I created the New OSRS Skill Artisan with this spreadsheet

I created the New OSRS Skill Artisan with this spreadsheet

hello everyone hoop hier al doing well today and bring you something sleutel d'infanterie zijn video thumping en fruit dan een while ago and finally decided to finalize het zo rijk en bring you this video nou of course you can tell from the title en de tumbnail f mede nieuwsblad sheet based on de basic concept of the art is een skill dag dat per post in 2014 is de first nieuws kill for old skool runescape europese projections in deze video covering the fun facts and there will be a table of kanten then you can find in de description of this video first ook over de basics being wat artisan of regionally en teelt en wide decided to create de spreadsheet voor het next up als show you how de spreadsheet is bult how it works and stuff by web en m het ian taal also go more in-depth om die behind the scenes' show you some of descriptor wrote for this to work in the view some insights on dat hoe je you might find interesting is wel zo first things first worden zak la sarthe zijn kaas considering it was something per post in 2014 sommige you might never heard of this kill kans op before regionally artisan was de skill by you learn to combine different skills to make new items wauw levelling de skill we gain access to uw items in uw training materials and new equipment het we dus een chili be similar to wat slayer is voor combat startbaan en startte zijn would be voor nam combat starts het woord interviews nu wie source is nu outfits that help you doing skilling en nu tools is wel nou wanneer we liefde origineel duif blok en this at the time of balling which was in augustus 2014 het veld like they really want overboord we hate all of the new additions het woord bring to the game and george de polder en kwam neer de tredgold regard to baas en zijn only got fiftysix porn seks procent diaz foto's je kan also keep in mind that this was still very early jan in de lifespan of als kool runescape en de team met de time only' consisted of zeven members and total to why the right side to try and create een spreadsheet en ruimte skill and wine nou wel personally i always liked de core concept of de skill beans layer voor nam combat stats of korrel icon provide any ingame benefit store nieuw ding strips kill with just a spreadsheet bravone to try and capture dat koor concept of receiving skilling tasks which is perfect liep dubbel dus roy nou oooo waalwijk ik had contacten bij jou inneemt blanket on who don't mean i was hij ging de cd of creating een arts een spreadsheet voor waarop het nummer jullie nieuwe houten gets tied dan het uit al die mij actually have similar ideal for quite a while and decided to buy some ideas back and forth twee van silicum aparte spreadsheet en we buiten show in deze video dus als er sparky hd daarmee brief other people avds boot aren't really sure how to exactly translate them into spreadsheets leek het alsof asami or leave suggestions and maybe can turn this into your regular ding is my dsa router toriel eh yes luminol in de comments for true discoideum thin case you have any idea or suggestions see more to this one een week het angelien work something out alright in no time bring about a word and white led star getting into the actual spreadsheet nou de fora show you what it is and how it works as quickly also show you how will be able to actually use it yourself in order to do so you want to go to file make up i en klik oké dus 7 to your own personal google docs this will make a copy of boot die spreadsheet en also de script file attached to it je bent al zo heeft u al oude script to actually ramon de spreadsheet en in order to do you want to click on one of the buttons which will try to run a function of the script en will present you popup window after a few seconds [Muziek] hear you can click continue in een you want to select your active google-account denkelijk advanced over hier scroll down and go to artesign rider finally scroll down more to click blauw en de script will be active en de buttons can be used zo first ambitieuze toen mijn tips bing die dashboard en de shop met leonardo more in-depth wit the hidden tagged as well as they play a key part inhouden spreadsheet works met die stuart the only once you really need you yourself in case you want to give it go zo in de dashboard you can easily see de mijn components and how you can start using het step one is de vulling de username of the day can't you want to use for this de look heb die je account om de highscores en het was show je de stad sander dashboard is wel de one of the bottom right said you may expect the art is een skill met you'll be able to start leveling up by doing test nou keep in mind that the art is een exp is lengte toe de spreadsheet en not to the chosen account zo techniek clio cup switch between account waar levelling dc marge aan stad van one spreadsheet of de vulling in de username you can then select master in de drop down menu het level one yo' ef axis tuli lodges de girl klooster draynor village dat plaatsen part in the prince and rescue quest als je level up your eyes and skill you'll be able to unlock more artisan masters het level 20 get access to charlie de zookeeper guilt master live from the wood' ketting guild of forty kylie minogue from de fishing gelder level seventy and finally the barbarian auto god bless tedglobal eighty-five as you progress through de de van massers de touch spul gaat harder en you also get assigned paramount nadat u veel dingen username en selecteert een artisans master your good to go pressing de get nu thuis bottle run de scripttaal generated based on your current skill levels across the board and the select master ik zal pudding fifty-one herring zoals u uw incompleet bad guys you can then press the complete guide button with you come politiek er een tas countrywide u wordart is een exp and sizes and points you always give a point of view level up and if you unlock een nieuw master at delaval zijn mentioned earlier je experience gained following sam wat simpele formule of slayer when you get a proximus luang phor of the experience in de mijn skill joost de point game de pants on the art is een must use and you will also an increased amount of points when reaching certain touch streaks je kunt spenderen points in de shop dat workshop koffer wright nou zo de shop t biscayne of divided in two sections stadium moeten first section you can see your current artisans points and your current a skin de top left the then have the option hiertoe die druk cancel your touch for to the point blok your desk for one hand points of blog the entire stil of your current ark voor twee hamlet points in totaal je kan blok 5 specifieke soort uw in tire skills het zou nog dood startblok tenten you unlock the production skills as you can see rider clicking the red cross next to een blok ta score skill also allows you to gather and of the corresponding blok is worth mentioning dat de pen het om je account you using this for you might have to be careful om matlak in uw uit kamp lily of receiving thuis is you're using some moet huilen voor master and their skills arlo across the board de might not be any available tasks left to give you if you set up your blogs in een certain way or even nieuwe datum en that might make it zo descriptie planning en definitely to eventually crash en notionele perfect system blijf try my best to make things work with the limitations in place movieland u de sec en sectionale shop jf different things you can use points on to unlock de first major one is the production skills met you can do and look for wanneer het points op een tolheffing dus unlike you on the research for the for gathering skills being fishing boat ketting mining en hunter en het is een lok you also be eligible to receive tasks for the six kills shown on the image this will also en liefdevol blocklist op of next up on for activities that require een extra unlike other than als requiring dollar relief and skill level to give me sign percentage bizar runecrafting herbie boer red toolbox en en mijn test all of this can be unlocked met wanneer het fifty points each de final unlock eens die arm zijn outfit casting voorhanden artisan points and locking this will increase your eyes een expressie van all posts by 5 procent en dit is pure magie the front and site of de spreadsheet en how you're able to use it now of course there is a lot more to attend sns you the most of you watching haar also interested in dat laten die vindt u de bekkens thorium bit more show nieuw boot de hidden sheets and also the script attach to de spreadsheet zodus for rhythm chiefs being info experience table skill tables and master tables de skill tables een master tables are mostly used by the script zo wil ik het m leder om de in fauteuil is de main impotent wanneer which is used for boot die highscore look up and also the reading een storing of information by the script nou de highscore shadow copy users de username field en onder dashboard en first try to keep on the iron and high scores and then followed up by the regular highscore dit is mainly to find any such as possible cause for instance en lowlevel arm en might have a lot more thats showing aan die arm en highscores compared to de normen langs de dashboard in turned and users the information from the important highscores to display the current stats this is done by using evy look up to find every rol van start in de info tap and if i can't find it in de show level one in staat ben er zal zo derived part of the info app which keeps track of the fighting zo lets go down the list real quick first of duizenden artsen zijn xpi which starts of uit euro en lobi change bij de script after each thuiskom pluche beesten musicsphere die aarde zijn level is also decided using the experience tabletop wat dysfunction das is filter de ermee of levels based on the equivalent xpi niet het voor set levels die de lower than or equal to the current exp het and takes the maxx value of this filter and religious essentiële de current level zodat zij wie increase the xp de level also change een koning liet based on the xp table kritisch straight forward the art is een points and touch streak haar also change bij de script after each tas completion and now then us in de dashboard en de shop tip en de points obviously also get reviews after spending naam in de shop next up all the art as en masters and the selected master zo die artsen zijn meesters is een dynamic rw based on the current art is een level after reaching certain level travels to show margin masters hier en this er intern is then used to create the dynamic dropdown list om de dashboard showing de duif een heleboel meesters de wonden damn dit selecte tanden dashboard is show hier next to select het master moet je de script users to boot pique guys from the correct master table and to reward die correcte manier points afdruktaak completion the other two infoblox soort of speak for themselves uiting het de bodem uw afval of die unlocks available in de shop where the no change to ask you unlock thumping en header right jf information on the car and tie scrooge get stoort hier af toen generating en u thuis zodat de script kan review this information afdruk tas completion and also stories the previous saskia after completion soda there won't give you the same time back to back setting der bau covers the spread je dit zelf zonaal uitsteken quick look true de scrub de finishing zelf al een te mikken quick disclaimer dat de koud mijn hobby olie op de meest en mijn not be de cleane skoda bright cry oké zo dronken toen harde mee en uw is vers dat we have bigger functie in de in thuisclub been de wandeling to the get nieuw thuis kapotte het station bij mekking some basic references to think we need to wouter functie int en checks to make sure en username is filled in aswell is een arts een master chosen indie group down before continuing en ik woon of doos is een te kyosho we patbap windows ce je kan john ratey guys just yet en de functie mens er dus een doos voor if you already have thuis currently assigned de next section then create ze ermee afval of de duitser veel bol van de choson argent master by default en op ik from the gathering table but if you are the production skills unlocked there will be a 50 50 procent chance of selecting and production taal instellen of gathering het will then go to the master table stap of de spreadsheet en will select the correct list of tasks which will be the gathering touch for the product and tasks from the specifiek master and i will also assign the corresponding feest from set master which can then be shown on de dashboard leider van alongside de test met de and recreate het met all of the possible to it is now time to randomly select one of them is de nu thuis en dit is waar meestal de magic happens zo voor duurzaam using edu while statement which clips for one second and ever i start of the adoration edit this recently viewed u de functie en af en dedding timed out voor too many requests per second en de seems to help out which does mean it takes a bit longer to generate each stage special even takes of you attempt to find a viable tas kwartier restrictions in place beleid preferred a over het not working at all occasionally achter sleeping for one second you go to a future van steps first it will be paid guys from the time and recreate het early is wel is de minimum en maximum amount possible to get a signed it and readily generates die en mijnterril bierce line between de minimum en maximum amount this information comes from the muscle table stap of de spreadsheet and then i will use the skill tables dead to find the corresponding information of the chosen to which the relevance kill de level requirement of dat skill voor de tafel en die andere xps sign to single er item of the dusk afterwords der zeeuw switch statement using de scale of the current asked to assign er elephant fur toestand het touchscreen of met is wel eens reading the corresponding level of de skill in case of the skills met extra large esm het is tender l-boxx it also check lucy heeft those are locked in case of rosan doos zodat ik kan resetten nu taetske da randen lakt en het kind start from the beginning of de duw statement i can finally got some more jacks dus hier de nu taartjes not part of any of de blog lists en dat the player's level is high enough voor de taartjes wel en dat het snapte cms de previous page after all de checks heeft details is completely compatible idool edge is er de total arge een expeed all be received from completion in de infotec en en familie en alle sign de nieuw park in de dashboard using the firm en mount en de tas kunt zelf een zoals de rollen van image of the art is een master like i said before anodes is een te cleanen scout en hij super probleem juist sam shepard functions for certain segments of this big functie maar dit soort ever next up is die compleet eye fashion linq to us dit die compleet eyes bottom line glass functioneert starred smits on general references and it then check to see if there is excelleert aske vele bal toe kamplied zendingen poppen porno heeft dat snapte kees next it clear the current a scans touch giving the necessary uw woord first in een crisis de tast street by one en dennen die sites die correcte maanden points ik juf based on the current streak we tuffend multiplier set ten fifty wanneer u toegang hun fifty en 2000 and also the art is een master we dit punt base points bloem toe voor de 12 en 15 afterwards and also use the experience which was stored in the info tab earlier and in case the art er een outfit is een like this experience by 5% intens arts de tas kerstbrief je stage in de info tab en klier de rest of the information from the current time finally it also check save the level has increased offered in the expireert en wils en de pop window congrès de leiding aan een nieuw level or an reaching a certain milestone unlocking een nieuw master origineel of online in een setting those two functions oude mening poort een tent interesting once indusscript the other saral van die duf en stof you can purchase in de shop and they're all very similar to check if you have enough ons en afdruk information the unlock whatever you chose to purchase in case of the skipper blog buttons in associatief usa car rent-a scan voor de blocking part i also check if you've reached the maxx hem aan de bloks already on trying to remove blog sweet little red cross een extra blok en alzo simply as kies voor confirmation en world and remove the block' en mother's words if your presence en dan is prima en vloed dingen kunt cover bouten spreadsheet en nacho phil en de be used by many people bij stil fijne punten time bring the orginal skillguide get a life with the available resources ihave i hope you guys enjoy this day free video to my youth league en zij also really enjoy making the spreadsheets en would love to make more people have any interesting hds or suggestions zodus er reed reed please let me know if you have any we dat is al fermi today and you feel a hebben wonderful day and all takt u als zo'n klikken [Muziek]

24 thoughts on “I created the New OSRS Skill Artisan with this spreadsheet

  1. Check the description for a link to the spreadsheet!
    Bit of a different video but I really wanted to get this one out there, hope you like it.

  2. Would love to have different masters based on total level or something like how you have different masters in slayer for different combat levels. I tried using the spreadsheet but after like 3 low level tasks (mackerel, limestone and iron) I kind of lost interest because my account is way past that point.

  3. Thanks for making this. I feel like a lot of work went into this, and it adds so much for the community to play around with.

  4. I really like seeing some attempted coding here of all places 🙂
    As a programmer myself i cant bear it tho… you might wanna try putting each individual statement block (the for loops and if statements etc) defined in a seperate file so that your “run button” function essentially looks like one while loop with predetermined values and statements that you import rather than making one function this big, it would also help with the sleeper issue you mentioned in the start, essentially you put too many variables in one function where you shouldve just shortened it to readable text rather then raw data.

    That is my opinion anyways. Still cool to see this implementation.
    PS are you using a scraper for the leaderboard lookup? Those are fairly difficult to build for non experienced ppl i usually find.

  5. This is one of the coolest player-made ideas I’ve seen in so long! This is so cool it makes me want to have Artisan in OSRS

  6. When you're randomly generating tasks, you should have two arrays. One for tasks possible, another for tasks not possible. I'll write some pseudo code on what I mean. But this will solve the "infinite loop crashing the spreadsheet" problem.

    For i in (All Tasks):

    if i (has skill requirement):




    if is_possible = Empty array, (or you can say… if length(is_possible) = 0 ….):

    return "You need to pick a different master, or train some skills"


    run script for picking a random task.

    That should do it boss.

  7. Can we get a video of you actually doing the tasks and playing through the skill a little? That would be cool!

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