How To Write Lyrics

How To Write Lyrics

lyrics being creative assembling fun when Santa concentrate on getting it done so let me show you now in my own special way how we write a song a day welcome to how I write a song a day the weekly show in which I attempt to dissect my process for your enjoyment and benefit today we're talking about lyrics of all the practical things to talk about I feel like this one might be the hardest to get into what makes great lyrics I have no idea that's what any kind of writing the first thing you should do is write about the things that you know things that are important to you I'd even go so far as to say especially when you're starting out write songs that are specifically about you write songs that nobody else could possibly write for me at least these are the most interesting songs details little and big are the things that perked my ears up so there are a few other practical suggestions that I can think of one would be to try your best to avoid cliches they're really easy to use and they can be super useful but for instance we don't want another line and another song about how your tears are like the rain or vice versa we've got that yes it's raining and you're crying and you know rain and tears there's kind of similar yeah okay we easily understand but seriously find a more interesting way to describe your tears anyway that's just how I feel that second if you want your lyrics to rhyme use the rhyming dictionary I use this website called rhyme zone calm all the time what I do is when I'm stuck on a line I look up the word that I need a rhyme for and try to find the most outlandish rhyme for it and then see if I can find a way to make that fit into the song in a way that makes sense okay so for instance when I was writing out this week's episode here that I'm reading I wrote this line the girl was a handful but she didn't fill my cup okay that's that's pretty good I thought but what if I added the word quite the girl was a handful she didn't quite fill my cup okay that sounds kind of cool I think I could use that in a song right girl was a handful but you didn't quite fill my cup or something okay so right off the bat it's kind of a cliche to say that someone's a handful right I mean that's there could be a much interest much more interesting way of saying that but maybe it's kind of offset by this notion that she maybe she fills the hand literally like she doesn't fill the cup but she fills a hand she's a handful which is not a cupful so maybe that's kind of interesting okay so I looked up on Ryan's own comm and one of the first things I saw when I typed in the word cup was buck up that's what's great about rhymes and they have it by syllable they have it in all kind of different ways so you can like have a lot of different options so I saw the words buck up and that immediately made me think of buckle up and when I thought of buckle up I was like okay she's a handful so she's probably telling me to buckle up so then I wrote the girl was a handful but she didn't quite fill my cup until she sat me down in her bucket seat and snarled buckle up girl was a handful but she didn't clash fill my cup till she saben down her bucket seat and snarled buckle up or something I don't know it's kind of stupid but notice how I continued the first line into the second line using the word until the girl was a handful but she didn't quite fill my cup until she sat me down and her bucket seats not buckle up so I'm making this one long sentence the whole thing makes sense right the until doesn't have to be there but I personally like that kind of continuity I like that I'm sort of telling a story for me it's all about finding the ways of little improvements that improve the flow of the lines that sort of make them make more sense but just like I say in every single one of these videos it's all about kinds of song because you want to write if you don't like that kind of continuity or if you want your songs to be much more abstract that's totally awesome I think a good thing to do is to listen to songs that you really like and let those songs be your guide write them down break them into little pieces and see what makes them tick so like when I started out I wanted to write songs like Bob Dylan I would write songs about wandering down the lonely dusty highway I would write about you know a working man and about politics and things like that what my 12 year old self was doing was copying his content but I haven't quite learned how to sort of dig into his style Dylan's style is one that sort of draws on mythology the Bible and a whole sort of deep well of culture and he takes all these things and mixes them all together to create tapestries of imagery that sort of don't make sense but are extremely meaningful if that makes any sense so now I found much later after you know thousands of songs I found sometimes I can a the style and kind of pull it off listen to this sceptre fell the sword on sheath two riders met on a dusty road a necklace made of human teeth was the gift that he bestowed but was that enough to say calico alley a pile of hands has a bottom thumb with adjustable that's bleeding the color of blood in the autumn Sun the leaves that fall are leading to a season then doesn't exist except in calico alley so that's very dylan-esque to me but I only got there from years and years of practicing and writing my own songs writing from my own perspective saying my own things finally here's the best advice you'll ever get about writing if you want to be a writer of any kind right it's as simple as that just write what are you waiting for why aren't you writing stop looking at me go write something okay

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  1. Great advice. I love outlandish rhymes. I write about two things per song. If I get stuck, then I use the inspiration of the other thing

  2. I don’t have a title but, here’s what I wrote (in the vein of a tool song).

    invite you to dinner and I’m completely wasted
    Let’s all talk around the elephant in the room
    Air so thick that you can taste it
    If there’s any air left in you

    Swallow up your lack of conversations
    I can see you choke every time you breathe
    Fork and knife school just cutting seeds
    It’s like the feast and the famine is what we need

    Can you feel me
    Reaching for you
    Can you feel me
    Cause it feels like I’m reaching right through…..

  3. I used to write songs in my teens really fast. Now I’m writing songs in my forties and it’s a lot slower. I think my standards have crept up over the years so I edit a lot more than I used to. I think that’s good and bad.

  4. Is it bad that the entire time he was telling me to go write I was holding up an index card and yelled 'HOLD IT!! LET ME DRAW MY PICTURE AND THEN I CAN BE PRODUCTIVE!"

  5. Guys I'm really young and I'm writing a trial on a song about karma(sort of) Tell me how to improve and how to improve my lyrics writing.

    Come on take a bite into my heart
    You're just a dart,you'll learn that soon.
    Think twice,I might've played nice but I never lied when I told I was your end.
    I won't ask before bending your feelings because that's how the game goes..

    Just like a fox,I lust for the kill.
    But you still want to play the goat thinking you can beat me at my game.
    I've had it my way for years so who are you anyways?

    Don't think you can run now
    All this fake love was none of reality

    Honey you walked into the wrong lane
    Should've learnt about what awaits you beforehand because you won't know what struck you once I'm done

    People may forget but karma has it's ways.
    Baby,you commited a crime out of this world
    Now,even the stars can't save you,call your witnesses.
    I was only searching for the star of my life but you killed me a thousand times.
    For you, I would be traveled a thousand miles but not anymore.

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  7. He said"what are you waiting for? Write!!.

    La la la la bamba!!!…..crap…that's already a song….

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  9. Writing lyrics is hard. Writing chord progressions and melodies is easy to me but those damn lyrics.

  10. this really did help im trying to figure out thow to peice together a song for my girlfriend and i have been wondering how to do it and this video showed me a bit on how to piece it together and made a light bulb turn on in my head that told me that i should write down all the little things that she does. thank you for the help

  11. i used a false rhyming dictionary yesterday, cause time and prime is cheesy but time and climb or whatever…more options, google it…false rhyming, like 3 or 4 down….rhymezone is cool too, i do that too

  12. out of all the videos i've watched to kinda help me i've found this one to be the most helpful so far, plus you're a really good writer yourself, keep up the good work!!

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