I learn how to draw Furries for 30 days

I learn how to draw Furries for 30 days

Look at all this amazing art Man, I really wish I was able to draw.. You are you stupid f***, you just need to start practicing it. What? No I’m not Oh really? Have you ever even tried to draw? *sniff* You haven’t, eh? I tried once like two years ago, and it didnt work out, it just looked ugly Dude you spent like 2 minutes and 0 effort on that, like, w-what did you expect? IIIII…. I… I dont know If you wanna get good at drawing you gotta start practicing it fine. I’ll… I’ll watch a tutorial! Good. See I can’t draw it.. it- it just looks ugly Dude it’ll take more time than that to get good you know? What? Are you telling me it actually takes effort to be able to draw? That can’t be right. *Divine celestial ball sigh* Allright, Allright, I’ll.. I’ll try harder, just.. shut your mouth In this beautiful fandom there are tons of amazing artists drawing a ton of supercool fluffy animals So one day I was wondering if I could do the same thing I quickly found an answer to it, and it’s yes. Yes I can draw supercute fluffy animals, I just need a lot more practice before I’ll be able to do it. You see I found a rule, it’s called the 10 000 hours rule. It states that to reach the top of a field, like, *REALLY* the top It will take me at least 10 000 hours of practice to get there. That’s a pretty terrifying number That’s the same as practicing for 1 hour, every day, for 27 years and 265 But it’s also pretty cool tho right? Because it means that I can become anything I want, as long as I get all of them hours of practice down. Wanna become an amazingly skilled artist? 10 000 hours, done Wanna become an amazingly skilled brain surgeon? 10 000 hours, done But then again it’s… Pretty depressing It’s.. 10 000 hours, you know.. I wanna be able to draw supercool fluffy animals right now, not 10 to 30 years into the future However I did some more digging, and I found a way more motivating rule. It states that with about 20 to 30 hours of deliberate practice, I will gain the basic understanding of something So.. That means… That if I spend 30 hours on trying to draw furries, I should be able to draw stuff that looks ok-ish SO, with all of that in mind, I decided that I was gonna draw for 1h/day, 30 days in a row I started by looking up tutorials on how to draw which led me to DrawWithJazza’s youtubechannel There I found something insanely cool which I will recreate right now Here we have a smol stickfigure, however this is a very very bad stickfigure. Now if we just do some small changes, it’s already kinda looking better, it looks more humanlike if we then start moving the limbs around, we show the stickfigure trying to communicate something and if we then add in slightly more movement, we can make things look pretty cool actually We can even start making animations by just using simple stickfigures Another cool thing that jazza teached me is that everything we draw is built up by really simple shapes Take the human body for example The breast is just a big rectangle, The shoulders are just smol circles, The head is just another circle, and that’s pretty much how things go. We draw the simple shapes, and then we start building on top of those shapes. So thanks for all that lovely information jazza! You are really inspiring and I love your content

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  1. Hoy! Here are some sources, inspirations and rants and stuff! Wasn’t able to add this comment right after upload because I was tired.

    The 10 000 hours rule is quite largely discussed, if you wanna look more into it I suggest googling around and read different perspectives ’n stuff, but here’s a pretty cool and inspiring art story:

    I took the 20 hour rule (I raised it to 30 because I wanted to) from a ted talk
    «The first 20 hours – how to learn anything»

    How to improve rapidly

    The 7 habits of highly effective artists

    I spent very little time on actually finishing things, I mostly spammed out sketches and stuff like that to understand how foxes are built up from the ground up. If I were to focus on finishing things in the early stages, I’d be spending a lot of time that I could’ve instead spent on trying to understand how stuff functions.

    Art is a very broad subject. 20 hours on «art» is very vague. It’s possible to use the 20 hours «rule» in a very fun way

    Let’s say you spend:
    20h on human anatomy
    20h on fox anatomy
    20h on hands
    20h on paws
    20h on fur
    20h on eyes
    20h on facial expressions
    20h on exaggerating facial expressions
    20h on exaggerating body language

    Now your furries should start looking real good ;* You can split art into a lot of different parts, which is pretty fun. Ofcorse it takes a lot of work to actually achieve this kinda thing, but you know, dreams are fun.

    ok I don’t really know what this comment was, but felt like adding something I dunno

  2. You made me want to start drawing agian, thanks for making these videos and being such a positive person!!

  3. I use to be alright in high school, I would look through my work through the semesters and notice a huge improvement at times, havnt drawn really for 3 years because my job gets in the way but really want to get back into drawing again, I think this concept will help me out a lot. Thank you for sharing you experience, it inspired me.

  4. What about people who are amazingly skilled at art and they're not even 27 years old yet, in fact some that aren't even 20 yet.

  5. Ok, so, it took you 39hs to draw a gud furry, man, why am I gud at everything? I think I may find life to easy. •–• it takes me 3mins to learn things. Like, EVERYTHING EXEPT SPELLING. (Y am I writing this?)

  6. Ah Ah, this remind me so much when i started years Ago. i admit it needs lot of motivation and passion… years tu reach my current skills in drawing, but it's really pleasant to noticed all the progresses that i made since that time. and also to share my drawings and to make pleasure to my friends, to make them happy with pictures ^^
    i like to say that you have to following the rule of "Ps" : Pratice, Patience, Passion, Pleasure.

    …buuuut, yeah, sometime you are not motivated yourself… because.. reasons.. and lazyness.. heh! <<" chortles
    and you have your inside voice telling you to stop to be lazy x')
    that was a fun vidéo, really amusing and cute. and you wasn't that bad at the end, hope you continue to try to draw time to time ^-^

  7. DUDE You draw better than me I am terrible at doing this I can only draw furries in the form of Tails or Sonic figures looking like Tails -_-

  8. congrats dude! I know it's difficult to start up art and it can be kind of unmotivating at first, but just remember: all of those artists you were admiring had to start somewhere. their art looked bad when they started to, so keep at it! just in this video I could already see a great improvement from just 30 days, and that's super awesome!! so awesome, in fact, that I'll do it too! I've always drawn people my whole life, but I'm going to start drawing animals for an hour everyday for a month. thank you for inspiring me!!

  9. This has inspired me to get back into drawing and writing
    Writing has been stagnant for a year
    I haven’t drawn since i was 11

  10. I drew from refrence most o the time. But i do some freehanding. Been on and off it for a while. Combining diffrent elements with a personal touch to it. Hope i can make some rlly gud progress

  11. i did this technique, and its not really working out, but with welding, and 7 hours for 30 days… im tired…

  12. This is now inspiring me to draw one hour a day. I can only most draw just a furry head and it always comes out bad, I'm slowly learning details now though. Thank you for inspiring me TwoFurryBros!

  13. It’s been pretty much 2 years, maybe 2 and a half since i gave up on drawing.
    No matter how hard i tried, nothing i drew came out good in any way, no matter what i drew or how i tried to draw it. And overall, it stopped being fun and started being depressing tbh.
    I’ve thought about giving it another shot a few times, but as much as i want to draw something cool or whatever, i know that it’s just going to end up disappointing and making me feel like shit-

  14. i found this video one time called "the benefits of incest", and the kid in the video used your fursona….

  15. Super amazing and inspiring video! I hope you are still practicing your drawings, keep up the good work! 😀

  16. That voice fits the fursona SO perfectls 😀 it is just so damn adorable. Both the fursona and voice 😀 Thanks so much for that advice! I am really into drawing anthros aswell and I hope I can get my little fox right one day! <3

  17. I’m a furry artist and I think I’m pretty good at it and I absolutely loved some your your 3/4 views in this video!

  18. My parents lived in different cities for 2 years because of work, and my Dad did night shifts, so that meant that I would have to ride the buss for 3ish hours to get to my Mom. And u know, I was maybe 5-6 years old in the early 2010's. What would a child do on a buss for 3ish hours if not sleep, play on a electronic device or read? (school in Finland starts at the age of 7 I didn't know how to read) DRAW. And for someone who draws the whole day at daycare/preschool, home and then at least +6ish hours a week on the buss, I think I got the 10 000 hours of practice before I was 10. Like goddamn. No wonder people say I don't have a life or that they think I'm at least 25

  19. Me: learns how to draw decent wolf anatomy in like 3 years

    This video: in 30 hours I learned how to draw furries and foxes!

    Me: well shit

  20. Im looking back at my old art and cringing. Though it does feel really good to see how you started out and how much you have improved. I have one of my old drawings as my pfp. Im only 14 im excited to compare my present art to my furture art

  21. I really find drawing hard. But I really want to be a furry artist when I get older. If only there was a way so I can get help.

  22. Aww man… You got it all wrong! You must learn the foundametals of drawing! Starting with perspective and construction. And you have to find a useful source of learing, not just a 10 min. Useless drawing things on YT.

  23. The foofy staring into the white void while having a mental monologe is just perfect. Thats how i feel during school exams XD (was the name foofy ?foofie? I dunno)

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