Hyacinth Drawing Tutorial | How to Draw Christmas Flowers

Hyacinth Drawing Tutorial | How to Draw Christmas Flowers

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how I draw a hyacinth. I’m doing a little series of Christmas flower
art videos this year. I actually filmed these last Christmas because
I had easy access to Christmas flowers then. But it didn’t make sense to post the videos
after Christmas in January so I just held on to the footage till now. I started by making a quick practice sketch
with colored pencils first. I used a flower watercolor painting book as
help and I had a real life hyacinth reference. So, I started the pencil drawing with a light
pencil sketch using a hard pencil, maybe an H or an HB. I roughly sketched out the outlines of the
round bulb and and the leaves and the bloom. I know the initial sketch is hard to see since
I’m using the light pencil, but hopefully it gets better fast. I tried to adjust the levels so that it’s
easier to see although it makes the colors less bright and saturated. I didn’t just want to draw the bloom and the
leaves, I wanted to make this a more botanical drawing like the daffodil one I did a while
ago so I drew the whole plant including bulb and the little roots. After the rough shapes, I moved onto the shapes
of the individual flower petals. This is the tedious part of drawing hyacinths
unless you go with a more abstract approach and just don’t draw the little flowers individually. Then I used a kneaded eraser to erase the
rough shapes that I didn’t need anymore. This is why I sketch lightly in the beginning,
it’s easier to get rid of the initial guide lines if they’re light to begin with. And using a kneaded eraser helps since it
doesn’t produce eraser dust that you then have to wipe off and potentially smudge your
sketch. And then it was time to refine the sketch,
make the sketch a bit darker with a bit softer pencil or just pressing harder with the same
pencil. I know I’m starting the Christmas videos a
bit early and I kind of skipped Halloween videos this year, but if you want to use these
as instructional videos or just inspiration for Christmas card making and so on, it’s
better to have them up sooner than later. And I have quite a few coming, since I made
both pencil drawing and watercolor painting versions of all of them. Hyacinth, of course, isn’t just a Christmas
flower, it’s also a spring flower, but they haven’t worked for me in the garden, I don’t
know why, but the bulbs just haven’t survived the winter. I also tried making hyacinths from the previous
year, flower again the next Christmas once, but they were really underwhelming the second
time. If you prefer the real time ASMR versions
with the drawing sounds and no talking, you’ll find those on my ASMR channel soon. I’ll link to them on the video or in the comments
once they’re uploaded. But you can obviously go subscribe to that
channel now, so you’ll see when they go live. Then it’s time for light shading all over,
still with a hard pencil. I made the leaves look a bit stripey and shaded
the flower petals near the center of the flower and at the tip of the petal to make them look
curved. This drawing actually took quite long for
such a small and simple sketch on an A5 size sketchbook based on the footage I have. I cut and sped this up from about 55 min of
footage. I used a softer 3B pencil for darker shading. What’s your favorite Christmas flower, by
the way? You can vote in the poll in the info card. I think mine is amaryllis, which is the probably
the next video coming after this although it might not be my favorite one to draw. I blended the shading with a stump, but you
could use tissue paper as well or you can even make a paper stump yourself. I used a woodless graphite pencil for the
darkest shading since it’s darker than any of the normal pencils I have. I’m also listing the art supplies I used below
as always, if you’re interested in any of them. I uploaded this and the other Christmas flowers
to my Redbubble shop so they’re available as Christmas greetings cards, stickers for
Christmas crafting and patterns on home decor items and so on. There’ll be a link to the hyacinth listing
on the video and below in the description. I’ve been adding a lot more designs to my
Redbubble shop and other POD sites lately actually and I’m trying to be a bit more strategic
about it, but I might talk about that more in another video. I added some roots to the flower bulb with
the kneaded eraser. You can form a sharp tip to erase thin lines. Or you can also use the eraser of a mechanical
pencil especially if it still has sharp edges. For more flower and plant drawing tutorials,
click on the playlist on the screen. And we’re done with the hyacinth. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Is it too early for Christmas videos?
    ASMR version of the video: https://youtu.be/az_Qj1qa2Gg
    Prints, cards, stickers & other hyacinth merch: https://www.redbubble.com/people/almonda/works/41738762-black-and-white-hyacinth?asc=u&p=sticker

    ASMR CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUntu4Mw6mMOr-QkOYKQlCQ

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