most unconfortable and timetaking way.

  5. I guess those 1k dislikes are from the “unhardcore” butternut squash toasts of this world. The 83k likes are from the AVOCADO TOASTS OF THIS WORLD!!! and then there is the king herself…
    MISS AVACOCADO TORTILLA!!! or as better known as JOHN CENAAAAA

  6. I love how I can blast the audio of this video with no worries that my parents would catch someone swearing.. or the fact that I can watch this video with my family and having everyone still enjoy it

  7. I am emo. I am SO emo that I in fact went to Pitbull himself and slapped his esophagus. But on the outside.

  8. Joana You are far from ugly you are a very attractive young lady and very talented painter keep doing you YOU ROCK!!!

  9. camera pans to Twilight books
    Me: judging you scornfully
    Joana: "Yes, they are awful."
    Me: " … You. You I like." adopts Joana as my godchild

  10. Reads title

    You look my big toe

    Me: i sure do

    Then reads carefully

    I look like my big toe

    Okay then

    Of topic but still

    Oml not the title this thing she wrote on the thumbnail

  11. I used the word exuberant to describe your energy while watching another of your more recent videos and then you prescribed the word to yourself in this video. I don't know why, just felt like sharing that.

    I love your voice overs; they make me laugh.

    Alright, I am monumentally procrastinating on several assignments now and really need to get back to them instead of watching your videos, watching other videos, and writing this comment. But, thank you for the lovely distraction. It was nice while it lasted. I'll be back! And, btw, I like the painting Joana ! ! ! !

  12. She shouldn’t be hard on her self she’s a literal prodigy I don’t know any one in my entire life that could ever paint like that!!!!! I love you joana and your videos are an inspiration

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