hey guys it's a lot of other nights my channel who are you I'm so nervous right now kingi I'm going to get my tent I was watching videos on bang bang I know like Justin Bieber was tattooed at this place Cara everyone no one knows who car is whenever I ask people they did her Alliance she originally wanted the word lion like Li oh and on her finger the guy I'm going to did ashley tisdale spent so much time stopping this artist his work by the way I know this sounds kind of promo II but I'm just really into the work and I wanted to show you guys update our train is strong so that's cute might miss my appointment she's not reasonable too far down do you like my shirt it's from Pakistani why is the tray away if I don't go I lost $400 they say this area is like one of the most painful places to get tattooed so we do have three tattoos that they're small and this one is a micro tattoo other tattoos I've had are done with like let's just say seven years right this tattoo is done with one needle so I think it hurts more takes on their time it's very more detail and I'm freaking nervous that's where I'm at when I'm very excited because I've wanted this tattoo in this area by this specific artist for literally like a year I've been showing everyone his pictures his Instagram and being like oh look how talented this person it I would literally be like tremendous when you walk right now I'm going to take my earrings off I think what time is it you know by the way my necklace and earrings are from bond on roofs I'll link them below in this ring tune these bracelets are actually for charity a donkey actually I should check them out or link them down below to my knee hurts was saying these bracelets mean all because Zeus a lump on his hip by ordering HP and you extra belly rubs special treats and a whole lot of loving so we're sponsoring animals as you guys know or you may not know I've lost her animals before they get adopted yeah I love support you can go to and races calm it's true Marie has a period my focus that God knew barely key we found her out of work she on so and I just came back from vacation food shoulder right yeah she was like I'm coming with you all right I'll see you and me attaches beneath okay so I just showed him more pictures and he literally sketched in like 20 seconds and I was like oh my god that's exactly what I have in my head right mm-hmm so he's drawing it finalizing it and then we're gonna wait let's get one last view of my it's gonna be so fast you're like wow that was nothing Kimani I'm literally just woke up a Sunday so Thursday was it works $2,100 you bet your dad's find me a better rose hot shilling you own I got that book so good I've had bad ones in the past and it really sucks when it looks so bad okay baby I just want to say that I didn't film in there because I wanted the tattoo artist to focus on the tattoo and not make him say on camera how do I look on camera I don't know how he is with that kind of stuff I wanted to focus on the tattoo as well not filming I was barely even breathing because I was so scared that I was gonna move and mess it up so I obviously didn't want to be talking I didn't want to ask my cousin who is with me like hey can you start filming right now as I was being tattooed so I wanted to just tell you guys about the pain because I know a lot of people are probably gonna ask me about that so um I always get the words tragus and sternum mixed up this is tragus is the sternum I got a sternum tattoo like you know already I went into it thinking and micro tattooing gonna hurt more cuz I don't know I heard that somewhere that I was gonna hurt more and I was like especially because he said it could take up to two hours and I was like these took like two seconds I'm not ready for two hours of intense pain I didn't eat a lot that day because I was rushing to post a video for you guys I was like all over the place he was like if you're having too much pain at any moment just stop me I didn't stop him at all I honestly could have fallen asleep and I know that sounds like you know okay like you're just trying to be like a tough fucking bitch over here but I'm being real with you maybe it hurt less because it was a micro tattoo maybe I heard wrong it did take like an hour and a half of tattooing so there was one second where I was like wow maybe it's because I do laser hair removal and I get filler and stuff like that so I'm kind of used to being uncomfortable honestly getting my lips done hurts more than this tattoo or hurt more what else can I sing I went with the flower I didn't even explain this all three of my tattoos that I have already have very deep meaning to me I couldn't pick a symbol that had a lot of meaning but I wanted a symbol I didn't want more numbers or words on my body I wanted to do some kind of art just art that I love the look of and if you look in my closet I have so many floral things even right now in my room it's so funny I mean I could show you let me show you really quick hello pressure day okay right here on top of my jewelry thing isn't this cool by the way I got this from my grandma it was in her house but flowers my windowsill flowers flowers flowers there's probably some flowers over yeah there they are this is my desk don't you love the old phone love that flowers I literally got that flower from Italy its glass or some kind of fucking I don't even know but isn't that beautiful oh my god I literally just realized that's exactly what my tattoo looks I got that in Italy that was the flower Stevie got me this bitch has a flower on her dress flowers over here flower over there you freaking get the point this is my desk I've never actually showed it oh I'm doing a makeup giveaway by the way the is the makeup I showed in another video I'll link it down below tattoos are not like summing up who you are I feel like each one is a little part of you one of my friends recently he's the guy was asking if it was stupid to get his what are they called its sorority before a boarding fraternity his fraternity symbol and he was like is it gonna seem like I'm obsessed with it like that's like the only thing I think about and I was like honestly I don't live breathe eat sleep 22 or into Gian it's just a little part of you little memories anecdotes that are a part of you but they're not all of you the flower is just something that represents me I love flowers they're all over my life I just think they're beautiful to look at so I want something on my body that is beautiful to look at in every single time I look at it it makes me happy and I think wow that's beautiful and I paid a little extra money to get it to a point where it's like damn every time I look at it like okay I feel like this area is not one that's gonna wrinkle I always try and get tattoos in parts of my body that kind of flow with my body I don't think that this area necessarily is gonna get so droopy so I think I picked a good spot a lot of people say they want to get tattoos here but I'm like old women their skin sags so much you're like why would I want to draw attention to that area if you get one here it's like it's drawing attention to this area and a lot of people gain weight here including myself so I think if I was gonna get another one it might be on my hip so it's like drawing attention to this area I love how this frames this part of my body I kind of want to do another one on this side this might not happen I might pump the brakes a little bit because I don't want to be completely tattooed and if you are that's cool but it's just not what I want but you can't really see that one when you're looking at me from the front which I like because when you're looking at me from the front it's like oh I have one here but then it's like oh shit you have another one you know to music hidden so I kind of want another one here maybe on my back and then like a bikini line one and then on my hip that's all I would do but my parents told me I can't get anymore until I move out so I'm looking to move out I actually am I want to buy something in Greenwich Connecticut or should I not say that well it's not official yet so and it's also not because of the tattoo obviously today is the 23rd it's already starting to like flake off and heal a little bit I've been following the instructions that they gave me they told me to do before twice a day for the first three days and then an unscented lotion a few times a day for two weeks after that so if you guys want to see it fully healed I'm gonna be doing a bikini home it's with seven different companies so it's like fashion OVA with a pretty little thing I'm trying on one bathing suit from each to kind of feel out what brands the best one bathing suit was $200 the top was a hundred and the bottoms another like it's my favorites I hate that it's one of my favorites there's one bathing suit I'm waiting for it must be from China and it's taking forever to get here so once it gets here I can film that video you'll see it all heals everything so I am so happy all right guys I hope you enjoyed this one would you guys go to this guy do you think that it's worth it paying that much money clearly but let me know your thoughts just a reminder if you guys liked the earrings I was wearing in this video they're from on roots and they will be linked down below as will the necklace from the same company if you guys want to check that out and of course hbn or Haven is such a good cause so they will be linked below as well alright guys if you're ever going through anything you can email me I say that in every single video I have been responding a lot lately but it does take a lot of time because I put so much effort into my responses to you guys so I hope you're understanding that I can't answer everyone so quickly I love you guys and I'll talk to you soon


  1. Itโ€™s terrible. Horrible! Inking your perfectly OK body. Why doodle on your body that will always remain? And it looks trashy!

  2. Love his work and your rose. ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜ Iโ€™ve followed him for some time now. Def want him to do my first tattoo. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. You could of got that same tattoo, same quality for less than $200๐Ÿ˜‚ and he could of done that in 45 mins??

  4. Love you girl and love your videos…. but $2,000? I have a few tattoos and one is pretty big and it was only like $300… Yours looks amazing but not worth $2,000 for that little of a tattoo.

  5. It's beautiful now, but it's going to look like an undefined pink blob ten years from now. You basically paid 2k for a temporary tattoo.

  6. Iโ€™m the same as far as all my tattoos are so small and took like no time and I want some others so bad but Iโ€™m scared for how long it will take!!!!! AHHH! It turned out STUNNING Iโ€™m obsessed!

  7. Omg! That's so beautiful!! I've never even heard of the whole micro tattoo thing until now but I've been sort of logged out on the whole social media thing for a while. Anyways, thanks for sharing!! I really like that and it is seriously an incredible piece of art

  8. i would have chosen another color. you could think it's just some weird wound or irritated skin if the rose is pinkish

  9. Ain't that much money for a tattoo and it comes out looking like that with that much detail that's a good tattoo artist it looks highly detailed Bravo my friend paid $3,000 for a dragon tattoo that covered his forearm and it was three dragons pulling out of clouds in the sky kind of idea is really cool

  10. Very well done tattoo, and I'm all for expensive tattoos but DAMN that's a steep price for a mico tattoo. But at the end of the day if you love it, who cares about what others say and the price tag that it comes with

  11. Itโ€™s so gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜omg! I think itโ€™s so worth it considering itโ€™ll be on your body forever!

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  13. Itโ€™s so gorgeous, Iโ€™m obsessed! And totally worth the $ investment because itโ€™s now on you forever! Definitely worth saving up for good work. I have such tattoo envy! Youโ€™re now even more gorgeous than before ๐Ÿ˜˜ (didnโ€™t know that was possible tbh ๐Ÿคฃ) So glad you love it too โค๏ธ

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    Your tattoo looks great!

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