How To Use Russian Tips | Global Sugar Art

How To Use Russian Tips | Global Sugar Art

hi I’m chef Alan Tetreault with global sugar Art and I’m back with a new addition to our series on buttercream basics and today we’re talking about the Russian tips these are a relatively new type of cake decorating tip used for buttercream and there are rows tips and a lot of different tulip tips and as you can see these make just really beautiful flowers and it’s a simple squirt it’s just a little pressure on the tip and you can just pipe out flowers without making individual petals anybody can do this we have staff members who have never decorated in their life and we’re able to put a pastry bag in their hand and create beautiful cupcakes the very first time they did it so I’m really excited about these tips and to show you how to make the solid color flowers and I’m also going to teach you how to make the beautiful two-tone roses and tulips they make such a difference in the presentation of the cupcake or the cake when you get those extra colors in the first step in making the tulips is actually fitting the pastry tip or the the tulip tip or Rose tip into a disposable pastry bag and I really like using the disposable pastry bags because I’ve discovered you can reuse them very easily and they they stay clean so you’ll see you’ll see a really great trick that I’ll show you in a little while unlike a lot of other tips where maybe half the tip is coming out of the bag with these tips you want just the end coming out there’s a lot of icing behind there and that’s a large tip and you don’t want it popping out of the bag so be careful how much you cut off I usually start with less and then cut a little more if I need it you can see that’s just not out all the way so I’m going to cut off another little bit and that’s what I’m looking for right there just the very end of the tip is showing so this happens to be a tulip tip and I’m going to change that out and I’m going to be using the ten petal rose tip to show you the first cupcake I have some buttercream that I have prepared for this now the buttercream that you’re going to use to make these flowers has to be much stiffer than regular buttercream for icing a cake if you’re used to making buttercream roses that’s the consistency you’re looking for and to just give you a guideline we sell a three pound container of buttercream and we also have a one and a half pound container of buttercream for one and a half pounds of buttercream I added one cup of sifted powdered sugar and then just blend that on low speed until it’s thoroughly combined so for a one and a half pound container it’s one cup and it would be two cups for the three pound container and just to give you an idea of the consistency you can see how stiff this icing really is it’s much cheaper than you would use to ice a cake but it’s perfect for these flowers so that’s the fuchsia color from my color line and I’m just going to put a little bit in the bag and that’s ready to go to ice the cupcakes hmm I like using just a pastry bag with just the tip cut off and just go around in a circle so if your cupcake is flat or if it’s below the top of the paper you can build up the dome a little bit with the icing so you get a nice domed cupcake so the icing is in the bag I’m going to push into the top just to attach the buttercream from the flour to the butter cream from the cupcake so you want the two to touch and then just put a little light pressure and come straight up and pull away and you can see the flour then I’m going to go to the side these are about a half inch it’s just a little squirt then you can just sort of fill them in now for the green I’ve done a traditional bag with green icing and I’ve striped the sides of the bag with green food coloring with a little paintbrush so I get a nice two-tone green and then right in between the flowers you can just stand up these little petals and that’s how easy it is to make the solid cupcakes and that is the ten petal rose tip you can see how easy and how fast that is it works just as well on little miniature cupcakes it’s great for cookies or to top like little brownies I mean you can really wow people very easily with these decorations so let me go on and show you how to make the 2-toned to make the two-tone start by taking a piece of plastic wrap just a kitchen a food grade plastic wrap and lay it down on a silicon mat if you don’t have a mat because it adheres to the mat a little bit if you’re just going to do it on the countertop just lightly dampen the countertop with a wet cloth and then the plastic wrap will stick right to that now I’m going to add some white icing and this is the stiff icing I don’t need to make too much now to get this to come out so that it wraps around the color I want to square about four and a half inches wide and as long as you want it but this is about six or seven inches which is fine so I’m just smoothing this down if you’re doing this a lot you can make a template and put it right on the counter to just tape it to your counter and put the plastic over it so I just want that to be about that size and you’ll see why in a minute so I’m going to put some of the fuchsia color in the center so the center of these flowers will be the will be the fuchsia now let’s see here pick that up you don’t have to be too particular about this just make sure it gets to the end so now here’s the trick I’m going to take the saran wrap or the plastic wraps Ram is just a brand name and I’m going to bring it halfway over and I’m going to bring it back now I’m going to bring this side and bring it the rest of the way over and you’ll see when I wrap all this together that that four and a half inch wide piece of white icing was just enough to wrap around the color and that’s what I want take the ends and twist them in opposite directions so you have a little log of icing take a pair of scissors and you’re just going to cut off the end I have a tulip tip and my bag is already cut just drop that in just pick up the bag and put it right inside the tip this is as easy as can be alright I’m just going to squeeze a little bit out so the color comes out and I have another cupcake ready to go and there we go you don’t have to put this many flowers on the cupcake if you just want to do three or five whatever you want there we go so now you can see the difference between doing a solid flower and doing the the two-tone flowers and the two of them look great together on a display if you’re doing a tray of cupcakes so that’s a really easy way now I wanted to show you how versatile this can be once you’ve created that little icing tube in the center I have another bag and I’m just going to pick another tip we’ll do this one if I wanted to change tips all I have to do I can take the whole thing right out of the bag I can take the tip off the end and now I can put that in the bag and I’m ready to go so it’s just as versatile as can be and you can reuse the bags I actually use these on a project yesterday and I just keep reusing them they don’t even get dirty so it’s a really easy way to change it I’ll do one more this is a little cupcake and I’ve created another color in here let’s see it’s sort of fun trying all the different flowers to see how they’re going to come out okay and for this one I’m just going to do three little flowers whoops that happened because number one I iced the cupcake a little earlier so the icing is started crusting over so it didn’t adhere so that’s that’s an important thing as Donis your your cupcakes a lot in advance or you’re going to have that problem but I also probably didn’t push enough into the icing to make the icing stick to the top of the cupcake and that one worked and there you have the little mini cupcakes with a different tip hope you’ve enjoyed this video these tips are available at global sugar calm and if you’re interested in learning more about buttercream decorating I have an entire series on our website on all the basics of decorating with buttercream and all the different tips and how to use them I hope you’ve enjoyed this stop and look at our website global sugar art calm thank you for watching

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