I carve a crow skull pendant entirely from PAiNT!

I carve a crow skull pendant entirely from PAiNT!

Oh Dang, I got something else in the mail from Mr. Carl Jacobson. He’s a really awesome friend of mine :0 , He’s a woodturner. I’ll put a link to his channel in the description Guys really need to check him out; super, awesome, friendly guy, go send some love his way for me He will also be at Makers Central in Birmingham with an “I”. I am so sorry, I misspelled that sheesh, but just remember I was homer-schooled Sorry Mom and Dad. Okay, we’re gonna see what’s inside here, but first I need to put ze camerrrrra on a trripod. Ewkay. Let us, let us get into this box Uh-oh *weird noises as he opens the box* That kind of looks,, illegal. *SIREN NOISES* *KNOCK KNOCK* POLICE, OPEN UP Okay Wow, that’s cool Dude, that’s so awesome Okay, let me get a close-up here. This stuff I’ve been told is called fordite and what it is, is it’s Automotive paint when they’re making trucks and cars the over-spray, spray paint that doesn’t make it onto the car Will pile up in these layers and layers And it creates these really cool, well-layers Of paint you can see there’s like some metallic blue on the outside there, that is super cool. Carl, actually Makes like these cool keychains out of this stuff And he asked me if I would be interested in trying to make something kewl, and I said Absolutely trootly-dootly, hyeay Well, anyways, thank you Carl, and I will, uh, hopefully do you proud, man oKAY
what I think I’m going to make with this piece. I want to make it into a crow skull You can kind of see how it would fit in there First thing
I’m gonna boast out as far as tools are concerned as the little belt sander that I have Let’s do that. Oh yeah, and I’ve never used this stuff before so this is gonna be a learning experience–
for both of us. Where is it? Oh, here it is. *insert cool jammos* Oh, and I forgot to mention that really all I’m doing right now is getting a rough shape-well, less rough than it is already *more cool jammos* Let’s go ahead and move this business outside, so I don’t make as much doast, Oh.
,,what are those It’s mORE CUTE THINGS :OOO *lotsa jammos right here* Okay, you can see how I got it up to this point, m’kay Did a little bit of sandly-sand, uh, just to rough out the shape *bURps*

Uh-oh Excuse me, anyways. This is really cool shtuff I like it. It’s definitely softer and easier to carve so far than woowd. Let’s see what we can do with it Ehkay Now we’re just gonna go ahead and draw on the rough design Let’s see here SIKE (psych), haha ! First bit, I’m gonna use is this thingy. It’s a structured tooth tungsten carbide bIT. that’s, uh, good at removing lots of material quickly *love these jammos* *imma stop commenting on the cool jams now lmao* I’ve decided to-fOCEUS
I’ve decided to go with more of a kind of a stylized crow-raven-ish Doohickey?? I’ve started adding the indentions for the eyes, and those are really impeurteant to get right ROIGHT Now I’m gonna be switching to this ball doohickey a ball doohickey. gonna come in here this little area right here is kind of scooped out just a little bit There’s a hole there. There’s obviously a nose hole. I’m also looking at pictures that I have on my phone I have my phone set up over there some reference pictures that I just gleaned from the Intertron Gonna make a crow skull out of paint *jk i love commenting on the music you thought* Okay now I’m going to use the scoopy-doopy thingy-dingy again; to do the mouth Und now I’m switching to ze small un bitters and to put in ze detail Well, now, uh-well, uh, I think we should pierce through the eyeball sockets :0 *who else would get down to these good beats and this good carving* *i would* *oH SHOOT WATCH OUT* Wow I cannot believe that did not break. Ohohooo boy. Paint is tougher than I expected *its trap music for crows i lOVE IT* *caw* Well I’m just gonna take a little hiatus and burn off some of this pent-up energy *and there, we see* *the wild bobby duke arts* *in his natural habitat* *this graceful creature only shows off his entancing mating dance at the dawn of spring* *only a few have actually witnessed this magically mystical beast* *bask in its aura whilst you can* *beautiful.* NYOOOM *wasnt that amazing, laDIEs and gentleidiots* * cAW. * * cAW! * Oh Hi, I didn’t see you there. *bird noises* All that’s left to do, is sandly-sand and then clear coat Let’s do that It’s finished Thank you for making it to the end of the video!! I really appreciate it. Also I wanted to let you know that I’m giving this away and also this, but I’m giving it away at Makers Central in Birmingham with an “I” What Makers Central is, it’s like a big get-together convention of artists and makers and Youtubers and all kinds of stuff. It was started by a friend of mine named Nick over at NZ Woodturning I’ll put a link to his channel in the description too, go check him out. He does some really cool projects You know colored pencil resin Woodturning things, and check him out. He’s a really cool guy They’re doing a lot of giveaways and this is my contribution to their giveaways so if you want a chance to win either of these Then join me in Makers Central, go check out the website, I’ll put a link also to the description where you can find tickets to go It’d be really cool to see you guys out there and shake your hand *shaking hand motion* Also, this was made to be a necklace pendant, so you can see how that works That’s gonna be cool, ayund remember to lak that smash-scribe button, come on y’all. One last thing Josiah and Jessica, thank you so much for the Christmas card you sent me!! I really appreciate it I was gonna do some kind of like mail time where I let my box fill up, and then you know do a mail time, but since this is my first and only piece of fan mail I just wanted to do a shout out especially to you guys.(awe omg) Thank you. I appreciate it *mmmWUAH* P.O. box address in the description. Oh my gosh that is petrified woowd right there So shiny :0 Oh, he’s looking.
not at me, but at someone *wheezing* Wooow *pls do sub to them they’re cool* *also i hope you like some additons to the subs, keep doing you man!*

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  1. Okay, I just discovered this channel. I really enjoy it, but does it make anyone else nervous that he’s not wearing ANY gloves other than rubber???????????????

  2. I've got that same jacket. Also…. THIS IS SOOO AMAZING!! I'm an aspiring artist but I've had an art block for a long time

  3. Hey Bobby, do you live in the northwest part of Texas, like Dallas? Please answer, you literally might live down the road from my house

  4. Hey. Can I have a link to those masks you were using they might be good for cosplay which I do. And make money off of but don’t post on youtube

  5. po po:*knock knock* ITS DA PO PO OPEN UP!
    po po: why not?
    Bobby:beacuse…your gonna yell at me…

  6. This is the first video I've seen from you, and I'm trying soooooooo hard to take you seriously through it all but you crack me up 😂😂 love the energy, and how the crow skull turned out!!

  7. I think sometimes you try to speak with german accent… im froh germany and for my it sounds like indian accent xd

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