Hudson Bread Artisan Bakery

Hudson Bread Artisan Bakery

hello everyone welcome to close up on America's business the program that takes you inside some of the most unique and successful companies in America I'm Janice Murray on each edition of our show you have the opportunity to meet some of the most innovative business leaders in the country today you'll find out what their products services technologies and business models can do for you and what they're doing to change our world and to change the way we do this throughout the world in almost every category you can think of there are basically two versions of every product that is produced there is one that is mass-produced and then those that are custom designed it holds true and everything from cars to furniture from suits to shirts and those in the know will tell you there definitely is a difference and that may well be the best way to explain the amazing success story of this company the Hudson bread company headquartered here in North Bergen New Jersey this is what is known as an artisan bakery which means virtually all of its products are custom-designed and many created by hand the result is that this relatively small company is a key supplier to many of the most famous restaurants and hotels in New York such as the legendary 21 Club the Tavern on the Green the peninsula ritz-carlton Four Seasons and Pierre hotels just to name a few obviously this company produces a product that is beyond the ordinary it is indeed securing the success of this company is not too surprising since it is owned by the son of a Polish Baker who grew up in Poland watching and learning from his father in his bakeries now he is turning his own company this bakery into one of the premier artisan bakery all of America his name is Marius cordial this baker is different is a mixture of a lot of different towns people who work here they came from around the world we have a lot of people from Europe we have the people from South America we have the people from South Africa we have the people from Asia everybody who ever works here they bring something from their own country that's totally unique then simple spade operation bakery which was established here and everything whatever we have as of menu in this bakery is a recommendation of a lot of different countries that's why we're we going to do the presentation for specific clients they can choose and they can find anything whatever they looking for all of my dough's are calculated on a time mixing so the dough has been mixed all the ingredients within all of our recipes flour water salt sugar eggs yeast and minor ingredients as seeds are all computerized and then going down through the discharged shaft into a mixing bowl it moves over into a fermentation row so at this point we're mixing a rosemary focaccia this will mix for possibly five minutes at that point it will move out it'll sit into a resting area since the dough will be postponed to processing they are producing all kinds of bread machines starting from mixers bun lines red lines ovens this equipment what is the artisan SFI specially designed to divide highly fermented high quality tortilla butters French Italians in all kinds of varieties the softer the dough the hard it is to divide and to treat it to work it on a machine we basically try to simulate the work with the hands at this time we make heroes semolina heroes we sheet it out to a certain width and height and we're going to cut it in in different lines and cut out the heroes one of the first changes I made as chef was to use Hudson bread recently chose Hudson bread was the consistency of the product they use it's a real artisanal type bread we use about 5 different varieties from a raisin bread to a semolina roll you'll see the grain bread that they do and the quality has always been even-keeled the whole through everyday daily we take usually two deliveries a day we go through a lot of lot of bread – it's a high-volume place the quality and consistency has always been there this is where we divide the dough get it ready for pre shaping before we put a final shape to this this dough has approximately three hours of fermentation myself or whomever one of our guys will come on to the table well cut divide the dough in the Prasad shape put it on the boards and get it ready for a final shape there's a 1 pound 4 ounce cut that we're working office so we do this continually through different parts of the day with different those this is a form of true artisan bread at this point this is the kalamata olive and rosemary bread this bread here is a dorm wheat bread with Greek kalamata olives and fresh rosemary one of the most important things with bread is having it of course the quality of the bread is important but if the quality is great but they can't deliver it to us it doesn't do us much good so Hudson always comes through the breads always there on time so our breads are there before the guests arrived for breakfast and through lunch and dinner Hudson there's always someone to call and ask I have the phone number of my salesperson if he has to go and pick it up himself and bring it to me they do so he's great people rejoice three times a day the variety of breads that they offer is very diverse we get everything from our loafs of bread to make toast for the guests having breakfast rolls for dinner baguettes all kinds of gruffly good from them and I cannot recall one time when they missed it to look for it here's what we have our process of hand made pockets this is another form of artisan breads that we do here their specialty roll that has been designed for the market in New York there olive pockets we also do them in onion we do them in black Russian which is offer nipple and fresh onions here we'll spend anywhere between four five hours a day hand rolling all of these products just want to marry you choose products that he developed some 12 years ago it was a product niche and he started for certain restaurants at steak houses and as anything else it was a product that was developed and expanded because of the one of its specialty so this is a very specialized product everything is handmade our lavash are crisps our breadsticks all hand shooted up by our six women every single day six days a week we've been using Hudson bread at Tavern on the Green for a little over five years now we first started doing business with them we had three different bread companies supplying us with our dinner rolls and our various breads for banquets and certain ala carte dishes since then we've pretty much narrowed it down to just Hudson bread we find their product to be outstanding their service is impeccable they're very good working with this on custom designed breads if we have a special need for a certain event or holiday they're very amenable to helping us out with custom designs it's been a really good experience working with them over these last several years now we reach the final point this is the stage in the production where the dough reaches inside of an environmentally controlled area in which we allow the dough to mature this process takes anywhere between 12 to 18 hours the whole system behind us has three separate individual CPUs that control each of the boxes so it's a program that we have developed along with moving to actually get the curve on the product to get the desired result of our bread in the proofing state when dough meets water starch is converted into glucose glucose feeds the yeast the yeast activity produces carbon dioxide and alcohol which are flavoring and denaturing agents enzymes created within the dough's analytic and protease restructure the the gluten forms and that's what helps to develop and mature though that's why the time that we put into this is really not the time of the working aspect but it's the time of it sitting resting and developing one of the more interesting aspects of the store is the fact that this is marios his dad didn't it all started because his dad ran bakeries in poland three years this is where Mario's learned the business what's it like your dad to be here now helping you out occasionally as he likes to do that's actually his blood this month is going to be at 50 years when he's in the in the business he starts when he was 14 and he continued what I need him he comes here for a couple of months to help me to redevelop some recipe to work on the specific product otherwise he's retired but he cannot stop working this is the end of the line this is when we take everything all the effort and the time and energy into making this bread and we bring it into the oven they call on a master control system the time to relieve oven one Dec one so it's it's all programmed into the bait recycle this is the beginning of the process now for it to be cool slice packed and then load it onto the trucks for delivery so do a favor for me define what the term artisan really mean what is artisan bread when the Baker wood mixes though proof it shape it all by hand and load it up by hand this is the true definition of artisan bread this is no additional chemicals no though enhancers no though oxidizes it was the raw format almost if you went home into your house and your grandmother was making a loaf of bread this is the true origin of artisan bread the real bottom line here right when it comes to artisan bread can you taste the difference of course you can taste the difference take a loaf of bread that we make cut it open look at this bread smell this bread feel the crust the interior the crumb the way the bread eats it's truly an artisan product one of the keys to your success I understand is the fact that your product is always so fresh how do you maintain that what are your shipment schedules like how does that work 21 club gets delivered for lunch the product is baked around 9 o clock when the chef puts those rolls on the table day about two hours old for dinner serving they're getting product which is baked between 1 & 3 o clock and delivery are made around 4 o'clock so we have product which is again about one or two hours old what is business I want to create the name which is recognizable everywhere by every chef in Manhattan and every chef in tracing area it's not about baking bread and applying rest around the hotels with a good it's about being number one it's about being the best with its amazingly broad range of breads and rolls the Hudson bread company prides itself on its commitment to utilizing the latest technologies to improve the quantity and variety of its product and that they say will never change I'm Doug Llewelyn reporting from North Bergen New Jersey well that does it for this edition of close-up on America's business I'm Janice Murray thanks for joining us we'll see you next time a trip to the bakery means filling your senses with savory smells it brings back childhood memories of Sunday morning with my grandmother once we entered the store I remember smelling the wide variety of breads to choose from the choices were overwhelming but sampling was always fun well things haven't changed much as an adult I still find it all a bit daunting and I'm so eager to learn as I'm sure are you so I've invited two experts to help demystify my choices here from Hudson bread is Ralph B Looch andrade million and Ralph I hope I didn't say your name incorrectly was it it was correctly okay excellent good and Rea it's such a pleasure to have both of you here today we've got some bunch of questions about about breads and it's got such a gorgeous assortment here today what are some of the most popular breads today well some of the most popular breads are whole grain breads and multigrain whole wheat breads ah so that would be these here get that selection all the day I guess excellent all right I understand that every nationality has a different way of producing breads and we've kind of got a sampling from across the globe here don't we can just walk me through them a little bit sure we can start yeah we're gonna start right here the Contra breads which is like a Mora European French French bread mmm semolina right here Italian bread okay nice and crispy excellent uh French French French baguettes mm-hmm we're also familiar with its excellent too oh you've got on ciabatta I don't check out the right very nice bread so now what makes that one a little bit different well this one again it's a higher hydration it has a lot of water in it and it's a very light interior and a heavier crust most of your Italian rustic style breads who are very thick crusted and heavy with lighter interiors where your french are a little thinner crusted and lighter and interior and then once you get into the grain breads which are more or less of a German style branch there are little denser heavier so again each nationality bakes with a different style interesting approach the bread and Ralph I know I interrupted you but that's that's so interesting because it helps you understand the different cultures are there other are there other examples of breads that we have yes it Cubana baguette Morocco North American type of bread just very very soft used to charm right yes okay so uh well excellent now would you say there are appropriate bread breads for different meals or occasions well again you're matching bread to meals as you match wine to meals and cheese to certain applications depending if you're eating like pasta or you know salads and things like that you know you would look at a heavier rustic bread because you can like dip the sauces and kind of around it it's kind of nice French are usually lighter the best rent made with like sandwiches and lighter fares and different light meat dishes semolina is are perfect with pasta grain birds are perfect with sandwiches for like smoked meats and smoked fish and things like that so you know it ranges to again the ethnic nationality the Cuban is an excellent sandwich bread and you know the Hispanic you know people make wonderful sandwiches off of these and pennilyn grills off of that so again each nationality each card it's also a personal flavor how about the holidays what would you say the favorites then well holidays range how'd this yeah up for food bread not raising their nuts that's our popular right now most popular bread in the holiday season right now oh that's always been a favorite your family doctor yeah one of the most popular things again if you were in German style of breads you would look at Stalin that is a sweetened yeast bread with raisins and almonds and citron candied lemon peels and he said it's called Stalin Stalin Stalin yes it's shaped like and actually looks like a half a moon cress and it's filled with an almond paste in the center after its baked it's brushed with a little bit of fresh you know melted butter rolled machine and you know it serve during the Christmas time the Italian people make a panettone which again is another yeast raised bread with raisins pine nuts and stop with an almond cream they're all similar some degree in different forms and that was a penat panettone yes panettone okay because I know you know um if I'm looking to go shopping after this one to make sure that I get it right oh darling speaking of shopping when I'm looking for a good quality bread what should I be looking for when I'm in the bakery and I'm choosing my breads basically if you look at all these breads they're slightly irregular in shape there's nothing that looks very controlled so that's the first indication that bread is not looking like a square loaf that's been punched out of a machine some other aspects of it is if you look at a little for bread like this and you notice the blistering effect what that tells you is that that bread has set slowly in a cool environment for long hours 812 maybe 15 hours sometimes and why is that good well because what happens is during the process of what they call fermentation the dough is developing its flavors so the yeast is becoming active and consuming the starches and it slowly rises when this happens you develop the flavors of the bread so that's what happens so you're looking for the bubbles and the irregularities I want bubbles and irregularity its artisan bread you want it not to look like a cookie cutter you want something that shows you that this head take time to make and there's love in each loaf oh and expertise can we cut a few open sure that could be fun too okay so we'll look at this one which is more of a we we call it franchise but it's based off an Italian recipe okay and this loaf of bread here is a very thick cross the dense loaf of bread but you look inside and you see Arisa T or the whole structure and you see these beautiful open grained very porous structure and that's from the East gases that's from the gases exactly but it's also a slow cool rise which develops the flavoring um it's it's just something that you want to oh yeah Pleasant I just want to dig my fingers in and pull all of that way dipping off a salad dressing it's not like they're in a pasta sauce definitely and it's in its nice firm crust there yes very heavy then if you look on something like this which is a sourdough you'll find the structure just slightly tighter okay now is a sourdough bread uniquely American for some reason it makes me think of San Francisco you know the thing about sourdough is is is that it's been coined as San Francisco what sourdough was the production in your thousands of years ago wasn't sure sourdough was just a small piece of dough that was leftover that they used to put into the next Oh every day and they would save a little piece and started growing and that's what they did with it so that's a sting and you can tell the difference that you were showing us with the porosity of the breads really showing so let's talk a little bit about healthy options what would you say would be our healthiest options for breads right now I know people are interested in low cal in low carb and low everything well the healthiest bread right now probably but we look at seven grain Oh Cal bread some people call it which is hey did you say they call it health bread cut rotational bread if you look at this it's a very tight structured bread mm-hmm you feel the moisture in it but what this has is in addition of the grains which you know we have seven I mean five natural grains then there's addition of flaxseed oatmeal there's millet flecks sunflower again these whole grains nation is so much about right exactly oatmeal helps to reduce the LDL the bad cholesterol flax seeds actually help to regulate blood sugar levels flax seeds also has omega-3 in it which is another heart-healthy type of nutrient so if you're looking at health grain bread you're looking for something that's tight heavy full seeds very moist and also it's made with whole wheat so there is a reduction in the carbohydrate intake and it's more comfortable and I'm sure it's delicious too if you get it fresh speaking of fresh how do I keep my bread fresh what would you say is the best way to store it or or just to make sure that it's fresh okay well again applications is a large loaf of bread and for them you know most families it still have to consume so the safest thing to do is take it home if that's bought from the bakery cut it in half put it in a plastic bag Ziploc store it in your freezer until the next time that you need it once you need it you just pop it out let it thaw on the table and then put it in the oven 10 to 15 minutes in about 350 degrees you take it out it's just like it came out of the bakery oven nice now how long would you say that good bakery bread should last what do you think I'll do some bread like ours to up to top 3 days really 2 to 3 days when you got it good you want to eat it when it's fresh and inside you just fresh and buy everyday and buy it everyday my baguette on my way home from work each day so can you give us some tips for those who are at home and bake their own bread sure again if you're at home and you're the artisan home baker and you probably have a little sour culture that you keep inside that you use to start your dos one of the best things to do is allow at least the first hour to hour and a half after the dough has been mixed to have a rice it is the first fermentation after that fermentation and divide the dough in shaping it to the form that you're looking for best thing to do would be to cover it nicely with the saran wrap and place it in your refrigerator okay in the fridge in the fridge and again 8 to 12 hours so you would base your time schedule and how you're going to make this bread and when you want to bake it this way during that time while it's sitting in the refrigerator is developing very slow gases and it's developing its flavors and everything and then also it helps to make the crust a little bit better because the sugars kind of reach out that's the cool rising you were talking about polarizing exactly then again the next thing would be just make sure that your oven is heated to 500 degrees with a water pan is they're to create some moisture in the chamber mm-hmm and then after that you know you score your bread put it into the oven turn the temperature down and you'll see you'll get a nice crust finish it and eat it we only have a few seconds left but I'm wondering do you have any information about the history of bread that you wanted to share with us bread is pretty funny when you think about it it was a mistake how it was actually started records indicate about 6,000 years ago in Egypt that the food that they ate was a gruel which was like a partridge of cooked grains and was left out overnight and of course naturally yeasts boys and everything developed inside of this gruel and they started to watch it bubble actually threw it on fire and it puffed up so that's how they started that was the first original like bread it was just a baked off of hot rock so bridge itself was not really something they figured out I'm going to make bread it just happened and 6,000 years later so that's another accidental discovery thank goodness we made it Ralph and Ray thank you so much for being here Hudson bread today here's how you can stay connected to today's show each day log on to our website at Derry connections every TV it offers more information about our guests and provides the recipes for dishes that you see prepared each day on the show while there you can also download full episodes of our program again that's daily connections every TV you

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