How to use paint markers and spray paint on a canvas | [Sub Español & English]

How to use paint markers and spray paint on a canvas | [Sub Español & English]

Hi my name’s Fieldey and I’m an urban
surf and skate artist for today’s tutorial I’m going to be showing you my
tips and tricks for using Molotow’s One4All paint markers and refill
inks and I’m going to be working on canvas First thing I need to do is give
it an all-over quick background for this I’m going to use some Molotow
Premium spray paint The next thing I want to do is I just want to finish off my background with a very subtle palm effect To do that I’m going to use this fake palm as a stencil with a slightly darker
color of turquoise I’ve drawn up my design here before I get started painting, I wanted to have a quick word about the products I’m using I’m using Molotow’s One4All inks I’m going to be demonstrating how you can use them with brushes but of course they also
come in markers as well which I’ll show you some tips and techniques for later These materials are super versatile and you can use them to cover different
surfaces from surfboards, skateboards and walls Let’s get started! I’m squirting the inks out
onto my homemade wet palette that is is just a sheet of baking paper on a plastic lid
with a little bit of water underneath My main subject is a woman with some crazy three-color lighting effects I’ll start off base of turquoise first and then add in
the green and orange shades working really quickly so I can blend
the colors before they dry I’m gradually deepening the shadows as I paint
so I can start giving the piece some definition and some depth My lady is finished and I’m really
happy with that the next thing I’m going to do
is I’m going to move on to the tiki torches I’m going to use an empty marker and show
you how to fill that and create custom colors Unscrew the lid and then take out
valve system you want to pour in your inks,
I’m using a light brown and cream Then I screwed on the silver extender
and this is so I can easily take the lid off later and add more ink After you’ve done that, put the valve
back on top and then screw on the lid give your marker a really good shake and
before you use it you need to prime it so just put it on a piece of paper or
something like that and pump the marker a few times until
you see the paint come down to the tip I’m ready to start putting in the
shadows I’m going to open up the marker again and
add a few drops of black to it and you’ll see this is where the extenders come in so
handy because they make it much easier to open the marker and add more ink
without having to pull out the valve every time I’m going to open up the marker again and add a little bit more black to deepen some shadows while I’m here, I’m going to
change the tip over to a brush tip These are awesome for doing really fine lines
like with a paintbrush All you do is just pull the round tip out
and push the brush one in just don’t forget to prime it like we did before All right, this is pretty much finished
the last thing I’d suggest you do is just give it a quick clear coat and for
that I’m going to be using the Belton Molotow Gloss and the reason I’m going to do that
is to protect the artwork and it’s really going to make
the colors pop Before you clear coat,
remember to shake the can really well so for about a minute or so and then when you’re actually spraying don’t get in
too close you want to stay about 15 centimeters away from the artwork and spray a nice broad strokes from side to side And it’s finished! I hope you liked
the tutorial if you’ve got any questions please ask them below

100 thoughts on “How to use paint markers and spray paint on a canvas | [Sub Español & English]

  1. Hi Fieldey, I really like your artwork and your tutorials. May I ask which tip size of Molotow markers you use? I have one with a 4 mm tip and one with a 1 mm tip. The 227HS seems too thick to draw with a certain degree of precision and the 1 mm tip is too thin for a big canvas. I have to order the markers online and I cannot try them beforehand. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks again for your tutorials!

  2. My first tutorial on your channel and still my favorite . Please try to post more tutorials regularly Fieldey , miss seeing your work which always inspires and motivates me! Can't wait to see your videos from your California events!

  3. What kind of canvas was used for your paint markers? What would you recommend to be the best type of canvas to work on with paint markers

  4. I really enjoyed your tutorial but could you please tell me who the music artist is playing in the background? Awesome sound with funky whistle✌🏽

  5. Boss-Lady, what's the best paint you recommend to refill Liquitex Paint
    Markets with? I've seen a couple people here online use a type of
    reducer or thinner while refilling their paint markers. What do you
    recommend is a good quality paint to refill these markers with? Hit me
    back when your time allows Boss-Lady. (I think you're hellavu gorgeous) = ]

  6. Want know which products I used for this tutorial? I've combined them all in a handy Amazon list here:

    This is an affiliate link to Amazon, meaning that if you buy any of the products mentioned above, at no extra cost to you, I get a small commission for the sale which helps me keep on making rad tutorials!

  7. i cant watch this with the can horizontal for so long right off the bat

  8. what should b the base spray for metals b4 applying posca paint n what type of glow spray should I use after (in metal)

  9. Hi, could you please tell me how long this will last on canvas? Is it gonna last forever with a sealer or colors will fade after couple years? If so what to do to make it last forever 🙂
    Thank you! You are the best artist on YT.

    Greetings from Europe xxx

  10. wow, I remember watching this years ago when you only had about 1k subscribers, and this seriously is the best canvas I've seen ever, your style is amazing and you really are very talented

  11. You have amazing talent! Please tell me what you use as reference materials? What inspires you? I am really enjoying your videos!

  12. Hello 🙂 that's a really really good painting. I just have a doubt that is it ok to use pens on canvas to draw. like for example pigment liners , would they be good to draw on a canvas board? If so is it ok to use spray varnish on it after finishing the picture?
    I also wanted to know the pen you used for drawing in the above tutorial.
    Thank you 😁. I am sry if I've asked many questions.
    really good painting, impressed me so much 🙂

  13. I absolutely love this..I do a little bit of Tiki Art myself..but this style is amazing..this will help me with outlining! Do you have any tutorials that are step by step videos on a piece of art?

  14. Wow, you're Super Talented. I Loved your style. amazing work. thanks for sharing. I wish I had more info on what exactly is that you're using as far as what paint and the pens you filled up. and where to get them

  15. Hey great work there!! I noticed you're using spray paint as a background, which is what I want to do. But I have no idea how to add design using paint or markers because spray paint is oil-based and they say not to use acrylic paint as it is water-based. What do you recommend? What is it about those paint and ink markers that allows it so stay on the spray paint? Oil-based paint takes a long time to dry, so the paint you use to design doesnt seem like it is oil-based. Looking forward to hearing back, Thank you so much!!!

  16. The woman of my dreams 😍 (After Lady Pink ofc) 😂😂

    Edit: Holy crap, I didn't expect to get a heart, especially not while actually painting a canvas with spray paint!

  17. Wow. That's super dope. New subscriber. Just came across this thanks to YouTube auto play while using my Molotow markers. Salute to you. This was inspiring. Peace

  18. Man. That looks computer generated. You are super smooth. Wow. I'm beside myself. Idk if I should quit art after 3+ decades or work harder. Haha

  19. I want the canvas of the pretty lady with the Hawaiian tiki green background for free I'll trade you with one of mine I just hope you like it by the way I'm a graffiti artist I'm not famous yet but someday I hope to be my name is Patrick B sypher from Brooklyn NYC and thank you

  20. Hi I'm a spray paint artist and I'm currently trying to figure what's so special about these "graffiti markers" and how they differ from spray paint art. If someone could kindly explain, I would greatly appreciate because I've been all over the internet trying to figure this out lol. Also I'm curious about whether or not this can be applied to spray paint art as well.

  21. Hi from Australia 🇦🇺 Your work is incredibly beautiful! I’m only just starting to get into art – it started with adult colouring books for depression. So I only know how to colour, not to draw my own designs yet. Are there any specific types of classes you attended or would recommend? Also, do you spend a lot of time thinking about exactly what you want to draw, what colours you’re going to use or do you just start with an idea that you’d like to do a female profile and work on the specifics and what colours you’re going to use as you go? Thanks for posting this beautiful piece ❤️

  22. Beautiful Work…
    "Hello" from New Mexico USA
    I have a question..
    This is made like Sign Paint?
    but I heard you say "INK"… or is this Acrylic?
    I also paint signs… I did 2 …. 4' by 8'
    5 layers… ending in GLITTER… (at night it sparkled so beautiful).
    The sign company wanted $1600. to do each side…
    after 2 weeks of work… I kinda understood why they were
    going to charge me that much… They turned out Beautiful.
    So I am very interested in this product you use… I want to also
    paint on Tile…
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video.
    You are an inspiration.

  23. I'm using paint markers on a skateboard deck, they're nice but don't layer well. Maybe I need to let the layers dry longer?

  24. Hey Fieldey never get tired of watching this video! It was my first tutorial of yours I’ve seen, haven’t seen any new videos lately please post some soon!

  25. That was amazing! I've never heard of those markers before, they are so versatile I'm going to have to get me some ☺️ thank you for the tutorial

  26. I looooove super contrasting pieces like this. I can't tell if I loved it more before or after the outlining, it looks so good both ways 💚💙

  27. A quick question on the Molotow original Acrylic marker. Do you by any chance know if it might fade overtime especially if the varnish is brushed on instead of sprayed on? I earlier used oil paint marker instead of acrylic and It just started to fade right away as soon as I put a single coat of gloss varnish. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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