How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel For A Viral Video (Step-by-Step)

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel For A Viral Video (Step-by-Step)

100 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel For A Viral Video (Step-by-Step)

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  2. Nick, I can't express how gratful I am for you and all those invaluable tips. I want to get the chance to pay you back in a very small way one day 🙏😊👍🏼I am not through as yet but if you go over to my channel for a few seconds then you will see that I am actually making use of your tips. Thanks Bro 😊👍🏼

  3. #anotherone…(dj kalid voice) …how do you get the check marks, heart in you video description? Great video

  4. I will add sections. Always extremely helpful information. Many of us have great content. Just need that one vid to get the ball rolling. Thanks 4 the info.

  5. Thanks so much for this video Nick, awesome content! this is Gingers Doll World… because of coppa, I decided to turn this channel into a miniature craft channel, i kept some older videos, with some new edits, trimmed and music, plus i'll be starting to post videos this week, it's been inactive for awhile but i still have over 50k subscribers, any tips to keep them and get them to be more active on my channel… i want to upload 3x a week… mon wed and fri. Thanks Nick 🙂

  6. Great video Nick! One thing that I like is to have the five most recent uploads on the top of the page. The first thing I do is click on 'videos', most returning subs want to see the new stuff coming out.

  7. Hi Nick, what is the general rule for meeting the level of viral? somebody said it is simply a vid with more views than the channel has subs.

  8. Fantastic video, as always it was very informative and helpful to those of us content creators! Always some way to better the channel and this video was just jamb packed with fantastic ideas and step by step methods to implement them!

  9. ive been hustlin making art content. my top video is a video where i barely do art. how does one get people to stick around for art content? Does it have to be a tutorial? idk.

  10. Nick thank you so much for this! Not just this but all of your content! We’re just starting to get serious with our channel. We’re a small channel (for now 😉) but we’ve definitely noticed a positive difference in our growth thanks to your tips!

  11. Thank you for this Nick. SUPER helpful stuff! Quick question, if I make a change in my upload defaults for the description, I know that will default to every video description going forward but does it change all the previous videos I uploaded too?

  12. Nick I've seen peter McKinnon do his everyday carry video .
    I'll suggest you to do one coz your fans will like it iam sure .
    Thanks for your awesome content so far .
    You will get to a million subscribers very soon .
    I bet nick .

  13. I love all your videos that I've seen Nick but this one was hands down the BEST! I immediately began pausing and going to my channel to change and adjust things LOL. I still have some more to do and will get on that next week…new band has our 1st show this week and I JUST released my 1st online Guitar instructional course so my channel has to wait a week but WOW!! GREAT info here! Thank you 🙂

  14. Im struggling so much to grow mine for 7 months and its hard. But never give up… Thanks for the advices🤓👍

  15. I made a video a year ago before I started my channel to see if I got any views at all, i kind of thought that a no one with no page or anything on YouTube would not get views. It ended up getting over 12k views. Keep on following Nick’s videos i feel you’ll have a real high chance to make it as a Youtuber

  16. Thx this helped on my YT channel I will upload a vid it will hit like 150 views then go down to 93 do u know what this is pls help

  17. I have a question,is that true that maximum 3 videos only need to upload in 1 day on our youtube channel?please let me know thanks

  18. Hey Nick, just starting my channel and your content is really helping out! Thanks for the wisdom! I think I’m ready to go viral! Ha!

  19. Hi Nick, I am trying to sort things out and I wanted to 'pin' my intro video to the top of my page. Why is it so hard to find out how to do this? What do I do? I plan to look at your non-mobile videos too and see what bits would help my baby channel grow.

  20. Hey Nick, what if I start two channels with the same content but one has the English language and another one has a different language will it get monetized? Is this allowed?

  21. It took me like an hour to watch this video and do everything that Nick suggested. But it's worth my time! Thanks!!!

  22. Don't know weather a science and business channel will go viral but I will try to implement most of the things you say here. Thanks man

  23. Thx for the advice, i will share this with my friends and take everything in this video into consideration! Keep Posting:)

  24. I can’t wait to see what new popular YouTube channels we will have this decade. I’m hoping one of them will be me

  25. I have another question for you. We are taking a break from creating an intro for the new and old videos. I would like to ask you these ?? Privately. How can I contact you?

  26. This was really helpful! I've had the thing about playlists in the back of my mind for a while now and this video prompted me to take action! Also implemented some other stuff, great advice!

  27. Just spent the last two hours watching this tip series! I’ve got so much work to do to get things cleaned up, and start using your tips. Thanks for taking the time to put these out 🙏🏼

  28. Nick I need to go to Thailand and shake your hand man. You helped soooooooooo much! From the thumbnails, to the tiles, analytics, your advice was SPOT ON! Thank you for everything. I made the changes you suggested and when a viral video brought many people to my little obscure channel, they subscribed because it looked professional. It took off over night even with very few videos. YOU ROCK! With love from Tokyo.

  29. Hi Nick! Thanks for this informative video. I've been working really hard on upping the quality of my channel, videos, etc. As they say, we need to be prepared when the window of opportunity opens. Hence, I've been working to improve everything related to my channel – content quality, lighting, audio, on-screen graphics, video description, playlists, promotion on social media, etc. So, running into your video tonight was perfect because I hopped right back onto my laptop and cleaned up my channel page so that it looks much more like a professional YT page, as you mentioned. Thanks for all you do for us developing YouTubers!

  30. Hey Nick thanks for everything you do. I just wanted to run something by you. We upload Roofing how-to videos on our channel and YouTube did something pretty strange yesterday to our last upload. We were on a Roof filming, and a postal truck so happened to deliver to the house we were working on and because the delivery truck appeared on our video, YouTube decided to restrict our video and demonitize our video. They did say they'll allow the video to show just we wouldn't be able to benefit from the video if it goes viral. I didn't know they can do that, it was not at all intentional in our part just something that happened. I'm not sure if you know this can happen but I thought you and your subscribers aka creators should know. See for yourself, Here's our channel #AurumRoofing. Our last video uploaded yesterday min 4:50 DIY Ridge Vent

  31. VIDEO IDEA? Nick can you cover when one video makes more in adsense, how to know why and replicate it? I make videos on chakras but one video is making more money than any other in adsense not sure why…

  32. This man is a gem. He has simply increased his fan base today. Really needed this after all you have to be ready coz when the views hit the……..Thanks man

  33. Hey Nick and anybody else reading, I got a question. I noticed that each video I post gets less and less views. Is YouTube giving up on my channel because I haven't blown up? I'm consistent, and haven't changed my content drastically so why is this happening?

  34. I havent uploaded yet(still editing). However i was wondering would it be ok to have a playlist on your profile page with a short video on what is coming? So if you dont have a lot of content yet people know what your going to be providing.

    Still binging through your content here and comments over coffee so if you answer this else where i will find it.

  35. Nick, thank you so much for this video! I am a mobile creator, so I wasn’t familiar with many of the things that you talked about. I wanted so badly to get my channel set up correctly, I went to the library and spent a couple hours on the computer there, so I could more easily implement everything you said. I’m looking forward to seeing some awesome results!

  36. Hi Nick! My playlist doesn't have an option to 'play series'. It just says 'allow embedding' but it doesn't have the series setting;

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