How to Sharpen Scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors. It’s important to keep your household scissors
sharp for efficiency and safety. You can sharpen scissors at home using sandpaper
or aluminum foil. You will need Scissors Sandpaper Scrap piece
of paper Aluminum foil and steel wool. Step 1. Cut several notches in a piece of fine-grit
sandpaper, with the rough side facing down. Cut with long strokes, so every part of the
blade touches the sandpaper. Step 2. Test the scissors by cutting through a scrap
piece of paper. If they do not seem sharp enough, repeat the
process. Step 3. Use aluminum foil to sharpen the edge of your
shears. Fold the foil a few times to make it thicker,
and then cut several slices through the foil. Step 4. Test the scissors by cutting through a scrap
piece of paper. If they do not seem sharp enough, repeat the
process. Step 5. Use steel wool to sharpen your scissors. Make several cuts through a steel wool soap
pad, rinse the blades, and then try them on paper. Did you know Modern scissors were first manufactured
by Robert Hinchliffe in 1761.

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  1. "It's important to keep your household scissors sharp for efficiency, and safety." How is it safe if your scissors are razor sharp??

  2. So scissors that can't cut through paper can cut through several sheets of aluminum foil, sandpaper, and steel wool!?!?!

  3. @jedisponge16 if they're dull, the risk of injury increases (you have to apply more pressure, chnge angles of cutting etc.) – same thing with a knife. I have very rarely cut myself with a razor sharp knife – more often with a dull one.

  4. its better tou have 3 stones 600 1000 and 1500 grit +/- and sharpen them that way. Its better and you have a mutch mutch scharper scissors. that last way longer than those way's. and if your buget is real low. you can yous your car window to sharpen them.

  5. okay now i KNOW you did this video before. Though I think it was only a quick time so I might let you off… @AeonRider I have 😛

  6. @CollegeLoheart

    Well, what do you expect for an answer with such a broad comment? You commented that a video about sharpening scissors has made you lose respect for Europeans. Asking why doesn't make anyone an idiot.

  7. What if the scissors are soo dull that you cant cut through any of those things? Then it would just be time to buy a new pair for 50c.

  8. awesome!

    i've already been doing all that.. but i thought it was making them DULLER. i needed to know something like this for those really good $50 scissors, though. but i read in Quilting for Dummies that you can cut up some steel wool for sewing scissors, too. i've never tried, though. all i have is tin foil and sand paper.

  9. @phillyfan856 No.

    The same applies to kitchen knives.

    It's far more dangerous to use a dull blade because you're more likely to screw up and cut your finger off.

  10. @phillyfan856 Sorry I'm not explaining this well.

    With a dull blade, you're more likely to slip or try something stupid to try to make your blade more effective.

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but believe me, it's true.

  11. @sharpkeet : al materials are HANDY AT HOME right on time when need it (thats the main idea), specialy aluminum foil and steel wool if you wash cookware, how cheap are all those who vote up that comment….lol

  12. @TheKarlProductions not if you dry them thoroughly and then treat them with some Rem oil or other water displacing rust preventative……………..

  13. These type of quick solutions MAY sharpen your scissors but shouldn't replace a proper sharpening using a stone or a motorized flat whetstone.

  14. can also lubricate a scissor blade quickly and restore it using waxed paper folded only if that didn't work would I try the above

  15. What about buying something of good quality and keeping it for life? Around here it costs about $5 to have a pair of scissors sharpened (The correct way).

  16. You can and you should. That is the correct way to do it. This is incorrect and will just make the blade duller. It is usually fairly inexpensive to have a professional sharpen a pair of scissors correctly.

  17. explain how aluminum foil is going to sharpen the blades?? Isnt the cutting motion exactly what dulls the blades in the first place? now that you cut foil its supposed to do the opposite? I dont see it

  18. Thanks for the info. I work as an Occupational Therapist (CHT) and need to use leather cutting shears to fabricated custom fitted splint/orthotics for hand patients out of low temperature thermoplastic materials (which behave at times like leather.  The task of sharpening in on my mind at all times. I knew how to test for dullness, but now I know the cure. 

  19. how about tightening the screw holding the 2 parts. or if it's reveted, beat it gently with a small hammer ….

  20. Sand paper does not sharpen scissors. Only ruin them. I wonder
    who can get themselves to give such a bad advice. Someone who
    manufacturer scissors? If you know what you're doing you can sharpen
    then using a ceramic or diamond sharpening rod or a stone from a Lansky

  21. Visit ( they have the best hand held American made scissor sharpener. or You tube(

  22. A, this creates garbage (which everything will be after you cut it up) and B, it doesn't work! Get a proper sharpening stone/tool.

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