How to Paint With Ink and Water – Amazing Drawings “Magically” Appearing

How to Paint With Ink and Water – Amazing Drawings “Magically” Appearing

Hello my friends and Welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. Today we are going to paint with water and ink. First with a brush we put water
in the places we want the ink to go. And then we drop some drops. [laughs] The painting magically appears. I´m doing a feather and inkwell, here it is! Nice, eh! [laughs] Here I already got the paper wet,
you can see it on yellow paper. This is so fun! I love it. Let´s get the next paper secretly wet [laughs]
and guess what I´m doing. I started with red, then some green here… Good! And some more green on this side. And now… some blue. I´m going to tilt the paper a little bit
because I need the beak to grow like Pinocchio´s nose when
he tells lies. [laughs] If there is too much ink building up
you can take some off with a tissue paper. Good! One last drop and this is done. And… the last one… Let´s look at this closer and enjoy! The list of materials is in the information
bellow the video. Very good! I´ll take off some extra ink. By the way I recommend to use
thick paper for this technique, preferably watercolor paper,
because the thin paper wrinkles a lot with the water. I may tilt the surface
to make the ink run in the direction I want. And if needed take an extra ink off,
with a tissue paper. You can control it this way
or just let it run like on the first one I did. Please let me know if sometimes
you like me to do some crazy techniques like this
or just regular drawings. If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE
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and I will see you on Tuesday 🙂

100 thoughts on “How to Paint With Ink and Water – Amazing Drawings “Magically” Appearing

  1. Okay, I don't know if this has been said a lot or if it hasn't been said at all, but, truthfully, your voice is a symphony of the sweetest birds mixed with the smoothest honey and the most beautiful combination of violins and harps. Honestly! Throughout the video, I was mesmerized by it. Yes, the art is fantastic and I have been trying it out the past few days, but what gets me coming back is your voice. It's melodic. I can tell it is accented, but that truly makes it more unique and beautiful. Whoever you worship has blessed you greatly. Maybe you should try out an ASMR video? If you don't know of those, possibly look up the definition or find some on Youtube. The Youtube ones consist of noises, but you can find some that the person uses their voice to relax the listener. Some people even create scenarios in which they could be a friend to the listener, or even a comforting sibling or lover. It definitely seems to suit your voice. Well, I supposed I've rambled on enough. Sorry if I took up to much of your time! Hope you consider the ASMR video! Until then!
    – a veiwer

  2. Wow!!!! I really enjoyed watching this, it is amazing!!! Going to try it though not sure I will get the same results 😉

  3. Are you trying to educate people, or show the process of making art without breaking the moment with speech. If you mean to show the awesome process, that's cool, but your commentary make ruin the tranquil atmosphere. If you want to direct people into how to start this kind of thing, you need to start from level zero. So it may not help someone to know "put water where you want the paint to go". Where do you get the pipette? How do you control the colors flow? How many drops do we put down? What concentration of pigment to water are we using? How do we load said mixture into a palette? Please consider this as you move on in your tutorials, videos, etc.

  4. While I wouldn't call this technique in any way crazy, I still like it a lot.
    When you removed one of these ink-drop paintings I could see how the ink had soaked through all the way to the back of the paper. Now I'm wandering, if I would be using an aquarelle-paper-pad which is glued on all sides (and therefore won't wrinkle), will the next paper on the pad be spoiled from ink soaking through??

    And, would this be a suitable technique for a beginner – even children ( with assistance of course) – or is the application of the water not as simple as you made it seem?

    I like your way of explaining a lot !

    ((… even your little comedy I can live with, although it's embarrassing when someone giggles about their own jokes)).

  5. This guy= A pen & quill, a tree, a hummingbird & flower, a rooster
    me trying this= a blob of shit, a bad haircut, a tampon in the trash, a pool of vomit

  6. I loved watching this. I knew what would happen but still I was happily amazed like a little child again. Thank you X 🙂

  7. Haha it feels like I'm having a very calming and enjoying therapy session with you video. Cool one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. before this vedio watch saberna carpenter bi bi bi vedio wondering if make her face appear in paper? sillowent that good punkin carving too?

  9. Nice creative work…
    Thanks for uploading. I have seen such creative work on YouTube.

  10. I LOVE this guy. His techniques are fantastic, and his VOICE and style of narration just make my day each and every time!

  11. Beautiful. My mother wants me to illuatrate a cover for a book she has written. I'm going to use this method. Do you draw your picture with a pencil first? And can I get an assortment of colors of ink one package?

  12. can anyone tell me what this style of artistry is called where you draw in water, then add the ink in and let the ink flow through the water?

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