i forgot how to paint so i painted the sky | painting with nina 4

i forgot how to paint so i painted the sky | painting with nina 4

the day has arrived hello my frens it’s nina and for this video you guessed it we’re painting! so my hair’s not cooperating and i don’t want to deal with my hair and also i’m going to be turned to the side most of the video so i don’t want you to look at my hair so i’m covering it with this hoodie also i’m very nervous and it’s cold in here so i need my hoodie because it makes me feel safe even though it’s been a year since my last painting with nina i actually tried doing another episode of painting with nina but as you can tell by this canvas that didn’t work out this actually was going to be another painting and i was actually working hard on it but then i started to get tired and i gave up and i was angry at what i painted and so i kind of blended everything into this one color but anyway we are back and i am going to try to finish this i have been dealing with this canvas for way too long, it’s been sitting in my closet just this one blank color and i’m going to make it something else i’m going to finish a painting and i’m going to enjoy it so because i haven’t painted in a year i am not very confident in my painting skills right now and so for this painting with nina i am just going to go with something easy but i chose to paint one of my favorite things to paint which is the sky i think with the sky you can’t really go wrong there’s a lot of room for creativity there’s lots of freedom with it i’m going with a picture that i actually took i’m going to be painting this picture that i took i chose this picture because when i look at it i feel calm there’s this sort of lens flare that kind of looks like another planet or another star and it kind of reminds me of star wars so i thought that would be nice to add into the painting i’m not really sure if i’m going to draw these branches on the side just because that might take a while i’m just going to draw [paint] the sky for now, and the clouds and the sun and all that so i’m excited but i’m also terrified but anywho we’re just going to get started now i have these acrylic paints right here it’s the liquitex acrylic color basics since high school i’ve worked with acrylic i want to work with oil but i don’t have any oil paints with me so we’re going acrylic this won’t exactly open i don’t wanna break anything i have no- oh nevermind i was gonna say i have no strength but apparently i do so we’re going to need a good amount of okay do i need a lot right now sometimes i put too much and then i regret it we’ll just start with a little and then we’ll add more later on so we’re definitely gonna need a good amount of blue maybe just a little bit of purple and a tiny bit of black we’re just gonna go for it we’re gonna yes you know, in my last painting with nina i worked on a huge frickin canvas that’s probably why it took so long but hopefully now that i’m working on this tiny canvas it’s not going to take so long but we’ll see i’m definitely going to need a whole lot more white noooooooooooooo so i squirted too much white but that’s fine we’ll just throw it all on the canvas and obviously i’m going to need it for other things, i hope we’re going to have a beautiful painting in the end at least for now if i can just get a nice even layer that’s all i need right now i just need to get rid of all this red stuff that’s happening right now ok ok this is not going terribly but also you can’t really go wrong with a sky so if you want to paint something but you don’t wanna put in that much effort paint a sky the sky is not perfect, there are no measurements there are no calculations it’s just clouds and freedom i feel less nervous now that it is this nice blue color add just the tiniest little, no that was too much i forgot this is a giant brush okay so i think it dried enough not really but i’m impatient i’m just going to go for it it is now this nice it’s more of like a periwinkle blue now and you can see the difference right there so i’m going to cover this with this nice periwinkle blue i’m like trying to avoid the red right now so if i add a little bit of yellow it’s definitely going to make a brown so i now made this darker grayish color which is completely fine it’s kinda gray over here oh that kind of may have ruined it actually this was a terrible mistake here we’ll just try to fix it oh god this was a bad idea we’re just going to blend it all together you know what, let’s go for it and also the sky kind of has this haziness to it so maybe this was a good idea i’ll just blend it with some blue up here and this will be completely fine i think i like this a little bit better we just gotta make everything look the same yea this is actually not that bad this is kind of what this painting needed yes i think i believe in this so this is literally what she looks like and it’s not even that bad i don’t know why i panicked it actually looks okay you know, claude monet when he painted his paintings he wasn’t trying to make everything perfect either this actually might be a good base for the clouds i guess i can get started on the clouds ok ok that’s not bad this is blending really nicely now it’s got character oh that’s too much the canvas is just slowly moving to the right i need a smaller easel i have confidence again this is actually turning out okay you’re a little too close to my phone i think an important thing to remember with painting is that no matter your skill level or no matter if it’s perfect or not in the end you still have this creation and you can put it somewhere and someone can appreciate it all art is art it’s still just art no matter what it looks like so i think we’re done with the sky, we’re going to move on to the clouds so i’m going to just scrape up all these colors and put them together to make use of all this paint that i kind of squirted out and then if i add black i think we will be good to go so here is my clump and we’re just going to mix would you get a load of that that is beautiful i love art we’re going for it oh no that’s not what i wanted that’s not what i wanted either this is not panic mode is setting in again it’s okay we can cover it up now a way to cheat is to use a paper towel or a sponge i have some paper towel right here and i’m just gonna rip the ply i don’t really know why i’m raising my hand like this i don’t see the point in this then i’m just going to add a cloud over here this is turning out okay yes yes yes now here are my colors and i’m just going to blend them together to try to get that nice pale color that’s the best way i could describe it with my two brain cells that i have right now ok so now this should work i’m just going to get started yea ok i have to go paler don’t worry i made a paler color right here there we go i’m not even breathing jeez i’m getting to the finer details of the painting so i think that this is going to be the end of me in the video and we’re just going to go into a time lapse hopefully it gets better but you know, it’s acrylic paint and i haven’t painted in a while but we’ll see this is what we’ve got so far and she looks ok from far away she kind of looks like mountains but it’s okay maybe they are mountains maybe you know, it’s up to your interpretation but let’s get into the time lapse ok so i just took a break to stand up because my everything hurts painting’s not easy, especially if you try to paint everything in one day i’m going to show you guys the final product i don’t really know how to show it to you guys i guess i’ll just kind of here she is so say hello to our newest addition this is the final product it’s very simple i’m very happy with it of course this could’ve gone better if i gave myself maybe some days to finish it but this is what i came up with in 5 hours there’s my little initials i think it went well so here is the picture and here is the painting so i didn’t do the branches i don’t know if i’m going to do it i might but probably not, i like it the way it is it kind of breaks the serenity of the rest of the painting and so i think i might just leave it, it kind of looks like this there we go this is the final product but that is it for this painting with nina i hope you enjoyed it i have this beautiful baby right here my neck and back hurts so i’m gonna go now thank you for spending this time with me and painting with me and i will see you in my next video let’s end it with our first hug of 2019 and i will see you next time, goodbye my frens :”)

100 thoughts on “i forgot how to paint so i painted the sky | painting with nina 4

  1. You look like jennie from blackpink when yiu move your hesd to the side or when you smile your eyes looks like jennies eyes when she smiles😱woah!

  2. BRO THAT'S SO FKN AWESOME !! Just the fakt then you actually reused an old not finished pic … that's verY environment-friendly so I'm veryy happy with the result I hope you also and it's super pretty !!🌺🌸☝️

  3. Try some purple on the clouds for shadow instead of using a straight grey color it would give it some character and something i realized is that colors bounce off eachother so they reflect eachothers colors meaning the blue sky and the white blinding sun turns the clouds into a peach purple kind of transparent cloud but i think you nailed the piece yo! It looks fantastic!!

  4. I think it would be okay if you painted with more dark blue tones to the shadows :0 ✨
    instead of that gray, but good work !✨

  5. I laughed so hard when you said you didn't know why you were raising your hand because I do that too when I am focused on doing something!

  6. This is the only painting video on this goddammed website that i can relate to

    The entire video is M O O D

  7. I always paint that way*paints the wrong shade but it's paint so we can cover it with another shade**gives up *

  8. Genuine question: Can you use acrylic paint on regular printer paper or do you HAVE to use a canvas?

  9. also another thing i learned: you don't have to start w a perfect reference pic (in fact it's probably better if u don't )

  10. shut up joana ceddia is better…… geek




  11. Hey pals, I impulsively started YouTube and painted a denim jacket. I am kind of introverted but am challenging myself to put my self out there.
    This is a shameless advertisement but I would love for you to check it out.


  13. Nina: says she hasn’t painted in a while so she has doubts, and says she could have done better
    Also Nina: paints tHAT

  14. It’s funny because I literally didn’t paint for an entire year and, to ease myself into it, I also painted the sky a few days ago and then I got recommended this !

  15. Just randomly found your channel. You’re a wonderful artist, kick that art fear and self doubt to the curb when you paint 🙂 it turned out wonderful

  16. Beside you adorable character and your creativity…
    Did you use an additional microphone or it's just the mobile's microphone or the camera's microphone ? ..

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