How to paint your wheels

How to paint your wheels

Welcome to another episode of Mighty Car Mods proudly supported by Justcar Insurance Marty:Today we’re gonna show you how to paint your wheels
Moog: and we need to paint our wheels this why: After a six month long build my car was finally ready for some finishing touches I’d gotten my hands on some big brakes front and rear, and i painted my calipers red for the extra power. I was also pretty excited to show Moog my new wheels. Moog: Horrible. What the **** were you thinking Martin? This is disgusting. Your car looks worse than before man. Moog: Martin those are quite literally the worst rims i’ve seen since the rims on the TRD LZR. Which looked like a robot who’d eaten a whole bunch of curry then coughed down some metal and spurted out its electronic bum hole, 4 rims that were then stuck on a car. What were you thinking Martin? Gold rims on a Subaru It’s a NO people NO!
Marty: They’re from an STI
Moog: I don’t care what crap car they were from Marty: They are 7.5″ wide
Moog: they’re funky
Marty: You can run massive brakes Moog: If they had a smell they’d smell like prawns that’d been stuffed down an old mans pants Who’d been swimming, scuba-diving in fact through snot for three weeks… Marty: Somethng you’ll understand as a Nissan driver, they were cheap! Moog: I like cheap Martin, What are we gonna do?
Marty: Alright we’re gonna respray them using two different methods Marty: we’re gonna use spray cans AND a spray gun
Moog: and don’t tell me then we’re gonna compare the two Moog: and see the difference to see which method is better… are we?
Marty: That’s exactly right Moog: a little bit of brilliants Martin!
Marty: that’s me, brilliance. Marty: Moog IS right. They look crap. I headed down to VG Auto Paints to get some paint matched up. I decided to colour code my wheels the same as the rest of the car, by giving the paint shop the manfucaturers paint code, for your colour, the formula is then accesses and mixed up by weight Even a dark grey like my car has seven different colours in including a metallic additive paint shops like this are great resource and stock just about everything you could need these guys do free training days where you can learn the basics. Moog: what do we need Martin?
Marty: In front of us we have two very different ways of painting wheels, the same colour
Moog: and they look deliciously tasty both ways Martin Marty: They do. That is you basic DIY i’m gonna do it with a rattle can method Moog: Yep
Marty: you’ve got your filler primer, primer, your colour Marty: and then your clear. The stuff in the middle you need for both ways
Moog: Martin likes it both ways Marty: masking tape
Moog: ah you need masking tape Moog: sanding paper, and umm, some scotch brite. i love scotch brite! Moog: so that’s one system here Moog: the other way is doing it with a gun, tell me a little bit about that mate Marty: doing it with a gun you need a gun, an air compressor you need an inline filter so you don’t get oil and water in your paint, you also need your base coat and your thinners and your clear coat Marty: it’s a bit more complicated that way Moog: so the paint job we’re doing with the gun is going to be exactly the same and that means we’re going to get a MAD comparison. Of gun Vs paint we’re gonna paint these wheels Martin! Moog: these wheels have had a bit of a hard life, there’s scratches and marks all over them, so the first thing you need to do is give them a proper clean In side AND out. Moog: okay so the first thing you wanna do is make a note on each of the tyres where the balancing weight so what i’m gonna do is put a bit of masking tape on here and on that, i’m gonna write down that’s 25 grams twenty five grams, and i’m going to put an arrow obviously that needs to come off so we can paint the rim what that means is that you do this whole thing at home totally DIY and you don’t need to take the tyres up to get rebalanced at a tyre shop cause that costs money and someone else does it, and thats NOT DIY. Moog: next you have to strip off any old feral gold paint, and get your wheels as smooth as possible, remember like with all painting, prep work is everything. Moog: so i’m using some 240 grit sand paper on the areas of the rim that have damage that means we’re gonna be able to get a smoother finish, but it is leaving some lines here because its rough sandpaper so then i’m gonna use a lighter sand paper once i’ve fixed up all the problems and that’ll make sure you’ve got a smooth uniform finish and it’s gonna be mad Moog: make sure you remove any sanding dusts and then hit the rims with the wax and grease remover. Next up we’re gonna mask up the rims so you don’t get any paint on the tyres. Marty: now if it’s a particularly cold day like today a good little tip is to heat up your rattle cans, it makes them spray much more evenly. Moog: filler primer is like bog in a can and it helps to fill in any tiny scratches. Once its dry it can be sanded off for a clean uniform surface, that’s ready for a basecoat. Marty: next we sand that back, throw some primer on, then the basecoat then the clear and it’s done and they’ll look hot. Moog: you can be pretty heavy with this, as its gonna be sanded off anyway Marty: now one of the best ways to make sure you get a good job off a gun is having the right equipment, you can do it with a really small compressor but it’s really imporant to have one of these water traps, which stops the water from the compressed air coming through your gun into your paint and ruining it. No water. Just Air. Pure. Air. Marty: now for our spray guns we’re gonna be using touch up guns the benefits of these things are they cheap, easy to control and they are perfect for doing small jobs It’s also a good idea to have two of them, one to put your primer through and one for your top coat and clear, the trick is keeping them really clean. Not like like that… like THIS one! Clean.. see? This paint can be used a two pack or acrylic product, in some areas its illegal to spray two pack paints without a booth, so check with your paint shop before you buy The primer gets thinned down four parts to one, but this can depend on things like temperature and humidity, so check first. Make sure your work area is well ventilated and get yourself a good quality spray painting mask matching wheels and lungs is NOT a good look. Moog: okay so here’s where we’re at, we’ve got primer on each of the rims, this ones done with a can, this ones done with a gun next thing to do is put on the base coat, now the techniques exactly the same weather you’re using a can or a gun you wanna spray it on lightly and take your time, you don’t wanna get a run in your base coat cause if you do, you’re basically screwed. If you do have a run in your primer then you can rub it back and thats not a problem, but if you get a run in your basecoat, big problem So, what we’re gonna do is put a base coat on this one with a can we’re gonna do this one with a gun, we’re gonna leave it to dry overnight, and then tomorrow we’re gonna finish it off, it’s gonna look mad, but right now we have run out of light so let’s put on a basecoat.
This paint has been colour matched to the charcoal paint of the Subaru, be sure to shake it properly and do lots of light coats, so you get a nice even finish. Moog: it looks so wet doesn’t it? wet and glossy
Marty: and the mad thing is that if it drys really matte it doesn’t matter, cause the clear is what glosses it up Marty: the base coat for the gun is thinned down two parts to one, one of these measuring cups makes it really easy to get right Marty: getting a good job when you’re painting with these guns, it’s SO much about feel, it just takes practise and you can kind feel when its going right… like now! Marty: adjust your guns pressure, fan, and paint volume controls so it flows easily out of the gun, its a good idea to practise on an old panel until you’ve got it dialled in just right. If the paints going on too heavy, you’re likely to get runs, so back off the paint flow, and adjust the the height your spraying from Marty: the basecoat appears glossy, until the thinners dry out leaving the matte finish, ready for clear. With base coats done on two of the wheels we can see just how much of an improvement we’ve made. Marty: they didn’t stay gold for very long, and after being primed, they got their own hit of colour ready for clear. The final part of the job is the clear coat The basecoat has had plenty of time to dry, now we make it sparkle Marty: the job you’ll get from clearcoat in a can, is not quite as shiny as what you’ll get off a gun but if you buff it up you can get some good results Moog: clear coat is applied over all metallic paint, and is what gives it that great glossy shine it also protects the paint from UV and dirt, and this is particularly important especially on rims
Marty: you wanna spray it nice and thick but without getting runs. this takes a lot of practise so try on something else first. let the first coat dry, or flash off, and then hit it with a second of third coat until it’s nice and even.
Don’t forget to put your wheel weights in the exact same spot they came from, if in doubt, head to your local wheel shop they can even put the weights on the inside face of the rim, which makes it look even classier. Moog: okay marty’s car is actually looking half decent its time to hit the street. Moog: okay so there it is, it’s an awesome mod, it’s very cheap and obviously makes a massive difference to the look of your car. So the question is Marty, out of a can, what you give the result out of ten?
Marty: probably a seven and a half i reckon
Moog: and the gun? Marty: an 8 probably, the difference is so slight, especially on something like wheels.
Moog: so look the moral of the story is, if you’ve got a gun then use it, but if you’ve got a can you’ll get an awesome result the other thing is as well, if you’re painting your calipers red for the extra 25kw they’re gonna be set off much better against a black or dark grey rim than a gold rim. I reckon you’ve done awesome Marty!
Marty: thanks man, colour coded wheels look great!
Moog: it looks good, and your whole car, actually looks reasonable.

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  2. Can't wait to paint some similar rims on my 3rd gen GT-B Legacy, except I'm going the other way round, stock charcoal to subi gold

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  4. hello guys thank you for the great video! can you please give me some information about what you did to paint the inside of the wheel/barrel. Or you didn't paint this portion, my current rims are gray metallic and I would like to go to gold color for my wrx. Thank you

  5. If you do get a run in your paint (while it's still wet) use a small artist's paint brush to smooth it out. It works 😉

  6. Took after this video and did my rims the same colour, looks fantastic on my jetta. Much better than the curb rash and scratches the stock rims had!

  7. You can fix runs in base but you need to sand them down with a proper grit sandpaper. If you wet sand base coat it'll give it less of the ripply powder coat effect and more of a solid plated or mirror type finish. You can make plain base coat shine entirely on it's own with some proper wet sanding and patience, still clear coating is necessary to protect your wheels and will give it an even higher gloss finish.

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  12. Instead of using tape which doesn't stick to the tire well I've found index cards and a lot of them work very well

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