How to Tidy the KonMari Way (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo)

How to Tidy the KonMari Way (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo)

Hey guys! Recently I read a book called The Life-Changing
Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and this book changed my life. I loved it so much. I read through it in three days, and today
I just knew I had to share the method of tidying up your life by Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is a professional organizing consultant from Japan, and she’s written this book that
has become wildly popular in Asia. Recently this past fall, she released the
English version to the US and since then, I’ve seen it blow up on countless blogs and
magazines, and everybody is talking about the KonMari
Method. As you guys know, I’m a big fan of minimalism. I believe that a clear space equals a clear
mind, and so once I heard about this book, I knew
I absolutely had to check it out. What I love about Kondo’s method is that she
says you only have to tidy your house once and then you never have to do it again, which
is a huge difference from the common belief that you had to declutter a little bit every
day. But actually, Marie Kondo believes that you should tidy and declutter in one
dramatic shot so that it creates a dramatic change in your environment which will create a dramatic
change in your life. With the KonMari Method, you can seriously
reset your life and start fresh. On top of that, Marie Kondo claims none of
her clients have regressed into being messy people which is very, very
impressive. Without further ado, here is how to tidy with
the KonMari Method. First things first: start by discarding. We have a lot of stuff that we don’t need and so the first step is to recognize the
things that we have that aren’t serving us anymore. Kondo says this should be a “fun” event and
you should dress up for the occasion as if you’re sending your things off with
a goodbye party. So I treated it as a celebration and I wore a dress to clean up, rather than
being sloppy in PJs. The main idea is that you have to hold each
item in your hand and ask yourself: If it makes you happy, keep it. If it doesn’t spark any joy, then put it in
the discard pile. Make sure that you hold the item in your hand
because she says your body will react to an item when you touch
it rather than when you just look at it. Also she recommends that you not listen to
music while you are deciding what sparks joy to you or not because music
can interfere with that intuition and you really want to listen to your heart,
your body, and what you are telling yourself about this. Lastly, don’t even think about organizing
or putting things away until you have completely finished discarding
everything from a specific category. So don’t start organizing as you’re discarding. Make sure you have everything at once, discard, then deal with the rest later. Tidy by category, not location, and lay it
all out. Gather everything you own from a single category and lay it all out
on the floor. For example: if you’re tidying books, you have to remove
all of the books off of the bookshelf onto the floor. It’s very tedious, but it’s a must. Kondo says you have to do that because when you take things off of the shelf
or the closet and onto the floor, you are “waking an item up” because it’s been
dormant for so long. You’ve probably grown accustomed to ignoring
it while it’s on the shelf so it looks like nothing to you. But once you take it off and put it on the
floor, you kind of reactivate it. When the item is awake, you can decide then whether it still sparks
joy or not. Kondo has a specific order of categories that
you’re supposed to tidy in and it goes like this: first clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous,
and mementos. Within clothes and miscellaneous, there’s
an order of subcategories that you should tidy by. Basically there’s a purpose for this order
and it’s because clothes are the easiest to say goodbye to, whereas you go down the
line, mementos are the hardest to let go of. So Kondo says you have to start with clothes
so that you train your intuition and by the time you hit all of the categories,
and you get to mementos, it’s easier for you to realize what sparks
joy in you and what doesn’t. I’ve compiled all of these categories into
a tidying checklist that you guys can download and follow as you go. You can find that on my blog. The link is in the description below. As you discard your things, thank them and
bid them farewell. Kondo really talks about things as if they
are alive. She says that each thing that you have has helped you, supported you, or served a
purpose in your life in some way. So whether a dress used to make you feel beautiful
or a pair of pants taught you what didn’t look good on you, you should appreciate
your things, thank them for what they’ve done for you in your life,
and then let them go. Finally, once you’ve finished discarding your
things, you can start organizing and putting things away. Kondo says that each item needs a “home” so it can rest after a long day. When you designate a space for each item, all you have to do at the end of the day is
return it to its rightful home and let it rest while you rest. This really keeps your home from being cluttered
after you do your big tidy. When I read to this point, I realized I had
never designated a space for my purse. I would come home and just throw it on a table
or chair until I needed it the next time. So now I’ve designated a spot for my purse
in my closet and I realize my house is more clear because I don’t throw
things everywhere. I really put them back in their rightful home. That’s it! I hope you guys liked this video and that
it inspired you to tidy up your life. As I mentioned, I made a downloadable cheat
sheet and checklist which you guys can find in the description below. So far, in my journey, I’ve tidied clothes
and it took me two weeks to tidy all the subcategories from tops to
pants to every accessories and shoes and everything. That was already a journey. I’m still going to keep going and move onto
books and miscellaneous and the rest. But in the meantime I’m going to be making
more videos on specific tips on how to tidy your closet
and how to fold clothes so be on the lookout for those videos next. Make sure you subscribe. I post videos every Wednesday. Good luck with your journey in becoming more
minimal in your life. Happy tidying. Bye!

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  1. I've seen this book recommended everywhere!! Love the tips 🙂 It's just moved up on my reading list. Just subbed

  2. you know the part where Marie Kondo tells you not to listen to music, well this video would have been perfect without the annoying music. No offense

  3. I was really surprised with the bookshelf. I thought I'd already decluttered them as far down as possible, but found more room, enough to make it look pretty – with an actual theme! I' m really excited.
    Momentos: If small, see if you can turn it into an album with baseball card organizers or page protectors! If they are bigger, see if you can USE them. For instance, if you have a favorite college blanket "throw," can you get rid of a DIFFERENT throw and replace it with this one?

  4. Just bought the book! Can't wait to dig into it and start this process. I'm over spring and fall material cleansing and renewals. One big release sounds cathartic and intense! Thanks for the review

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  6. Good tips. If i were to place all my books on the floor, i would have no room to walk; and i would need a chiropractor the following day from all the bending over. Have i let my clutter go on too long?

  7. I am wondering about stuff that has a purpose like say exercising clothes, tights/pantyhose, painting/cleaning clothing, those clothes that feel good to lounge in but aren't in good shape or spark any kind of emotion about…. things that you have no feelings about that would never spark joy but you need . I have a pair of snow pants that are so ugly but I don't use often and would never want to spend money on another pair…how do you decide about items like that because I'm running into too many items like this . Thank you so much for the cheat sheets. I'm just getting started at this and your vid was suggested. It was the first I've watched of yours and I'm very impressed …instant subscribe . You are stunning and your hair is gorgeous!

  8. i know this might come as overly critical of Marie Kondo's tidying method, but I find it is mainly devoted to 'creative professionals', freelancers and housewifes, or other people who can choose always how to dress and are working mostly in the home. For these groups, it makes sense to dress for joy and dress-up when they are at home. For ex, loungewear and sclubby clothes are very frowned up; and she even encourages women to always dress with elegant nightgowns (grrr, this last part I find vey Stepford Wife-like). While I can understand this for individuals working at home, most people have dress codes at work, which do not necessarily spark joy. These clothes are useful and you should feel confident and comfortable in them but they do not spark joy by default.

  9. it's so funny that this book popped up in my feed because I just got the book today! I didn't even search for it….sort of creepy

  10. i loved this book. a year on I'm still not perfect, but i think her ideas are for life. however i think she's NOT about minamalalism at all, she's more about exactly that tidying up. you can have A LOT of things which "spark joy" but as long as they get used or serve a purpose,it's all good

  11. Hmmm. I appreciated the summary and review of the book, so thankyou for that. I feel, however, that if I was (hypothetically) the author, I would be unhappy that you haven't referred people to just go and buy my material, because after all, the method is in there, and the content and credit is my rightful livelihood; instead, you have taken someone else's intellectual property (and business?) and given it to people without copyright permissions…. Please reconsider the ethics of what you're offering in this otherwise great video, and what intentions you're actually putting out there. I mean this in good faith, so please take it that way. In the interest of integrity and ethics, just make sure information is 'free commons' before disseminating. You could possibly get into legal trouble (?). Otherwise, you have a beautiful presence.

  12. I love this because I think objects do have energy / memory as everything in the universe is vibrational energy and the point you mentioned of reactivating an object that has become dormant is a real thing!

  13. Ive just started this book so hoping it helps us declutter and refine all the items in our home!

  14. Hi, new subscriber here. 😊
    I love ❤️ your advice, energy and style! I feel like I learn something new from each of your videos! I've only watched a couple so far so I'm not sure if run e-courses or not but I definitely think you'd be a successful teacher and / or life coach! 🤗

  15. Why not get an original idea instead of plagiarizing others work! Mentioning something is one thing, disseminating material directly from someone else's work isn't cool

  16. Thank you so much for introducing KonMari into my life. Her book indeed tremendously change the way I shop for my clothes and the way I keep my closet. Before, I can't find an attire to wear from a mountain of clothes I have. Now, I have so many attire to wear with few pieces of clothes I kept –such a magic indeed! More power to you, Lavendaire.

  17. I saw this being done by someone else on youtube and then saw your video. I am hooked will be starting this HUGE project tomorrow. We have been in our house for many years so it will take LOTS of time to get it complete but i will record as much as we can. thanks for sharing.

  18. Great vedio…i m sooo inspired..i started this method today..thank u Aileen for everything..u look stunning n cute too😘…love😊

  19. You have created a wonderful summary of the key points, as well as brought to life underlying ideas that I didn't fully pick up on when I read the books. Thanks for your clarity and inspiration—I now have a deeper grasp on the bigger idea!

  20. How does the "spark joy" concept play out for functional items? I'm looking to organize/clean my study/workshop. Holding a set of screw drivers and asking "does this spark joy?" will probably end in a "no" answer – but throwing them in the bin would be a disaster… it would seem that Kondo's system comes from a female/Japanese centric approach where few functional items are owned and mainly cosmetic (clothes, books etc.)?

  21. I recently read this book and just found you video. It was the best one I've seen so far that explains her entire book!! Thank you for including the little parts like how she says things are alive and to thank them. This part of her book just meant so much to me! Great video =) And oh my gosh, THANK YOU for the check list!!! I am so much of a check list person and I was going to have to carry her book around with me while I was cleaning so thank you!!

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  24. Now how do we discard those members of the household who refuse to put things away or wipe them down after use, creating a wreck you constantly have to clean and tidy?

  25. i am so inspired and happy i cant stop smiling <33333
    i want to tidy up NOW and i feel like i w ill actually enjoy it and im looking farward to my home after the big tidy
    and the thought of waking my things up and giving them a place to rest is so… i dont know how to say but it gives me so much energie

    i have been watching your videos for a while and all of them inspire me so much
    and somehow i havent seen this one yet… until now

    man im so motivated!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  28. I have been reading this and always stop, due to distractions. Thanks for the list and I will get on finishing the book.

  29. Thank you so much for this!! I’m absolutely broke and just moved into a small apartment to start my first big girl job and needed this but didn’t have time/money to spare to purchase the book or set aside time to read it. Maybe it’s lazy (it is) but I really appreciate you summarizing it and including a check list!! Really appreciate it 💕

  30. I think envisioning how you want your space and life are veey important first steps. I know you have already done this and recommend it in your videos and workbook.

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  34. Thank you for this video. I've watched it a while back and read the book from KonMarie afterwards. But it just hit me now that it really changes my life.
    It's not only about tidying up once. It's about a different feeling for stuff I own and stuff I'm going to bring home. I dont want anything that doesn't spark joy in my home anymore. I'm feeling soooooo much better and as a real chaotic person I really start to be more tidy because everything has its place (or "home" like you say) and deserves to be treated good. 🙂

  35. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS EASIER. I read the book twice before it became a big deal and now I feel like you've given me the tools I was missing with the lists you constructed. May you have many successes!

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