How to Shave: Mayank Bhattacharya’s Easy Shaving Tips | Gillette India

How to Shave: Mayank Bhattacharya’s Easy Shaving Tips | Gillette India

Gentleman my name is Mayank Bhattacharya and this is my shaving routine. Step number one: Get the essentials. Towel, shaving foam or shaving cream, razor and aftershave lotion and a moisturizer,
optional a nice face wash. Step number two: The prep. You see prepping your face prior shaving is the most important part of the routine. I usually shave right after
my hot bath but for this video I’ll use the hot towel to exfoliate and moisten the
skin and get it ready for a nice and clean shave. If you intend to wash your
face using a face wash this will be the perfect time. Moving on step number three, the lather. Apply a thin even layer of shaving cream on the desired shaving
area and let it soak in for the next two to three minutes. You can read a book,
check your Instagram or pet your dog. Keeping the shaving cream on your face
for a couple of more minutes help moisten the skin further for a better
shaving experience. Step number four: The shave. Remember to always start shaving in the direction of the grain. One spot, one stroke at a time and go opposite only
in the places where you would want a very close shave. Your skin will thank
you later. Anyway it’s about time to wrap things up
which brings us to step number five: Rinse it in cold water. You see washing your face in cold water closes the open pore. This prevents dirt
and dust from getting in and thus result in a much handsome face. Step number six: Apply the aftershave to soothe the skin. Now if you’re allergic or too sensitive
with aftershave lotions you can skip this and move on to the final step which
is the step number seven: Moisturize, smile and kick ass. That’s my shaving
routine. You’re welcome!

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    Perfectly explained…
    Everything is perfect…
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  2. Ummm I'm a teenager looking for a razor. I've used trimmers till now but they don't give a clean shave. Which razor, cream or foam and after shave should I get? I'm confused because you have so many varieties!

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