I LIKE DRAWING SPIDER-WEBS! | Bride of Frankenstein | FASIMS | Dips Pens and India Ink

I LIKE DRAWING SPIDER-WEBS! | Bride of Frankenstein | FASIMS | Dips Pens and India Ink

So today
I thought I could do a nice fun sketch in my sketchbook Inktober themed illustration and maybe end up with an actual drawing at the end. Let’s find out. [Giggles] ♪ Alright we have a nice blank page to intimidate us. I can’t find my mechanical pencil, So I guess be tortured by eraser shavings and pencil shavings today. So my idea for today is I’ve been kinda inspired, not particularly following any Inktober prompts, but just drawing kind of like spooky girls. [Laughs] And so I asked on Twitter for some ideas, ’cause mine were running a little dry. And the first one that like really inspired me was a bride of Frankenstein. But I don’t know what’s the correct way to say that. Is it the bride of Frankenstein’s monster? Or the bride of Frankenstein? I’m not really hip with that kind of information. So let me know but you know who I’m drawing, right? I do want to also modernize the outfit a little and make it my own, so it’s not really the Frankenstein’s monsters Bride. That you see on the regular, you know. Obviously there are some things to her design that we’re gonna need to keep. Otherwise, it’s not gonna look like her. So let’s figure out what those are. I’ve seen her dressed in all black and in all white. So I guess it depends and I’m gonna choose all black. That’s what I want to go with. For this first sketch, I’m going to keep the pose pretty minimal. Just
so we can lay out her outfit and like her character design. Do we want to keep like the hair that goes straight back like that with the streak? I feel like that’s important, but I don’t know if we need to keep that hairstyle. We just need to make sure we keep those white stripes in her hair and maybe keep a little bit of the frizziness [Giggles] That hair. ♪ I want to go like heavy on the makeup, that could be fun. Alright now for the outfit. When I first pictured – I’m sorry
if my voice sounds funny, my nose is all stuffed. But when I first pictured – I first thought hey, this is the character I want to draw and try to like modernize in a way and like create my own character design, I pictured the all-black outfit, with something kind of big and baggy on the top. Something slim underneath and then like tight fitted pants. I don’t know why, because that’s not really
what I’ve seen her in from my experience. I feel like she needs something hanging though because she always wears that like long dress. But I don’t want to avoid skirts ’cause I’ve been drawing a lot of characters with skirts lately. Maybe something lacy. Obviously,
we’ve got lots of time to figure this out. [Giggles] It’s just the sketch. See what works, see what doesn’t. What if we have like a collar that comes up? ♪ Maybe more like this. Yeah, that doesn’t look all that modern though, does it? Kind of picturing it being a biker jacket…? I don’t know I’ve just got to go with my instinct here at the beginning and then we’ll… We’ll assess from there. And I want everything to be black and dark, so it’ll contrast with her very pale skin. I’m going off my limited knowledge. I should probably have googled it. Hmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. I feel like I picture the Bride of Frankenstein being a little bit more elegant. So let’s try something a little different. I’m gonna pull her hair up. Into almost like a classy bun and obviously it’ll have the stripes. [Laughs] How can we make this a little classier? We could make it like a trench-coat. Really classy people wear trench-coats. We also have to get those bandages on her hands. We can have it like spew out a little bit, to give her some shape Ha, spew. Flair would be a cuter word I suppose. [Laughs] Maybe we’ll roll up the sleeves and then you’ll see like the bandages… On her arms. Then we’ll give her some like freakishly high heels and she can run in them. She’s just that… Talented. [Laughs] Ooh, we could give her like thigh high boots. But then I feel like she needs a skirt. I mean
you can wear thigh high boots over pants that just… [Pencil clatters on desk] Maybe lower the boots a little… What if we give her like – No, that’s not classy. What do we – Let’s try skirt. Why not? Last time we tried pants. I’m gonna keep some of that like, squiggly energy and then put it in the skirt. Like it’s shiny. I think we’re getting somewhere. I think we’re heading in the right direction. Still not a hundred percent on the design… Want to work on this bottom half. I don’t really care for the skirt. And then the thigh high boots haven’t quite won me over. I really do like the trench-coat. I like the contrast there between a large article clothing and like a tiny one. So we get to try again. Yay! Oh, we need to sharpen this. Alright. Try this again. It’s a
little tricky because I need to do a bunch of full bodies because I’m trying to design the whole character. Uh, I feel like I’m off to a bad start. Gonna try again. Try a bit slender. More slender of a character. Might
as well try like completely different things every time and then pick my favorite elements from each and maybe put them all together And maybe I’ll be happy. Mmmmm-hmmm. I don’t know. You know what might be cute? This is kind of similar to that one. Let me try something different. What about like a pencil skirt? Goes down to like the knees. ♪ Pull the jacket off the side of her shoulder, like an Instagram model. ♪ Everything will be dark, dark tones! There we go. It’s another idea. She looks like a professor though. Add a little frizz. I think the skirt needs a little something, like straps. Belt buckles or something? I don’t know. That feels spooky. Give her little booties, I guess. I don’t know. This one’s not quite coming together. Kind of like the hair, but maybe it needs… a bit more frizz like you’re just shocked to life! Gonna try one last thing try to be like completely different Kind of like how different these two were. Gonna be sitting down. ♪ I don’t know, big bun. Maybe a t-shirt, like an oversized t-shirt. Maybe it’s a band t-shirt…? What’s a good name for a band? Black lips. Obviously it’s got to be black. Heh, heh. Add some extra frizz. Figure
out these legs that are kind of left for the last minute Maybe some tights and then boots. It’s a fun drawing but it’s not really what I’m going for for this particular character design. But I’ll definitely keep it on the back burner. Maybe I can use something like that for something else. Alright. I think I need to start pinpointing my design. I like the trench-coat. So yes – the trench coat. I kind of like this spider web design here. For hair, It’s probably one of these two. I kind of like this hair too and then for skirt, I don’t know! I mean, I could button up but the trench-coat, then it would look like a skirt, then she just have pants sticking out. What does that look like? If we button it up, flare it out over those high heels. I’m not sure about the hair though. It does have a certain classiness to it, but maybe it’s too much in that direction…? Not enough of like… And not quite rough enough around the edges. What if the heels were really high, would that help? I think it just hides too much under the coat. If I do this,
then everything’s gonna just end up being black up until her face
and I feel like that doesn’t leave enough contrast. Especially just in the character design itself. So I think we’re going to go more this. But maybe keep the pants Oh, and I like to that top too and hair. What about hair? Add more frizz. Just feel like she needs something
like hanging off the edge of her wrist. I’m gonna try coming up with the pose now. [Pencil clatters on the desk] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Then we can move
on to some better paper for our actual illustration. Once I have everything settled. What if we have a torso facing this direction, then her hips are facing the other? Trench-coat out a little bit more. Try that spider web. The collar thing. Could probably also give a little bit
more spider web design to the actual… Fabric here. If I bring the arm up, maybe we can have like the little tassels or bandages. Heck yeah, I love drawing shoes like this. I would never wear them But draw them, Mm-hmm. Look at the fun shape. It’s got square edges and like pointy bits. What if we give her like huge hair? Mmm. No I’m not really feeling that. Give her those pants with the weird seams at the knees. You could also pull – I think this trench-coat was a little longer. I made it to the knee We’ll pull that down a little see how that looks. That way her – if it does I can actually slim it a little. Make it a little less flouncy . Add a little more frizz. I definitely want to keep the frizz. That’s gonna be so fun. [Laughs] I don’t know
why she looks like she’s looking for something maybe she’s looking for her own bride. [Laughs] Husband, I don’t know. I’ve got some bristol board here that I cut. She should fit very nicely on here. Move this out of the way. We can start sketching on here. I’m gonna keep it dull because I just want to sketch very lightly and if I sharpen it, I might be tempted to do more details than I need to. Just kinda sketch it out. I wanna make sure I can fit those long legs. Which didn’t happen this go-around. Not sure those are the proportions I was looking for. ♪ This pose is confusing me. ♪ No, something – Mmm See, I’ve made the leg very long and then the torso is kind of short and I kind of try to draw it dark on camera, so that it shows up. But that’s kicking me in the butt right now. This is what happens if you don’t use the thumbnails and you try to just do your own thing. Yeah, I’ll just use the other side of the paper! I do like – [Sketchbook squeaks unpleasantly on desk] Oh that was squeaky. I do like the twisty, turny nature of this pose. So let’s just try to do that pose. So we got the torso, is looking this way. We got the hips lookin’ the other way like that. Could even like bend the leg up a little bit more The torso looking that way and that looking that way. Then the head can be lookin’ almost straight maybe to even change it up some more and for hair, I think I want to go with the third one’s hair. The big frizziness. Shape it out there for now and then it’ll have like the white sections. This is in my way, go way blue thing. Gone now. Okay, I’ve definitely managed to slim down the character. I usually tend to draw like shorter stubbier your people because I think I base a lot of my drawings off myself. but we’re trying something different because now we have a long torso and long legs, which I think furthers that illusion. Do we want skirt or pants, skirt or pants? [Nervous noises] Tough decision. One I have to make every morning and it never gets easy. [Laughs] She kinda looks like a supermodel. Which isn’t technically my intention. Maybe if we give her the more classy outfit at the end, that’ll solve that problem. Obviously, she’s got the body type of one. The way I’ve drawn her and I gave her that big hair. Maybe we should change something. Uh, no, come on. I’m committed. Let’s just stick with this. Spiderweb! I like that. I think I’ll put one hand like here and one hand down there. Give her some wibbly-wobbly… Movement. Just makes her look a little less stagnant. Now she’s like ta-da. I’m here boys and girls. This arm’s really long. Ehh. I’ll keep it for now, I guess. I don’t know. Yeah, never mind, I’ll change it. It’s a little nicer, a little more believable and she’s gonna have the straps… Bandages. Keeps your hands on I guess. Then we want her trench-coat, which I should have drawn at the beginning ’cause now it’s gonna be confusing. [Laughs] It cinches in at the waist and then comes outwards. I’ll darken that here so I see what I’m working with. Oh I like this! This is going somewhere! Actually, the straps on the trench-coat would be pulled in the back because they’re tied which is what gives it that shape. Getting a little confused here. I’ll try erasing some of this. I haven’t decided on the pants yet either. Oh, we wanted those like seams at the knee. I love those. Add a little depth back here. Yeah and then these straps would be going backwards on the trench coat because they’re being tied behind her which gives it that like cinched in waist Illusion. Gonna give her really pointy shoulders. Yes. Oh, hey. Wait! [Gasps] I just did that on accident. When I did this, it kind of made it look like the trench coat has no sleeves and that makes me think a little bit more of The bride of Frankenstein’s original design, I don’t know, I think I want to keep that. We could even give it like fringe. [Gasps] Oh! She has like bandages that like hang everywhere. ♪ Hmm. I’m not sure about that part! Yeah, something similar. We’ll just give it really long ones. Straps that can I come off from there. She’s got a seam that goes straight down the leg. Yes, okay. I’m liking this. It’s getting somewhere. Not 100% on these things. I’m gonna give this a little bit of a sharpen and then go in in on the face! I kind of like the eyes in this one, that’s fun. I feel like the bride of Frankenstein’s forehead’s kind of prominent so I’m gonna make that decent size. I guess these can be like… The white streaks, I don’t know. They feel a little lasagney to me. [Hums start of wedding tune] Maybe if I shade it in. Not sure it really reads as Bride of Frankenstein to be completely honest. The streaks are just wrong. I think they need to come backwards a little bit more. These ones are coming a little too far forward. I don’t know. That’s what I’m gonna guess is the problem. I don’t like to do this much erasing on a drawing! Let’s like pull it back. So it comes like outwards. A little bit. Haha, that looks hilarious. Shorten the hair a little bit this time. Change the silhouette of the character that way. ♪ A little more frizz here and there. The frizz I think definitely does help give her that like shock to life vibe. Got some bandages hanging off there. Might be a little bit better. Okay! Perfect and add line-art. Grab some of this ink. I don’t know if I still have any PH Martin in this. I might have filled this… with Speedball but it’s either one or the other. I like to keep this at a low level so that I can dip it straight in, without worrying about the ink going up the pen. Okay. I think I got this. So start top left move to the bottom right. ♪ Finally gettin’ to the fun part. [Laughs] I feel
like this is really important and I’m kinda just fluffing it! I feel you need that certain silhouette. ♪ Eyelashes, eyeballs! Phew, I was really worried about that chin. ♪ Moving on to the outfit. ♪ This spiderweb thing. [Makes pen noises] Alright and then you just do the little connecty bits. ♪ There we go! The way I wanted it! [Laughs] Spiderwebs on the bottom. Not sure what Bride
of Frankenstein has to do with spiderwebs, but They look cool! hands are
something I’ve been having a lot of fun drawing lately, but whenever I get out the ink.. They never turn out quite as well. Yep. [Giggles] That goes for both hands this time. Try see if I can do it again. ♪ Hmm. Yas! Uh! I almost thought I smudged the face. Oh, I did a little bit, that could have been much worse! Last boot, last boot. ♪ Alright now kind of nervous to do anything until this dries I do want to fill in this with solid black. I could probably do that. Hah, we’ll see… If I regret this. Going with a paintbrush. Just fill it in. Solid like. Try not to put my hand in it. Something about painting with straight ink, makes me so happy! It’s just so nice and solid. Boots, maybe. Boots I could probably color in. Not crazy about the detail I put into them anyway. ♪ Alright I’m gonna let this dry before I touch it any more and then we could start adding in some more tone! And really make this look more finished and also like erase, you know, the pencil. We’re officially completely dry. I waited double extra time, should be safe to erase. [Tap, tap, tap.] So, I think what I want is trench-coat thingy to be the darkest. Then these two sections could be the same color as the hair. [Water bottle sqooshing] Add a little bit of ink. I’m gonna
just start with this and then we can layer from there. I love the swirlies. [Chuckles] I think this one’s gonna be much darker. Yeah, look at that. It actually seems to dry lighter. So I’m probably gonna need an even darker color! Not sure how big to make the little white sections. Ha, the little white sections. The white sections, I mean. We’re having a little bit of buckling happening! It’s making the pigment pool little. So I’m gonna try and just [Paper tapping] let it fall. I don’t know. I’m gonna do… something! [Gasps] I wasn’t recording! Okay now I’ll switch to this audio. [Laughs] and I think the other thing I’m gonna want to do is have the skin be a little bit darker than the band-aid so maybe we’ll keep the band-aids Bandages whatever. [Laughs] Completely white. and I also a darker color here. So let’s mix that. One! Oh, so fun. That just squished! It’s like Nightmare Before Christmas or something. Double ink! I’m gonna do it with full water and see how they dry. ♪ I should probably have that fade a little, get a little lighter as it gets to the top because I want that hair to be pretty dark. Actually, I kind of wanna throw in a little this dark… On here. Color in the skin. And avoid anywhere that’s wet ‘Cause I don’t really want any of that happening. There we go. That worked pretty well. Oh we gotta do the face! Maybe darken it up a little… Around the nose and the cheekies. I kind of want the lips to be really dark but that will be a decision we make maybe last. I don’t know what happened over here, but hopefully I can fix it. Slowly darken up the hair. Do it in like sections. So it looks a little bit more organic. It’s starting to look a little bit more… Like the character it’s supposed to. It definitely did not before I colored it in the hair, but now I’m think I’m getting closer. Wait for that to dry before I go in there. Touch up the nose and cheeks again. [Laughs] Again. I definitely think I want almost everything a little darker. I mean this might be fine. I just picture everything being almost black and the
only thing that’s black are these shadows and the boots. I think there’s definitely missing some contrast So maybe I’m gonna make the hair even darker. Add a little water. See how that dries. I’ve got my little swatches up here. ♪ Add a little shading, why not? I don’t do that often enough for sure. [Laughs] Darken up this leg ’cause it’s like bent down a little bit more than this leg but we can also add a little bit a kneecap shading. Blend it out. Very nice. A little shading under the belt. Could probably add a little bit of shading on the bandages that are like hanging. Love the way the ink layers. It’s like a little bit like Copic markers, but better [Laughs] ‘Cause it like always gets darker. You don’t like reach a limit. Well… Black is the limit. [Laughs] We’re really close to be done! I feel like I need some kind of background element though. Not sure what that’ll be. You know what she looks like? I just realized, with our hands like that and like the coat She looks like the Scarlet Witch. [Laughs] Whoops! That wasn’t the intention. I just really wanted to color in that leg. That was way darker than I thought it was going to be. See if we can lift it a little bit. Alright, I do want to get a little highlight to the eyeballs as usual. I feel like it just adds so much more life to the character. [Pen cap clicks off] Done! I kind of like it. I think the tone’s alright, there’s a decent amount of contrast, obviously still need to improve on that, but I ‘m getting better. Think i’ll darken this up. It’s just too gray, too gray. I’m kinda happy with this! Maybe I should sign it. [Pen tip squeaks] Ew. [Giggles] Should have just dipped it back in the bottle. Hahaha! [Coughs, sniffs] OK, I’m good. Here we have my finished drawing for the day – Oh, too close. I have my
finished drawing for the day little Frankenstein’s… Monsters bride, whatever you call her and then we have the sketches we made today, which is my favorite part! [Laughs] I still
really like – I don’t know. I like elements of all of them. But obviously this is what we’ve finished with! Put this in frame. I love it.It’s so beautiful. I do want to thank you guys for watching. Let me know what you drew if you did draw along and yeah, thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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