How to Shade – How to draw an egg – Shadows

How to Shade – How to draw an egg – Shadows

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and by popular
demand, today we will have a basic tutorial on how to shade. And we will do this
by drawing an egg [laughter]. As you saw, we begin by sketching the egg
with lose strokes. And we refine the line with an eraser, it´s like an oval with
one side wider than the other. Next we do a line which divides the light
from the shadow. This line is called ¨terminator¨ hasta la vista baby [laughter]. Of course this line follows the rounded
shape of the object. The type of stroke I normally use for shading
is by doing little circles or lines, or more commonly like in this case, ovals
that overlap one with another, trying to get an even shade. In a rounded
object, this area where the shadow starts, usually is the darkest in the object,
it is called ¨core shadow¨. It not always looks like this, but often the light
hits the surface where the object is and bounces on it, which makes
the lower part of the egg look lighter. All right! In this case I will smudge the graphite,
using a chamois, to make it more even. I will also go over the area in light
to give it a slight tone. Now I switch lead in my Tutto3 pencil
for a harder one for the lighter shading. I do this because the change from
light to shadow shouldn´t be and evident line, it should be
gradiently. This area that I am filling right now, we could call it
a middle tone. We could say that is the darker part, within
the area of light. By the way, this is the most real
tone of the object, as it is not darkened by a shadow, or lightened
by a direct light. With a kneaded eraser you can
take off some of the darker spots that sometimes happen. Very good! All the shadows we have been
talking about so far, are shadows of the object itself. And this
of course is the area of light, to which I also give a slight tone. With an eraser I clean up the areas
that I smudged outside the object. Good! And here we can place
a reflection which of course is the lightest spot. The area that faces the light source
is the light area. And that´s the lighter area, except for the reflection, of course. And now I switch to a softer lead
to draw the cast shadow. This is the shadow that the object
projects on the surface, or on another object. The cast shadow is darker than the
form shadows, which are the ones on the egg, as it gets farther away,
it maybe become lighter. The edge of it can be pretty sharp,
or it maybe blurred, depending on the intensity of the light. By the way if you would like to have
a Tutto3, you are still on time to order it as the launch campaign has 10 days left. The link is below the video. And it´s ready! We have an egg! [laughter]. If you enjoyed it, please give it
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

61 thoughts on “How to Shade – How to draw an egg – Shadows

  1. His voice could tell me how to make an omelett over an hour and I'd still be listening. Damn Leonardo! Wonderful voice. And nice basic tutorial. It's great.

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  4. i've been attempting to do miranda kerr portrait for about an year and just got somewhat near to "fine looking portrait" ,i can draw anime really nice but human drawing and shading is just so difficult thanks artist leonardo and could you give some tips on how to draw without shaky hands, its like my hands are scared or too uncertain

  5. i love your tutorials you inspired me to start drawing again and ive learned a lot by your videos ans have drawn some kick ass drawings lol keep up the good work and talent brother!

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