How To Touch Up a Scratch on Wooden Furniture

How To Touch Up a Scratch on Wooden Furniture

Hi, I’m Tasha from the blog Designer
Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, and today I’m going to show you how you can use
Mohawks ultra mark pigmented markers to replace color on worn wood surfaces. To
get started with ultra mark, you’re really going to want to shake it well to
disperse the pigment so after you hear the ball starts rolling, you want to
shake it for about 20 seconds to a minute I’ve already done that the next step is
going to be to uncap it and depress the tip until you see the color flow to it.
Once you see that, you’re ready to use it on your worn edge So for this, I’m just, this is our dining
room table, and you can see the finish has rubbed off the edge so you’re just going to apply it and use
one continuous movement to replace that color on the edge and afterwards you can
use your finger or a cloth to gently rub over it to feather out the finish

2 thoughts on “How To Touch Up a Scratch on Wooden Furniture

  1. Great video. I use these Mohawk markers all the time. They're the best of all the furniture markers out there. I had to comment because I'm a "Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body" too. LOL.

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