Hello there! So, I have come to the realization recently that I… am getting old. I was on YouTube the other day and came across a very talented artist. His name is Marco. He drew or painted on something called a hydro flask and I just sat there, just like, “Wow, this is, this is – this is great. This is – what’s a hydro flask?” And then I realized that he’s a good 10 years younger than me, and I was just like, that’s it. That’s it. That’s it. I’m old. And a couple of guys on YouTube have also been drawing and painting on hydro flasks, and I thought “No! No! Us old women can have fun, too!” So I bought myself a hydro flask that I’m gonna paint today, and to me it seems like an overpriced metal canister. It IS an overpriced metal canister. Is it made of gold or something? If you’ve heard of a hydro flask before, give this video a thumbs up and if for some reason I get an extortionate amount of thumbs up on this video, I’m gonna, I’m gonna feel even more old, but that’s fine. So I’m gonna acrylic paint this and I’m gonna put some trees and forestry all over it. And the reason I’m doing this is because – Give me a second. Team Trees! If you didn’t know, there is a YouTuber called MrBeast and he is one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform. He is trying to raise 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees. So essentially, one dollar equals one tree that is planted. And we, as a YouTube community, are all trying to get together and raise awareness for this amazing fundraiser. So if you would like to donate to help to plant 20 million trees, I will leave a link to the fundraiser in the description. Also when I’ve finished painting this, I will be putting it up for sale on my website and a hundred percent of the proceeds of the sale of this will go towards Team Trees. So I’m gonna start painting this overpriced metal canister now and let’s go. So, first things first, I had to tape up the top so it wouldn’t look like a disgusting mess all around the lid by the time I was done. Speaking of disgusting mess, look at that palette! That is g- gross. Gross. Let’s, you know, let’s fix it, make it look better. Yeah, that, that’s much better. MUCH better. The leftover bits and crumbles are dry paint that I just scraped off, DEFINITELY won’t cause me problems throughout painting this entire sticky surface. I started off pouring far, far, far, far too much Gesso on this partially because I thought I’d need that much and partially because I forgot every single time that I open the lid of this that it’s kinda like, Niagara Falls falling from the bottle. *Loud noise* So remember how I told you those leftover bits and crumbles of dried paint I scraped off earlier wouldn’t cause me problems? Well, *sarcastically laughing* I lied. Ooh, look! Lots of BITS all over the – BITS, EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE! Just – I couldn’t escape THE BITS! By the way, if anyone’s interested in knowing, I decided to use Liquitex heavy body acrylics for this. I also sealed it with a nice sealer at the end but you what, you, you’re not gonna see that yet cause I’m not even done painting it but, um, I wanted to give it a nice greenish blue gradient, you know, I just think that would look nice on this lovely overpriced metal CANISTER, then paint some white silhouetted trees all over it. *Baby crying* So you might know by now that I often like to paint trees and more cartoon animated style landscapes with acrylic. I actually painted a piece in a video with my friend Zach back in May and I sort of wanted to recreate that on a flask, and mostly for this video in particular because it’s all about like, planting 20 million trees! I am just so proud of the YouTube community and MrBeast for even starting this to begin with. 20 million trees planted all over the planet is absolutely amazing and I think they’ve raised 12 or 13 million dollars already in just over a week. It’s just so cool! And I’m just so proud to be a part of the YouTube community and be able to help with this so I’m just, I’m really hoping I can sell this flask. If you would like to purchase this original flask, it will be for sale on my website; the link will be in the description. I was initially going to put it on eBay, but then I thought maybe a lot of people probably wouldn’t use eBay anyway, and then, Ha, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Ha ha. I just didn’t think that many people would kind of remember about it or use eBay so I’ve just set a price on my website. I didn’t have a bloody clue how much to price it at though because it’s a water flask. Um, I’m just like, “Will people want this to use it? Will people want it as decoration? Do they want a metal canister that’s been painted on their side?” Who knows? Maybe. So I, I just priced it where I thought. Can I just say, though? This flask cost me $40. *SCREAM* Yes, I know. Can we just – okay, people? Can we stop making expensive things cool, okay? Why can’t we make going to the dollar store cool? Like “Oh, hey, I’m a dollar store girl! Yeah, I shop at the dollar store!” Why can’t that be cool? Why not? You know, why have we gotta make expensive stuff cool? It doesn’t make sense to me. So I spent a while painting on these little twiggy trees before I realized that it was a stupid idea and I absolutely hated it. Well, I’ve decided I hate this. So I did what any rational person would do and I pretty much just painted all over it and started again. THIS time however, I was determined to fully make a painting on this thing, like a proper proper proper painting as if it was a canvas; a big solid tree with a bear cuddling it. You know what they say, hug a tree, so I took a black marker and sketched out the shape of the objects and went from there. I LOVE using these kinds of colors together, I just really like making the more surrealness as opposed to realistic. In the end, this thing took me over five hours. Probably more like 6 hours to paint, took me a long time. But I’m really hoping that I can at least sell this and then all of the, the proceeds of this can go towards helping to plant trees. So, you know, I just wanna basically sell it for more than I paid for it, which was, you know, $40. Yes, I know. The pain. The pain. So if you followed me on Instagram, um, if you don’t, please do follow me because I post a lot more stuff there. I have been doing bears every day for Inktober and I am going to be creating a book with all of my bears from Inktober in it. So I’m very excited for that, it’s gonna be coming towards the end of November. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for that, I’m really, really excited that they’re going to be limited edition. And I’m just, I’m really excited for it. Also, going back to Team Trees, if you’d like to learn more information about the fundraiser, what they’re doing, where the trees are gonna be planted, check out teamtrees.org and again, one dollar donated plants one tree, so if you are able to donate, even if it’s one dollar, that would make such a huge impact and will be amazing if you can, and if you have social media or any kind, whether you do YouTube or you don’t or you just have a Facebook page, If you can use the hashtag “teamtrees” and just help raise awareness, that is just as amazing as well. I feel like my generation is really slammed for you know, complaining but not doing anything and this is just such a huge thing because now we’re doing something, you know, we’re all contributing and all thanks to MrBeast. Like, he is such a stellar guy and he’s only like 20 years old! And I just think it’s so important, I’m so hugely about the environment, it’s something that I, in my daily life, I’m trying to improve, I’m gonna be just doing my best to not only change my life with regards to the environment but I’m gonna also try to be a better influence um, on other people to be better with the environment, too. So I’m very excited, I’m definitely gonna be releasing those metal straw art cases that I talked about a little while ago. That’s definitely coming. What else do I need to talk about? Ooh, the bear. Okay, so the bear hugging the tree, initially you could see the profile of the bear but then I thought okay, that looks really weird, it doesn’t look right. I kept painting and repainting and painting and I just couldn’t get it right. So, I ended up just off-camera, painting his face looking into the forest so all you can see is him hugging the tree and the back of his head because I just like the idea of him looking off into the distance. And after I’d done that, I went outside into the well-ventilated area and spray-painted this with a sealant and it, this is how it turned out. I’m, I’m really happy that I was able to make this, again if you would like to purchase it, link will be in the description but yeah, this, this is, this was really fun, I highly recommend it, maybe not on a hydro flask because it’s so expensive, but definitely do give this a try if you want to and thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. Make sure to check out teamtrees.org, such a great fundraiser. And yes, thank you watching this video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Music*

100 thoughts on “I Painted a CUSTOM HYDRO FLASK?!

  1. IT SOLD WITHIN 12 MINUTES OMG. GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! $200 just went straight to team trees, see my tweet here!

  2. That's beautiful, Chloe! ☺ thank you! So grateful you're taking part in the teamtree..

    And my guess on what you gonna draw were correct, wohoow! 😎🤣

  3. Love Hydro Flasks, I might be biased since I am from Oregon (where they’re made) but they keep hot drinks hot for literately 12 hours its amaaazing

  4. Hi Chloe,
    The flask came out really cute and the little bear is so adorable. I believe the price of that thing, does it turn the water to gold? I am going to check out the site for the trees now. Thank you sharing

  5. I hate the environmental movement.. it make me waste more plastic with the new biodegradable plastic bag, I'm throwing away all my plastic bag now because i cant reuse them for storing other item since they all fall apart after a month or so and with the new no straw fad, I no longer buy drink with paper cup instead, i'm buying more bottle or can drinks since i dont want to spill sugar water all over my car..

  6. Sorry but I laugh to myself every time I hear a twenty something complaining about how old they are. You haven't seen anything yet.

  7. He guys did you know that you can’t breath in while you smile?

    Just kidding I just wanted to make you smile :]

  8. "Us old women can have fun too!" I died! Don't worry Chloe, it happens to all of us.

    Btw I completely agree with you for the making expensive stuff cool… Although they could just make it cheaper

  9. Guess I’m old too… never heard of a Hydro flask (over priced canister) before today

    Thanks Chloe for making me realize, that I’m old… only 25 so yay🙃

  10. who bought it for $200 its pretty but will the acrylics wash out :S
    I use them and mine at least wash out easy I guess it is custom but dfnoguboqwgbiob
    What kid stole her card?
    No hate
    Dont hate me

  11. 7:07 -you do know that buying from the dollar tree supports the worst offenders when it comes to environmentally sound production. Not that it is entirely the fault of those offenders. We in the rich countries pretty outsourced the dirty production and even circumvented what is and isn't allowed growing food and thereby still swallow the poison …
    If you wan't to improve, you will have to stay away from the dollar store and resort to chains who are very particular about how their stuff is produced. So say goodbye to amazon because amazon mixes up stuff so you never know where you get it from.
    Chains and people who are particular about the environment usually don't produce in large quantities and much of it is manufactures so they are way more expensive. The upside of that is, you are less tempted to buy stuff you don't need and use only once and then throw it away after the video is done. Hmmmm.

  12. PS: Why did you make me watch Marco… Geez. One thing is for sure. I will never be kewl, when this is kewl. And wow! How dumb do you have to be to buy into a marketing ploy like the "Hydro Flask" – it is nothing but a metal thermos flask. Do we really have to support something as indecent as this form of marketing? Can't you just refuse to buy this brand and buy an ordinary thermos flask. It can be painted just like the overpriced and over hyped product. That too is part of acting responsible towards the environment. Creating awareness to what we need and what we waste in our daily life as spoiled people in a rich country. I AM NO EXCEPTION.

  13. Lmao my palette looks the same 😂 but I still keep letting the paint dry on it and then struggle getting it all off EVERY time without fail 😂

  14. By painting it, you have actually added more value, (with art, time and product) than it had before. NOW $40 plus is understandable, but $40… for a chunk of metal? A plain white chunk of metal?
    I'm 18 and I don't understand "Youth Culture".

  15. waiting for the richest person to donate whatever else is needed to plant more than 20million trees. lmao

    wish i could donate 🙁

  16. You do realize Hydroflask donate a crap tonne of money to projects aimed at conserving nature. Good on you for drawing attention to a great cause, but by the 'over priced canister' company also do a lot of good. Maybe do your research properly instead of just following a trend and being insulting.

  17. “This lovely, overpriced canister,” I said as I longingly looked at the custom hydro flask before coughing on the $200 price tag and sold out icon

  18. chloe.. it's not because you're old….. my parents who are in their 40's have one. and they had one before they become a vsco girl thing.

  19. Chloe YOY NEED to say “sksksksksk and I oop and I oop” while hoping that over priced canister and you will be young and a VISCO GIRL!!!!!!!

  20. This is beautiful ..great cause and I did my bit as it’s the most important thing this planet needs..You are a kid ..wait until your weeks away from becoming a pensioner lol now that feels old ha ha..glad I as young as you in my head though ha ha 😀

  21. I'm old too its for rich people to make other people feel bad cuz they don't have one. Its more associated with vsco girls. Its a fad like pogs, silly bands, and fidget spinners. Eventually something else will come out and then people will be like that was so last week making the person who saved up for weeks to finally fit in and buy one feel even worse for not having the expensive "in" item of the week, month, year

  22. If you can find a water bottle that’ll keep water hot for 12+ hours in freezing weather at a cheaper price I’ll happily buy one! For now hydro flask it is

  23. I bought a similar water bottle like that for like $10-15 from tjmaxx 🤷🏻‍♀️ It does the job. Idk why you would spend anymore than that tbh

  24. I know all about hydroflask, they are those things that make people cry when we tell them they can't bring them in to the large event place I volunteer at. So many crying girls because security doesn't allow metal water bottles and their only options are take it to thier car or throw it away.

  25. I own 4 hydro flasks, keeps my hot coco hot for hours and my iced drinks cold all day long. I love my flask and yea they are a bit overpriced but they are an item you wait for a good sale for.

  26. I would like to know where he can get trees for a dollar. I understand the concept of buying in bulk but it still seems pretty cheap for a tree.

  27. Everybody at my school is obsessed with hydroflasks and I don’t understand. It’s just a metal water bottle. What’s so special about them?

  28. My brother and I both have Hydroflasks…. expensive but they work so much better than any other flask I've had before…. so each to their own

  29. Hey Chloe !

    I don’t much about you but I do love watching your videos but I’m this video i could only think that you don’t have anything to talk about and you forced yourself …


  30. Why is the hydrflask so expensive, and why arent dollar store things cool? Sustainability!
    Since this is a video about saving the planet I feel like you might be open for this point of view.
    (Now I'm not trying to shame andbody or say that I'm better in any way. But I want to share a different perspective)
    The hydroflask comes with a lifetime warranty, which doesnt only reduce waste, because hopefully noone throws it away, but also reduces used resources, energy (and also cost) per use. What dollarstore bottle would last a life time?
    Now I'm cheap aswell, and since I dont see how my daily use could ever destroy a hydroflask, I bought a comparable one from a different brand on sale at tj maxx for 20€. (Just as durable and insulated, but without the warranty.)
    I've had it in daily use for 6 years now. Thats over 2000 uses. That makes it about 1ct per use.(with the hydroflask 2.25ct) It still awesome performance, 100% leakfree. And I plan on using it indefinitely. I dont know about you, but Ive never had so much use per cost from a dollarstore item. Plus they are so cheap, even if they dont break you dont value them as much, so if you find a cuter design you might not think twice about getting the new design and tossing your still ok old bottle.
    Ive learned to value durability in the last couple of years, and to not buy stuff I dont really need. This has saved me way more money, than all my 'dollar store deals' that land in the trash real soon.

  31. The worst thing is that I donated three dollars to teamtrees because it’s the only money I have without going negative dollars 😂😂😂😂

  32. So that hydro flask is expensive AF but…. They work…. I have gone back to water 24 hours later and it was just as cold as when I put it in there. I mean there are probably cheaper things that work just as well and/or it doesn't need to be that expensive but… I dunno… Anyway sweet painting. Good job!

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