I’m not turning into an art subscription box unboxing channel, I promise. *record needle scratching* Okay, technically, pretty much everything comes in a box nowadays, and there’s only one thing inside of it. So I am unboxing, but I’m not unboxing… a lot. It’s just one. My point still stands. So this is the Wacom Cintiq 16 inch tablet. This is actually one of their newest products, and it is their most affordable screen tablet on the market right now. And it is, it is – it is beautiful. So inside… look at this! It’s a white box! Wacom also sent me one of their small Intuos tablets, and I actually started my digital art journey with a tablet just like this. And they are gonna very kindly give two of these away to one of you. This is what it looks like, it’s a small digital art tablet, so if you would like to enter to win, make sure you head over to Wacom’s Instagram page, follow them over there, and leave a comment down below with your username so we know you followed them. And we will pick a winner at random, and you will get sent one of these for free! This is very exciting to me. So inside this box, we have a little sleeve that we just pull out. *exhale of excitement* I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. Let me just – let me just look and admire. Look how beautiful – look how beautiful it is! Got “Wacom” on the back and, ooh, it’s got little flaps! So we’ve got a “quick start” guide here, which tells you how to plug it in but I – I already know how to plug it in because… So, it comes with an AC adaptor which plugs straight into the wall. So this cord has three ends and this end right here is for the power, so you plug the power straight into there. The second one is a HDMI port which goes straight into your laptop or computer. And then lastly you have a USB cord which plugs into your laptop or computer as well, and now it’s replicating my laptop screen, so it’s gonna allow me to actually draw on the screen. And this pen is, without a doubt, my favorite pen to date. Not just the look of it, but it’s a nice, like, weight. Like it’s not too heavy, but it’s not too flimsy and cheap-feeling. It just feels PERFECT in your hand. Wacom also really kindly sent me an adjustable stand, which, you screw on to the back of this and it allows you to have an even greater range of control. So, it just screws onto the back and then you use this little lever and it allows you to just have it at ANY angle that you want, which is absolutely wonderful. Wacom is also very, very kindly giving you guys a FREE adjustable stand. These are actually $80 on their store, but if you did want to purchase one of the Cintiqs on there, if you enter my code down below you can actually get an adjustable stand for free with your order. (Chloe, voiceover): Also I forgot to mention that this code is actually only valid for a week, so if you do want one, just to let you know, it’s only valid for a week, okay? But – right, okay. So definitely take advantage of that while you can. If you are someone who is really wanting to get into digital art, you’re a beginner, or you just can’t afford a Cintiq right now, I definitely recommend the Wacom Intuos tablets. These are far more affordable, they’re under a hundred dollars, um, and they come with three free pieces of creative software that you can use as well, so, this is awesome. I’ve got the color pistachio, which is like a mint. Kind of like a mint green color, which is very very pretty. So firstly, thank you so much to Wacom for sponsoring this video today, and also thank you so much for sending me this product because I am in love with it and I can’t wait to start drawing on it, in a minute. Ooh, I’m in a little box in the corner. This is new. Wacom screen tablets like this always used to be over $1000, but this tablet is $650. It’s their most affordable one to date, it is 100% worth it in my honest opinion, especially if you’re getting more serious about your art, it’s a great investment, or if you’re a professional. There is a reason why Disney and animators and illustrators use this professionally. It is incredible. I’m just – I’m excited that I finally get to show you my digital art, because it’s not something I ever really get a chance to do on my channel, so this is like, the perfect opportunity for this. Wacom is the dream collaboration for me, I’ve, I’ve just – I’ve used their products literally, my entire artistic life, and I have never had a bad experience with Wacom products EVER. Um, genuinely, I have had three tablets in 9 years, and I would buy new ones, not because the old ones broke, they still work, even my one from 9 years ago still works perfectly fine. But I bought it because I wanted to upgrade the size, or change the kind of tablet that I had. So, it’s because of the incredible Wacom tablets that I really, I learned to draw on a Wacom tablet. Just such high-quality products, I genuinely never show anything on this channel unless I truly believe in it, and I’ve actually been sent – okay, I’m gonna do a bit of, bit of tea here, I have been sent, uh, digital tablets in the past, I’ve BOUGHT digital tablets in the past that weren’t Wacom. I’m not gonna name names here but um, I was asked to review products, or a product, from this other tablet brand. And I never did the video because… the tablet was so laggy, and I feel like it would be fine for someone that had never used a tablet before, but as someone that has used Wacom for so long, it’s so clear to see the difference in quality of other brands. Like, they cannot compare. So Wacom is honestly worth the investment, I can’t even begin to tell you. You will not be disappointed in a Wacom product, they are FANTASTIC, I ABSOLUTELY love them so much! I’m really happy to be doing digital art again, I can’t even tell you how much it has lifted my mood and just made me so happy to start doing it again because, digital art to me is just – there’s no mess involved, it’s incredible to do and it’s just so much fun, I honestly love it so much. So I started doing digital art in 2010, I think it was February 2010, and I fell in love with it right away. I absolutely loved it, um, and I got my first Wacom tablet the same year. And, again, I loved that. It was a real learning curve, especially when you’re not drawing on a screen, digital art is definitely a learning curve with a digital tablet because, you’re obviously drawing on a tablet and looking up at a screen, as opposed to actually drawing on a screen. So I started off with one of those really basic tablets, and it was a Bamboo Fun tablet, they were really really good. Um, very popular at the time. And I loved it. I absolutely loved using it, and I decided a few years later to upgrade to a slightly bigger size because I loved mine, but I thought hey, maybe I, I’ll try getting a different size. So I then got myself a Wacom Create tablet, which was slightly bigger, it was silver and it was – it was absolutely fabulous! Um, and a few years later I decided to downsize again, so I got a Wacom Intuos tablet which was fantastic, and again, all of these tablets still work. They’re perfectly fine. I dropped them, I ripped the cord out, I’ve sat on them and they all still work perfectly fine. But I’ve wanted a Cintiq for the longest time because Cintiqs are what the professionals use, and, you know, Disney, there’s an artist called Laura Price. She uses a Cintiq tablet at work and at home, because they are industry standard. I actually got myself a screen tablet by a totally different brand a few years ago, and that was around – I want to say $400, and it was about 20 pounds, very very heavy, the screen itself was shiny and when you plugged it in to use it, the colors were way off. It was really overly saturated, and I ended up going back to my basic Wacom tablet instead of using a screen tablet because it was just so bad. What’s so great about this tablet as well is it’s 16 inches, so it’s a great size. Like, I love my iPad Pro, but this is much bigger. And what I prefer about using a Cintiq as opposed to an iPad to draw on is that basically, I can use any drawing program that I want. Like, Photoshop, no matter how many times I use different drawing programs, I always go back to Photoshop because, in my opinion, it is the best and that’s just my personal opinion. Some people use something called Paint Tool Sai, some people use Krita, some people use, I don’t even know, umm – GIMP? So if you are somebody that really is loving digital art, or if you want to get into digital art professionally or you’re an illustrator, a graphic designer, I honestly cannot recommend this product enough, especially because they are including the adjustable stand with my coupon code below. So a bit more about this painting, uh, I watched the film Aquaman for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was such a good film, and I know I’m way behind here because I’m the type of person that doesn’t see films until years after they’re released, but I thought it was such a good film! Like, DC comic films, in comparison to Marvel films, usually aren’t … as popular … to put it nicely. But Aquaman was SO good! I got my friend to watch it and she loved it as well. Like, I saw it on the plane a couple of weeks ago and then we rented it on RedBox the next day, and I watched it again. Absolutely obsessed, which is why I am drawing him in this video, because I just absolutely love the film and I miss, so much, making portraits. It’s something that I’ve really enjoyed for years and it’s been a long time since I’ve really sat down and engrossed myself in a digital portrait. So that’s why I went with this today. Also, I’ve never drawn muscles before, so I really went back and forth trying to get his muscles right because I, I failed miserably at it. Finally got it in the end, though. At least I think I did, I’m sure people will let me know if I got something off there. But um, yeah. It was so much fun being able to paint this. (Voiceover): But yeah, it really means a lot to me to be able to show you this digital art, because it’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down for more than a couple of hours to draw something for my channel. But yeah, this is how it looks. What do you think? I would really love to hear your opinion on how it turned out. I spent about ten hours on it, which is about, like, average for me when I do my digital pieces. But, um, I really really enjoyed making this. I can’t even begin to tell you how… much joy that it brought me, and I really hope that you’d be okay if I did more of this in the future as well. Again, link is in the description to buy this product, also use my coupon code if you would like to get the free adjustable stand. I’ll also leave a link for the Intuos tablet as well, the smaller little tablet. So, thank you so incredibly much for watching this video, thank you so much again to Wacom for sponsoring this video and for my beautiful, beautiful screen tablet that I love so much! Thank you. I love it. Um, and yes, thank you again so much for watching this video, I really do hope that you enjoyed it, let me know what you think in the comments down below, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

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  1. I wish I could get into digital art. I bought a Surface Pro a few years ago, and I've used it way more as a regular computer than drawing on it. The pen is pretty fun to use but I can't seem to stick with it for very long. I guess I just love the feel of drawing on paper more. But digital art is really cool and I'm jealous of how easy and quick certain things can be done versus a pencil and paper.

  2. You started digital art in 2010??? You are legit amazing… I've been drawing digitally for 16 years and I'm not as good as you are. Wow. (I blame the fact that for years and years I never wanted to improve much.) applause

  3. Working with Wacom right now to pick a random winner! They will be announced here next week! Sorry for the delay, good luck!

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    Literally my luck: that would be a miracle Annelise
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  7. God I wish I could afford that! I’ve recently got back into drawing after giving up cus I couldn’t do it and couldn’t afford lessons and was actually being mocked because my art was bad but you inspired me to carry on. I would love a drawing tablet but the ones with screens are so so so expensive! I love your channel

  8. Omg i love digital art and so does my friend but shes very poor and doesnt have enough money to buy a wacom digital art tablet so i saved up and baught her one. Thanks to you she is a pro now!!

  9. I love seeing deserving people get what they wanted for so long. My mom has always wanted a white pursian kitten every sense she watched Arista Cats at….Probably 3 years old. I know how hard she and my dad work to give me and siblings what we want and I really want to get her that kitten.

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  13. I get why, I guess, but oh man it drives me absolutely crazy when people refer to digital art as "painting". Like, NO. It's not painting. It's drawing. It's not paint. It's also digital. IT'S DRAWING lol

  14. I think it’s really good but the line work and lighting on the fingers could be better but either way it’s a really good digital painting

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  16. Hi, Miss Chloe,

    Since you gush about Wacom can I gush back?

    I started doing digital art in high school for an art class. I have a physical disability so traditional methods (you know, the physical types with the tubes and the paintbrushes and the water, I knocked over so many, many cups of water before I just flat out refused to paint anything) were…messy. My disability mostly affects my legs but anything needing finesse and fine detail is a challenge. And I get mildly high off of acrylics anyways; Social Studies, right after my art class, was…fun.

    After high school, where I used a laptop+mouse with ArtRage Studio Pro, I decided to invest in a drawing tablet even though art was and still is just a hobby. Because of budget constraints I decided on a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet and it is…so awesome. So awesome.

    It works fantastically with ArtRage, I'm now using ArtRage 5, and I get to actually go through the motions of painting/coloring, which is fantastic for my fine motor skills, the pen came with the eraser end so I can erase when I mess up something without having to click "undo" or press Control-Z, is pressure sensitive and just simply…amazing.

    I'm going to have to replace it soon but I will definitely buy from Wacom again.


    Cj S.

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    Already followed them! My username is @iaramedinaa
    Thank u in advance for this opportunity and every video you do, they make my day💞

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