How to Paint Yellow – Kujo Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Yellow – Kujo Painting Tutorial

What’s up guys, how you all doing? I’ve been catching up on all the messages,
and I got a few complaints about the memes being a distraction, so just for those people.
Here’s some dancing. So apart from the dancing, today we’re going
to be looking at a Harlequin model. No no no, a Harlequin, not Harley Quinn. We’re going to be using one of these guys
here, I think this one here will do just nicely. I think it’s pretty cool, there’s a decent
amount of detail without being too cluttered. We’ll start off with the yellow bits and for
our base colour we’ll use GW Averlund Sunset. So I’ll paint this on pretty thin over a couple
of layers so we get a really nice smooth solid yellow to work over. For the first highlight we’ll add a little
white into the averlund sunset and a bit of water to thin it down to a layer consistency. So thin enough that the paint becomes transparent
but not so thin that it starts to verge into wash or glaze territory. And with a small amount on the brush we’ll
sweep the bristles up over the surface to where we want the highlight, so in this case,
the top of the knee pad. So you can see I do this is three little strokes
making sure the paint stays wet throughout, so I’m not pausing long enough to let it dry
and I’m letting the paint gather up at that top edge so that we get a nice even highlight. We’ll do this over a couple of layers letting
it dry each time until the colour at the highlight point becomes opaque. We always want to make sure that main highlight
is a solid colour before moving on to our next highlight, otherwise things just start
to get messy and we want to avoid that as much as possible. So I’ll add some more white into the mix,
and a bit more water, again thinning it down to that layer consistency. And we’ll do the same thing again, pulling
the paint up over the surface letting it gather at that top edge. Until we get a good strong
highlight. A little more white, and some water and we’ll
go in for another highlight. So you can see the highlight there at the
top is really quite strong now, and we don’t have any nasty streaks or brush marks, it’s
all quite smooth. It’s just a matter of keeping your paint thin
and minimizing the time your brush it moving the paint over the surface. You really just want to move the paint into
position then leave it. Once you start fussing about that’s where
you can run into problems. Alright so we’ll move onto the shading now,
and I’ll going to add a small amount of Scale Colour Inktensity Violet to the base colour. Now this is an ink, so you need to be pretty
frugal with it as it’s really quite intense. If you don’t have this ink you can use GW
Druchi Violet instead, or really any purple colour, it’s up to you. And I’ll thin this down with some water to
a glaze consistency. Then with a very small amount on the brush
we’re going to pull it down over the knee pad towards the lower edge. And we’re just going to build this up over
a few layers, gradually intensifying the colour, letting the glaze dry between each application. It doesn’t take long for it to dry as we’re
using such a small amount of the paint. Now that we’ve built that up a little bit,
we’lll switch to using just the violet ink on it’s own and we’ll add some water, again
thinning it down quite a bit so it’s essentially a glaze consistency. If you’re using this ink you’ll find you need
hardly any of the ink for this, so just be careful you don’t want to have too much or
you’re going to have a bad time when you apply it to the model. So this time, with a small amount on the brush
we’re just going to stipple little dots of the ink glaze near the bottom of the knee
pad. As I said, be careful here as this can become
way too intense very quickly, so you need to pay attention to what the colour is doing
as you’re applying it. You can see this gives you a really nice shade
colour for the yellow. For the last step we’ll make a thin glaze
with GW Flash Gitz Yellow, by just adding a bit of water to it. And we’ll use that to briefly glaze over that
highlight which gets rid of that slightly washed out look in the highlight and leaves
you with a really bright, and clean yellow colour. Alright guys! I hope you got something out
of this. I’ve still to finish off the Malifaux series, there’ll only be a couple more videos
on that though. I figured you must be getting bored of them
by now so thought I’d throw in something different just to break it up a bit. Thank you very much for your support, stay
tuned for more videos coming soon. Thanks again Bye for now.

24 thoughts on “How to Paint Yellow – Kujo Painting Tutorial

  1. i think the internet played you dude. they said "no more memes" but they really wanted to meme your stuff, so they mind-gamed you into doing it for them. you got double-reversi brain hacked.

  2. Brilliant vid!! When you are selecting which color to glaze for the shadows, are you generally just using the opposite color on the color wheel? Purple Shadow for Yellow? Thanks!

  3. Would you by chance do a Yellow tutorial but using a figure where the yellow is going deep into creases? A yellow cloak, or something where the shadow needs to be more intense than the knee pad. The knee pad doesn't need you to go deep into a shadow color, but the fold of a cloak will…. and then yellow gets tricky, fast.

  4. Loved the dancing :). Excellent video – very nice technique for yellow. What would you recommend for orange?

  5. Can you just once, please, say the phrase, "But steel's lighter than feather's…", in a dijected tone. Please and thank you. Also pretty sweet painting tutorial mah dude!

  6. Also do you have a video showing how you done the rest of the model, your paintings have really got me interested in harlequins and eldar now πŸ€”

  7. Amazing stuff. Very talented. Would you consider doing a tutorial series on painting nurgle poxwalkers. I think you could make them look amazing with your techniques.

  8. You make it look easy what actually is a quite difficult task(to paint nicely highlighted yellows) Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    BTW, some memes are quite refreshing, and it's privilege of the artists to be a bit madcap πŸ˜‰

  9. Make a whole harlequin painting tut, man. It looks awesome, and we all have quadzillion questions that starts with "how did you paint…"

  10. Hey Kujo. Just so I understand, are you working on just that one knee at the moment, rather than working the knee, then the shoulder, then the next bit, then coming back to the knee? Ben Kometz also suggests working a very limited area at a time before moving on, I can see why this would make sense but it would make batch painting much slower.

  11. This might as well be the best yellow tutorial. So glad to have found this. Insta subbed.
    Laughed so hard in the intro. Keep it up bro

  12. Also loved the setting. How the brushes are shown and how the color pots when mixed differently. Gonna tell to my mates about you man πŸ‘Œ

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