100 thoughts on “How to Sharpen a Pencil Like a Boss (for Drawing) – Narrated

  1. Me sitting in art class
    pencil breaks
    Me: Alright let me take out my knife
    pulls out knife
    Teacher:WTH are you doing??
    Class: staring at me
    Me: DoN’t WoRrY jUsT sHaRmiNg My PeNciL liKe A BoSs😏😎

  2. Thank you so much, sir! I have learned this in my art school, but now resuming with my art again after a 5-year gap, I found a lot of inspiration from just the way you sharpen the pencil. 🙂

  3. I cant actually tell if this guy is being serious or if he's joking omg im crying when he said if you are very adult do it under the supervision of a child I srsly cant tell if he's joking is this a joke?

  4. Me in my classroom:*Pulls out pencil*
    Me:oh I need to sharpen it because it broke looks inside pencil case oh no sharpener
    Me:*Pulls out knife and sharpens my pencil*
    My friend:Girl wha
    Me:Oh me I am doing nothing
    My class:*Looks at me quietly*
    My class and teacher:*SCREAMS*
    My teacher:*Takes it away*
    My teacher:This isn't a sharpener
    Me:oh ummmmmmmm back to work
    My class and teacher:*Laughs*

  5. Everyone: making suggestions that might help
    Me: I got the best suggestion! Buy a mechanical pencil and keep pressing the part that makes the led go up!

  6. At school I made a knife out of a sharpener and a popsicle stick, its pretty sharp as it can cut the wooden part of the pencil but can’t really harm people, if u try u prolly could but I never tried

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