How to Prepare Alloy Wheels for Painting

How to Prepare Alloy Wheels for Painting

welcome to this episode of the gun man this video I’ll just be taking you through how to prepare alloy wheels for paintwork so as you can see here they’ve been smashed up against the curb when this vehicle was in the accident so we’re going to have to fix them up so the first step we took was to take them out the back where we’ve brought our high pressure cleaner we sprayed them down with a degreaser then let that sit for about 15 minutes and then we grab some white scotch brite which is very fine scotch brite and then we just watch the whole things down well actually got my apprentice your saw walking past just then to do that for me so now we’re preparing the wheel up so I’ve just got my da sander and I’ve put some 180 grit onto it you don’t really want to go to much coarser than 180 because you’ll start sanding into the wheel a little bit too much and going a little bit too deep so just sanding just start sanding those scratches out if there’s any little pieces that are too deep well then you can put a little bit of 2-pack filler into it as it turned out on this set of wheels they were actually probably not as bad as what they looked I ended up being able to stand out most of the imperfections and didn’t actually end up having to put any flying filler into the anyday for spots so give it a first go over then give it a blow-off I’ll rinse back that make sure that there isn’t anything that I might have missed which it turns out that there was a couple little spots like that you couldn’t account that sometimes once you got the dust on there so always gone we inspect got another little nick in the corner here was able to stand out so sanded that out and then I’ve gone over it with some 320 after the 180 and now I’m using a bit of red scotch brite to scuff up the rest of the shiny paint and now masking it up I just decided to do a hard edge across here he could ultimately do a false edge over there but yeah I’ve found four wheels you don’t want to go overloading the product on so two coats is not going to be too big of an Angie’s F to rub with the primer so next up I’ve mixed a primer up four to one ratio with a two-pack primer all the masking is done there and with the the gun pretty much always when you’re painting wheels you’ve got a one the UM the fluid in probably close to fan up a touch too if you want so for your first coat you really just want to just dust it on you really don’t want to run to where you can start getting silicon issues and also it will start edge mapping up so just the first ones just to start sealing it down once that eggshells or once that flashes off once it’s no longer shiny we can put our second coat on which I’ll put on a little bit heavier than the first one so that’s all you really want for the first coat and another good thing about that is that it only takes a few minutes to dry and then our next coat we’ll get it on nice and wet two coats as I said this is all I’m going to use it’s just to use the to seal seal it down you could use edge primary if you want I’ve found with two pack primers it’s not really necessary to pack prime is usually bite right into most metals you could use a edge primary if you wish just to give it a little bit more adhesion but it’s not necessary so as far as the color goes I’ll give you a quick look at the color later on but most colors for wheels you don’t actually have color codes because they’re painting at different factories and you’re not going to be able to open the bottle up and find a color code so I usually just gotta i’m ashlyn eyelash for yourself so I’ve left that primer for a few days actually it turned out it was a couple of days later I had to I promised a turd and came back on the Monday and I’m painting doing the prep work for painting so I’m using 400 here so we don’t and use anything to course because you because if everybody put two coats of primer on you’ll end up just cutting straight through so yeah 400 grit I’m using here and just just careful hold the hold the orbital sander flat most of the time you don’t want to go an edge up too much else you start rubbing through too much and here’s a quick look at our cover I’ve just found a bit of silver on the bench which actually didn’t look too bad so then actually looked a little bit the metallic wasn’t coarse enough so I’ve come up to our tinting Bank grab some 598 which is the extra coarse metallic dumped a bit of that into it come back over to the wheel and just have a look on the stick and I was pretty happy with that it’s is pretty hard to pick up on this video you know because of the metallic fill up but it was pretty good so now I’ve used 400 on the day I come back over and grabbed 500 grit on one of these soft back sanding sponges I’m then going around rubbing down all of those edges that I had from where I’m a stood up because if you if you don’t rub them out probably you’ll see a big line once you’re paying over it will then blow it off make sure we haven’t missed any any edges and you also rub the rest of the the rim inside the edges of the spokes with that same 400 grit soft back sanding sponge there I’ll be uploading the footage of the paint work for these separately and I’ll be uploading them soon so I’ll be editing that tonight actually and here’s a couple of other vids that you can check out GDI pro set up for clear and the started yet RP for clear coat so thanks again for watching and it’s then another gum and production goodbye

26 thoughts on “How to Prepare Alloy Wheels for Painting

  1. i have watch a lot of video,but i like yours because the viewer gets a  chance to see the ground work that is   needed,

  2. I have clear coated aluminum wheels, how can I remove the old coating without hurting the machining marks? I just want to re-clear coat, I don't want to paint them, is that doable?

  3. i guess taking your time is key my wheels are snowflake wheels i have 5 one has curb rash so that will be the test piece. complete color change they are silver and grey going to black and sunburst orange

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  5. Whenever I do this then paint them I still see the areas I've sanded? How can I avid this? Am I sanding with too much pressure? Ps I'm an amature not a pro

  6. What kind of sanding pads are those for angle grinders? Can't use wire wheels on aluminum so wonder what I could use. Instead of sandblasting which I will probably do since I got a compressor now..

  7. This guy's english is just fine,,maybe those that cannot understand needs to go back to school and brush up on their english..english is english no matter where you go..accents change from place to place but if you open your ears and pay attention you can understand whats being said !

  8. i have allow wheels. it's pretty brand new no scratches or deep gash. do i need to sand it to prepare it for spray painting? thinking of just using the primer and spray painting it afterwards using rustoleum or duplicolor

  9. hi gun man i refurb wheels as a job and ive started getting a few wheels come back flaking where the paint hasnt adhered to the primer what would cause this my process is clean with panel wipe, sand damage,key with red scotch and clean with panel wipe again,prime sanded areas with rattle can,dry and sand with 800 grit,clean again(panel wipe)and spray colour two coats then clear two coats any suggestions would be great i follow those steps every time

  10. Good advice about the adding of rocket! I have just done a set of wheels and got a few run marks on the edges, I tried to blow them out best I can by adding more clear, still not 100% but a little better.
    Great video too 👍 you should do more wheel videos as there are very few on youtube and all usually done with aerosol.
    Good work as always, keep it up 👍

  11. Hey great job on the rims! Btw how much paint do you use per set of rims? Paint and Clear coat. Thanks

  12. Everything's fine dude …but is it your real voice or it comes out of an Electrolarynx?..In all your videos you sound like that.

  13. I have a set of mint shape bmw rims that have oem paint and clear coat on them. I want to paint them a different colour, do I have to strip the paint and clear coat down to the metal before applying primer or can I Just rough up the clear coat with 300-400 grit sandpaper and then apply primer?

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