I Hired Fiverr Musicians To Finish My Song...

I Hired Fiverr Musicians To Finish My Song…

hello everyone welcome back over the past month or so I've been hiring musicians on Fiverr to finish a song idea of mine Fiverr is a marketplace that connects people who offer a digital service to people like me looking to buy one you can find graphic designers two animators two musicians and everything else you can imagine it was built on the idea that everything is five dollars so theoretically I should be able to get an entire song done for $50 though that definitely was not the case I actually used to do a lot of session stuff on Fiverr when I've started YouTube to supplement my income and I have mixed feelings on the website as a whole sometimes it's absolute garbage and other times it's really quite great I just got the final pieces for my song back and we'll listen to that shortly but before we dive into it you may notice my cool new guitar playing samurais silhouette sweater is part of my brand new spring 2019 merch line and I've got it available in sweater or t-shirt form and a variety of colors over wws sharp samurai guitar Escom anyways let's go back in time to the beginning of this adventure hello again this is me from the past to start out I'm going to record a very simple acoustic guitar part nothing fancy basic feel key of a-minor let's make it easy on the people I hire besides the guitar parts I'll be hiring five room musicians for everything else I'll send them this track and they'll do the rest here's a quick preview of the part okay so first of all I need to get some lyrics I've sent a seller a message asking them to write me two verses and a chorus for that acoustic guitar part I said to come up with whatever they wanted and offered no further instructions they offered to do it for $20 I'm gonna hit accept and see what they come up with I've got my lyrics in that only took two days top marks for promptness let's check these babies out title forever ends very nice we have a title my heart has been bleeding since you left everything lost its colour as you're not here even my soul deep inside cannot find rest like its exile in the middle of nowhere I believe the sellers from Nigeria so I suspect English isn't their first language let's see what else we've got here I will just wear your name on my heart till forever ends as you're my shining star like the waves usually leave the sea do they though or do they stay part of the sea and just sometimes hit the beach and then go back into it and if it's usually then are there times where they don't leave the sea like the sunlight leaves the sky to sleep you left me with a heart broken in pieces but once filled me with hope and dream boohoo wine wine wine and all the writer does in the song is just complain if somebody's saying this to me I don't think I would feel affectionate towards them I would just be annoyed when I come across a really amazing lyric I might remark that it's a million-dollar lyric this is a twenty dollar lyric it's pretty generic the wording is clumsy and the metaphors are uninspired but it's not like Paul Simon is selling lyrics on Fiverr for 20 bucks so this is about what I expected I can work with it next I need someone to sing these lyrics and come up with a melody I found a girl from Bulgaria who will do it plus provide backups for 70 bucks good luck to her my vocal parts were done in about a week I'm only getting a chance to listen to them now I'm gonna drag them into my Pro Tools session with the acoustic guitar jump to the middle and uh let's see how they sound and save the day the price you'll see from my this guy's but can't see through the my Oh am i all right I've got an update I messaged her she was very apologetic and she said that she attached the wrong files I've got the right ones here let's try this again even my soul deep inside cannot fire else like it's excited in the middle no well I will just wear your name that is significantly better thank the Lord all is not lost honestly I'm quite impressed it's not easy to take lyrics you had no part in writing and get them to fit over a chord progression but she did a fine job she's got a nice voice the melody is fairly catchy her accent is quite strong but I suspected as much going in I would say I got my money's worth next let's do the instruments I'll get the drums done and then send those tracks to the bass player and then send all the track's to the keyboard player I've got a fellow Canadian who said he can do the drums for $52 a British bassist laying down the low end for $55 and an American fellow doing the keys for 63 bucks again I'm not offering any real direction here I'm just sending them the tracks and telling them to do what they do best hope they come up with something cool we'll review and all the instruments come back in I've got the rest of the tracks and everyone had them to me in about a week or so and I'm especially excited to find out that the keyboard player not only gave me an organ but also a Wurlitzer I didn't even ask for that what a bonus let's take a listen and keep in mind everything at this point is still totally unmixed should Excel yeah I mean it's really starting to sound like an actual song next up it's time for all Sammy G to do his magic I'm gonna record some guitar parts do some additional percussion get a mix and then she done I've recorded all my parts put it all together and have the final product ready for you guys my grand total was $260 Kier's with that get si I played it since you left everything lost its koala as you are shining the waves usually leave the seat but God Wow shining there you have it five or musicians finish my song idea here a couple thoughts on this experiment first of all a good end product is contingent on having a well-written song to begin with I had nothing more than an acoustic guitar part to start so this was not pill battle but everyone did a highly acceptable job along the way especially considering what they charged they're all easy to work with and totally professional the lyrics for the weak part that stands out to me which isn't ideal considering that's the first thing the ear gravitates towards but besides that creatively I think all the musicians came up with really solid parts and I was definitely impressed by that production-wise doesn't really sound like there was a coherent concept it just sounds like a bunch of good musicians playing over a chord progression instead of a polished idea of course what else would you expect I don't blame the musicians at all it's on the producer to articulate the vision that would be me and I didn't do that so the question is when I do this again for music that I care about probably not I could hire local musicians I know and trust for a similar rate and I could be much more creatively involved it's much easier to direct a session when you're there in the room if there's a problem you can fix it on the spot instead of getting a tract and asking someone to go back and fix something via messaging however if all I had in my disposal was 500 musicians it's definitely a decent and reasonably priced option I'll link to the pages of the people I worked with in the description if you want to hire them for your projects I would recommend them that about wraps up let me know what you guys thought about this song in this video in general in the comments I always like hearing from you and don't forget to swing by WWE sharp samurai guitars com2 check out my new merc stroke you can get the guitar playing samurai silhouettes a t-shirt or sweater form and a bunch of different colors they're available in all different sizes and they ship all around the world thank you all for watching and an extra big thank you to everyone who supports my channel through patreon having a budget to work with makes all the difference in the world for videos like these you guys really do make what I do possible if you're new here hit that subscribe button stay tuned for regular musical content if you want to watch another video like this one you can hit that link up there I'm samurai guitarist and I will see you again soon

21 thoughts on “I Hired Fiverr Musicians To Finish My Song…

  1. THAT'S ME! This is not what I expected

    Edit: thanks for all the nice comments, glad everyone likes my hair

  2. Happy that I'm from Bulgaria but the singing wasn't that good look our swedish boy making epic song: Pewdiepie

  3. Try it again exactly the same way with different people

    maybe go up or down in price on specific things, and then compare the two

  4. At least we Needed A Song Called: “Long Live ANDRES BRAVO…” (Without Quotations) 😇🤘🏻❤️

  5. Seeing these comments makes me feel good again and restores some faith in humanity for me!
    The song is okay – I quite like it for what it was and is.
    All the musicians gave what they could, I guess. It's nice overall!

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